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Funny-Ass Football Association
Pouch Mouse USA RULES!Browns BlowRaiders Suck

Draft - By Pick


By Team - By Player

1 Lonely Kickers Tomlinson, L RB
2 Scatman Alexander, S RB
3 Gary Colemans Holmes, P RB
4 Banty Roosters James, E RB
5 19-Cent Team McAllister, D RB
6 Willow Weeds Lewis, J RB
7 Slam Pounders Portis, C RB
8 Pouch Mouse USA Barber, T RB
9 Very Large Men Moss, R WR
10 Salt Dogs Green, A RB
11 Coconut Kings Bennett, M RB
12 Stoolly Pigeons Harrison, M WR
13 Stoolly Pigeons Williams, C RB
14 Coconut Kings Owens, T WR
15 Salt Dogs Brown, C RB
16 Very Large Men McNabb, D QB
17 Pouch Mouse USA Horn, J WR
18 Slam Pounders Burleson, N WR
19 Willow Weeds Favre, B QB
20 19-Cent Team Clayton, Mi WR
21 Banty Roosters Barlow, K RB
22 Gary Colemans Smith, S WR
23 Scatman Hasselbeck, M QB
24 Lonely Kickers McMichael, R TE
25 Lonely Kickers Boldin, A WR
26 Scatman Johnson, E TE
27 Gary Colemans Driver, D WR
28 Banty Roosters Vick, M QB
29 19-Cent Team Arrington, J RB
30 Willow Weeds Jackson, D WR
31 Slam Pounders Johnson, L RB
32 Pouch Mouse USA Duckett, T RB
33 Very Large Men Taylor, F RB
34 Salt Dogs Chambers, C WR
35 Coconut Kings Williams, Roy WR
36 Stoolly Pigeons Anderson, M RB
37 Stoolly Pigeons Carolina DEF
38 Coconut Kings Dunn, W RB
39 Salt Dogs Staley, D RB
40 Very Large Men Clark, D TE
41 Pouch Mouse USA Brown, R RB
42 Slam Pounders Davis, S RB
43 Willow Weeds Coles, L WR
44 19-Cent Team Branch, D WR
45 Banty Roosters Baltimore DEF
46 Gary Colemans Pittsburgh DEF
47 Scatman New England DEF
48 Lonely Kickers Shockey, J TE
49 Lonely Kickers Palmer, C QB
50 Scatman Bruce, I WR
51 Gary Colemans Stokley, B WR
52 Banty Roosters Benson, C RB
53 19-Cent Team Lelie, A WR
54 Willow Weeds Droughns, R RB
55 Slam Pounders Evans, L WR
56 Pouch Mouse USA Smith, J WR
57 Very Large Men Buffalo DEF
58 Salt Dogs Vinatieri, A K
59 Coconut Kings Elam, J K
60 Stoolly Pigeons Mason, D WR
61 Stoolly Pigeons Janikowski, S K
62 Coconut Kings Graham, D TE
63 Salt Dogs Atlanta DEF
64 Very Large Men Houshmandzadeh, T WR
65 Pouch Mouse USA Faulk, M RB
66 Slam Pounders Collins, K QB
67 Willow Weeds Akers, D K
68 19-Cent Team McNair, S QB
69 Banty Roosters Kennison, E WR
70 Gary Colemans Smith, L TE
71 Scatman Nugent, M K
72 Lonely Kickers New York Jets DEF
73 Lonely Kickers Burress, P WR
74 Scatman Roethlisberger, B QB
75 Gary Colemans Bettis, J RB
76 Banty Roosters Vanderjagt, M K
77 19-Cent Team Indianapolis DEF
78 Willow Weeds New York Giants DEF
79 Slam Pounders Moore, M RB
80 Pouch Mouse USA Rogers, C WR
81 Very Large Men Henry, T RB
82 Salt Dogs Jones, T RB
83 Coconut Kings Detroit DEF
84 Stoolly Pigeons Tampa Bay DEF
85 Stoolly Pigeons Warner, K QB
86 Coconut Kings Caldwell, R WR
87 Salt Dogs Shipp, M RB
88 Very Large Men Leftwich, B QB
89 Pouch Mouse USA Johnson, Key WR
90 Slam Pounders Smith, R WR
91 Willow Weeds Pittman, M RB
92 19-Cent Team Kaeding, N K
93 Banty Roosters Moss, S WR
94 Gary Colemans McCardell, K WR
95 Scatman Cooley, C RB
96 Lonely Kickers Gaffney, J WR
97 Lonely Kickers Taylor, C RB
98 Scatman Colbert, K WR
99 Gary Colemans Randle El, A WR
100 Banty Roosters Green, W RB
101 19-Cent Team Williamson, T WR
102 Willow Weeds Hicks, M RB
103 Slam Pounders Edwards, B WR
104 Pouch Mouse USA McCareins, J WR
105 Very Large Men Bryant, A WR
106 Salt Dogs Delhomme, J QB
107 Coconut Kings Plummer, J QB
108 Stoolly Pigeons Price, P WR
109 Stoolly Pigeons Jacksonville DEF
110 Coconut Kings Davenport, N RB
111 Salt Dogs Givens, D WR
112 Very Large Men Stover, M K
113 Pouch Mouse USA Philadelphia DEF
114 Slam Pounders Washington DEF
115 Willow Weeds Pennington, C QB
116 19-Cent Team Miller, H TE
117 Banty Roosters Carr, D QB
118 Gary Colemans Minnesota DEF
119 Scatman Galloway, J WR
120 Lonely Kickers Brown, J K
121 Lonely Kickers Fargas, J RB
122 Scatman Ayanbadejo, O RB
123 Gary Colemans Bledsoe, D QB
124 Banty Roosters Robinson, M WR
125 19-Cent Team Griese, B QB
126 Willow Weeds Parker, S WR
127 Slam Pounders Wiggins, J TE
128 Pouch Mouse USA Putzier, J TE
129 Very Large Men Suggs, L RB
130 Salt Dogs Patten, D WR
131 Coconut Kings Jolley, D TE
132 Stoolly Pigeons Curry, R WR
133 Stoolly Pigeons Mili, I TE
134 Coconut Kings Stallworth, D WR
135 Salt Dogs Seattle DEF
136 Very Large Men Cincinnati DEF
137 Pouch Mouse USA Longwell, R K
138 Slam Pounders Kasay, J K
139 Willow Weeds Chicago DEF
140 19-Cent Team Fason, C RB
141 Banty Roosters Arizona DEF
142 Gary Colemans Wilkins, J K
143 Scatman Heiden, S TE
144 Lonely Kickers Williams, Mi WR
1 PCHS-Pigskin Squad Tomlinson, L RB
2 Cheddar-Best Alexander, S RB
3 Right Balls Holmes, P RB
4 Team Boom Jones, K RB
5 Pipe Layers James, E RB
6 Slippery Petes Culpepper, D QB
7 Sloppy Joes Lewis, J RB
8 Runnin' Terrorists Dillon, C RB
9 Hot Dogs For All McAllister, D RB
10 FTMDLS Portis, C RB
11 Dante's Inferno Green, A RB
12 Sex Panthers Williams, C RB
13 Sex Panthers Moss, R WR
14 Dante's Inferno Martin, C RB
15 FTMDLS Edwards, B WR
16 Hot Dogs For All Owens, T WR
17 Runnin' Terrorists Brown, R RB
18 Sloppy Joes Harrison, M WR
19 Slippery Petes Anderson, M RB
20 Pipe Layers Staley, D RB
21 Team Boom Bennett, M RB
22 Right Balls Witten, J TE
23 Cheddar-Best Collins, K QB
24 PCHS-Pigskin Squad Crumpler, A TE
25 PCHS-Pigskin Squad Benson, C RB
26 Cheddar-Best Arrington, J RB
27 Right Balls Harrington, J QB
28 Team Boom Baltimore DEF
29 Pipe Layers Barlow, K RB
30 Slippery Petes Taylor, F RB
31 Sloppy Joes Shockey, J TE
32 Runnin' Terrorists Heap, T TE
33 Hot Dogs For All Droughns, R RB
34 FTMDLS Pittsburgh DEF
35 Dante's Inferno Chambers, C WR
36 Sex Panthers Bennett, D WR
37 Sex Panthers Johnson, L RB
38 Dante's Inferno Boldin, A WR
39 FTMDLS Bettis, J RB
40 Hot Dogs For All Smith, S WR
41 Runnin' Terrorists Porter, J WR
42 Sloppy Joes Coles, L WR
43 Slippery Petes Bruce, I WR
44 Pipe Layers McMichael, R TE
45 Team Boom Lelie, A WR
46 Right Balls Jones, T RB
47 Cheddar-Best Clark, D TE
48 PCHS-Pigskin Squad Muhammad, M WR
49 PCHS-Pigskin Squad Davis, S
50 Cheddar-Best Evans, L WR
51 Right Balls Moore, M RB
52 Team Boom Henry, T RB
53 Pipe Layers Vinatieri, A K
54 Slippery Petes Driver, D WR
55 Sloppy Joes Suggs, L RB
56 Runnin' Terrorists Plummer, J QB
57 Hot Dogs For All Gore, F RB
58 FTMDLS Johnson, E TE
59 Dante's Inferno Wiggins, J TE
60 Sex Panthers Smith, L TE
61 Sex Panthers New England DEF
62 Dante's Inferno Burress, P WR
63 FTMDLS Elam, J K
64 Hot Dogs For All Bryant, A WR
65 Runnin' Terrorists Moss, S WR
66 Sloppy Joes Buffalo DEF
67 Slippery Petes Graham, D TE
68 Pipe Layers Atlanta DEF
69 Team Boom Smith, J WR
70 Right Balls Palmer, C QB
71 Cheddar-Best Vanderjagt, M K
72 PCHS-Pigskin Squad Branch, D WR
73 PCHS-Pigskin Squad Brady, T QB
74 Cheddar-Best Tampa Bay DEF
75 Right Balls Houshmandzadeh, T WR
76 Team Boom Brooks, A QB
77 Pipe Layers Duckett, T RB
78 Slippery Petes Arizona DEF
79 Sloppy Joes Akers, D K
80 Runnin' Terrorists Smith, R WR
81 Hot Dogs For All Kennison, E WR
82 FTMDLS Faulk, M RB
83 Dante's Inferno Parker, W RB
84 Sex Panthers McCardell, K WR
85 Sex Panthers Perry, C RB
86 Dante's Inferno Carolina DEF
87 FTMDLS Shipp, M RB
88 Hot Dogs For All Philadelphia DEF
89 Runnin' Terrorists Rogers, C WR
90 Sloppy Joes Taylor, C RB
91 Slippery Petes McCareins, J WR
92 Pipe Layers Cooley, C RB
93 Team Boom Hasselbeck, M QB
94 Right Balls Janikowski, S K
95 Cheddar-Best Jenkins, M WR
96 PCHS-Pigskin Squad Stokley, B WR
97 PCHS-Pigskin Squad Curtis, K WR
98 Cheddar-Best Delhomme, J QB
99 Right Balls Indianapolis DEF
100 Team Boom Williamson, T WR
101 Pipe Layers Brees, D QB
102 Slippery Petes Pennington, C QB
103 Sloppy Joes Leftwich, B QB
104 Runnin' Terrorists Carr, D QB
105 Hot Dogs For All Manning, E QB
106 FTMDLS McNair, S QB
107 Dante's Inferno Orton, K QB
108 Sex Panthers Warner, K QB
109 Sex Panthers Clayton, Mark WR
110 Dante's Inferno Graham, S K
111 FTMDLS Johnson, Key WR
112 Hot Dogs For All Blaylock, D RB
113 Runnin' Terrorists Jacksonville DEF
114 Sloppy Joes Franks, B TE
115 Slippery Petes Toefield, L RB
116 Pipe Layers Givens, D WR
117 Team Boom Brown, J K
118 Right Balls White, R WR
119 Cheddar-Best Colbert, K WR
120 PCHS-Pigskin Squad New York Jets DEF
121 PCHS-Pigskin Squad Stover, M K
122 Cheddar-Best Pittman, M RB
123 Right Balls Galloway, J WR
124 Team Boom Rhodes, D RB
125 Pipe Layers Caldwell, R WR
126 Slippery Petes Pollard, M TE
127 Sloppy Joes Toomer, A WR
128 Runnin' Terrorists Davenport, N RB
129 Hot Dogs For All Putzier, J TE
130 FTMDLS Robinson, M WR
131 Dante's Inferno Moats, R RB
132 Sex Panthers Wilkins, J K
133 Sex Panthers Green, W RB
134 Dante's Inferno Miller, H TE
135 FTMDLS New York Giants DEF
136 Hot Dogs For All Reed, J K
137 Runnin' Terrorists Nugent, M K
138 Sloppy Joes Tynes, L K
139 Slippery Petes Kaeding, N K
140 Pipe Layers Seattle DEF
141 Team Boom Calico, T WR
142 Right Balls Magner, C WR
143 Cheddar-Best Jones, M WR
144 PCHS-Pigskin Squad Jacobs, B RB

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