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Funny-Ass Football Association
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Draft - By Player


By Team - By Pick#

Aaron Brooks, New Orleans QB 35 Very Large Men 29 Runnin' Terrorists
Adam Vinatieri, New England K 136 Salt Dogs 130 Pipe Layers
Ahman Green, Green Bay RB 11 Scatman 10 Pipe Layers
Alge Crumpler, Atlanta TE 97 Gary Colemans 78 Right Balls
Amani Toomer, N.YGiants WR 48 Slam Pounders 53 Sloppy Joes
Amos Zereoue, Pittsburgh RB 37 Gary Colemans 51 Pipe Layers
Andre Johnson, Houston WR 140 19-Cent Team 121 Yogurt Slingers
Anthony Becht, N.YJets TE 102 Lonely Kickers    
Anthony Thomas, Chicago RB 78 Pouch Mouse USA 71 Pipe Layers
Antonio Bryant, Dallas WR 121 19-Cent Team    
Antowain Smith, New England RB 55 Very Large Men 47 Cheddar-Best
Antwan Randle-El WR 117 Gary Colemans    
Ashley Lelie, Denver WR 115 Very Large Men 113 Sloppy Joes
Atlanta Def 142 Lonely Kickers 111 Pipe Layers
Baltimore Def 76 Salt Dogs 106 Slippery Petes
Billy Miller, Houston TE 120 19-Cent Team 91 Pipe Layers
Brad Johnson, Tampa Bay QB 118 Pouch Mouse USA 56 PCHS
Brett Favre, Green Bay QB 42 Lonely Kickers 31 Pipe Layers
Brian Finneran, Atlanta WR     137 Dor Von Dordoms
Bubba Franks, Green Bay TE 73 Slam Pounders 64 Dor Von Dordoms
Buffalo Def 145 Salt Dogs    
Byron Leftwich, Jacksonville QB 125 Salt Dogs 103 Right Balls
Carolina Def 71 Scatman 98 Right Balls
Chad Johnson, Cincinnati WR 61 19-Cent Team 75 Slippery Petes
Charles Rogers, Detroit WR 112 Banty Roosters 41 Yogurt Slingers
Charlie Garner, Oakland RB 16 Salt Dogs 26 Slippery Petes
Chris Chambers, Miami WR 106 Very Large Men 94 Cheddar-Best
Clinton Portis, Denver RB 6 Very Large Men 3 Right Balls
Corel Buckhalter, Philadelphia RB 93 Slam Pounders 102 Holcomb's Heroes
Corey Bradford, Houston WR     125 PCHS
Corey Dillon, Cincinnati RB 26 Very Large Men 18 Right Balls
Curtis Conway, N.YJets WR 91 Scatman 65 PCHS
Curtis Martin, N.YJets RB 27 Willow Weeds 32 Runnin' Terrorists
Dallas Def 100 19-Cent Team 120 Yogurt Slingers
Darrell Jackson, Seattle WR 69 Banty Roosters 72 Runnin' Terrorists
Daunte Culpepper, Minnesota QB 24 Gary Colemans 15 Slippery Petes
David Akers, Philadelphia K 70 Scatman 108 Sloppy Joes
David Boston, San Diego WR 40 19-Cent Team 35 Slippery Petes
Derrick Mason, Tennessee WR 60 19-Cent Team 50 Pipe Layers
Deshaun Foster, Carolina RB 141 19-Cent Team    
Deuce McAllister, New Orleans RB 8 Slam Pounders 7 Cheddar-Best
Donald Driver, Green Bay WR 46 Very Large Men 42 Holcomb's Heroes
Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia QB 9 Banty Roosters 22 Holcomb's Heroes
Donte Stallworth, NO WR 51 Scatman 49 Runnin' Terrorists
Doug Jolley, Oakland TE 111 Scatman 132 Runnin' Terrorists
Drew Bledsoe, New England QB 82 Lonely Kickers 88 Sloppy Joes
Drew Brees, San Diego QB 126 Very Large Men    
Drew Henson, Houston QB     145 PCHS
Duce Staley, Philadelphia RB 39 Lonely Kickers 58 Right Balls
Eddie George, Tennessee RB 19 Lonely Kickers 13 Sloppy Joes
Edgerrin James, Indianapolis RB 5 Salt Dogs 8 Sloppy Joes
Emmitt Smith, Arizona RB 114 Willow Weeds 86 Slippery Petes
Eric Moulds, Buffalo WR 22 Lonely Kickers 33 Sloppy Joes
Frank Wycheck, Tennessee TE 123 Pouch Mouse USA    
Fred Taylor, Jacksonville RB 12 Banty Roosters 17 Dor Von Dordoms
Garrison Hearst, San Francisco RB 83 Pouch Mouse USA 67 Cheddar-Best
Hines Ward, Pittsburgh WR 28 Slam Pounders 39 Holcomb's Heroes
Ike Hilliard, N.YGiants WR     140 Yogurt Slingers
Isaac Bruce, StLouis WR 43 Pouch Mouse USA 44 Dor Von Dordoms
Jake Plummer, Denver QB 113 Slam Pounders    
Jamal Lewis, Baltimore RB 18 Pouch Mouse USA 11 Pipe Layers
Jamel White, Cleveland RB 124 Gary Colemans    
James Thrash, Philadelphia WR 105 Salt Dogs 76 PCHS
Jason Elam, Denver K 133 Slam Pounders 126 Slippery Petes
Javon Walker, Green Bay WR     147 Cheddar-Best
Jay Feely, Atlanta K 67 Willow Weeds 84 Dor Von Dordoms
Jay Fiedler, Miami QB     144 Dor Von Dordoms
Jeff Garcia, San Francisco QB 34 Willow Weeds 24 Dor Von Dordoms
Jeff Wilkins, St. Louis K     141 Yogurt Slingers
Jeremy Shockey, N.YGiants TE 31 Scatman 45 PCHS
Jerome Bettis, Pittsburgh RB 107 Willow Weeds 97 Dor Von Dordoms
Jerramy Stevens, Seattle TE 95 Very Large Men    
Jerry Porter, Oakland WR 64 Gary Colemans 68 Sloppy Joes
Jerry Rice, Oakland WR 98 Pouch Mouse USA 60 Yogurt Slingers
Jimmy Smith, Jacksonville WR 47 Willow Weeds 57 Dor Von Dordoms
Joe Horn, New Orleans WR 20 19-Cent Team 37 Dor Von Dordoms
Joey Galloway, Dallas WR 52 Banty Roosters 105 PCHS
John Carney, New Orleans K 104 Gary Colemans 148 Sloppy Joes
Josh Booty, Bootilicious QB 131 Scatman    
Josh Reed, Buffalo WR 99 Lonely Kickers 110 Pipe Layers
Keenan McCardell, Tampa Bay WR 134 Willow Weeds 117 Dor Von Dordoms
Kelly Holcomb, Cleveland QB 101 19-Cent Team 134 Cheddar-Best
Kerry Collins, NYG QB 150 Scatman 112 Runnin' Terrorists
Kevan Barlow, San Francisco RB 81 19-Cent Team 66 Slippery Petes
Kevin Johnson, Cleveland WR 130 Scatman 142 Holcomb's Heroes
Keyshawn Johnson, Tampa Bay WR 58 Pouch Mouse USA 63 Right Balls
Koren Robinson, Seattle WR 44 Gary Colemans 40 Yogurt Slingers
Kurt Warner, StLouis QB 25 Salt Dogs 23 Right Balls
Kyle Brady, Jacksonville TE 116 Salt Dogs 128 Sloppy Joes
LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego RB 2 Lonely Kickers 2 Holcomb's Heroes
Ladell Betts, Washington RB     143 Right Balls
Lamont Jordan, NY Jets RB 108 Slam Pounders    
Larry Johnson, KC RB 144 Gary Colemans 127 Cheddar-Best
Laveranues Coles, Washington WR 88 Slam Pounders 43 Right Balls
Marc Boerigter, KC WR 146 Very Large Men    
Marcel Shipp, Arizona RB 110 Scatman 104 Dor Von Dordoms
Marcus Pollard, Indianapolis TE 50 Scatman 99 Holcomb's Heroes
Marshall Faulk, StLouis RB 3 Pouch Mouse USA 5 PCHS
Martin Gramatica, Tampa Bay K 86 Very Large Men 114 Cheddar-Best
Marty Booker, Chicago WR 68 Slam Pounders 55 Slippery Petes
Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis WR 15 Very Large Men 12 Runnin' Terrorists
Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle QB 72 Banty Roosters 90 Pipe Layers
Miami Def 74 Willow Weeds 92 Runnin' Terrorists
Michael Bennett, Minnesota RB     69 Runnin' Terrorists
Michael Pittman, Tampa Bay RB 96 Salt Dogs 109 Runnin' Terrorists
Michael Vick, Atlanta QB 38 Pouch Mouse USA 36 PCHS
Mike Alstott, Tampa Bay RB 127 Willow Weeds 116 PCHS
Mike Vanderjagt, Indianapolis K 85 Salt Dogs 85 PCHS
Moe Williams, Minnesota RB 129 Banty Roosters 139 Holcomb's Heroes
Morten Andersen, Kansas City K 109 Banty Roosters 122 Holcomb's Heroes
Muhsin Muhammad, Carolina WR     70 Pipe Layers
New England Def 137 Gary Colemans 146 Slippery Petes
New York Giants Def 138 Pouch Mouse USA 133 Sloppy Joes
Oakland D     131 Pipe Layers
Olandis Gary, Detroit RB 57 Gary Colemans 25 PCHS
Olindo Mare, Miami K 119 Lonely Kickers    
Onterrio Smith, Minnesota RB 53 Slam Pounders 61 Yogurt Slingers
Patrick Ramsey, Washington QB     138 Right Balls
Peerless Price, Atlanta WR 45 Salt Dogs 46 Slippery Petes
Peyton Manning, Indianapolis QB 33 Slam Pounders 28 Sloppy Joes
Philadelphia Def 92 Banty Roosters 93 Sloppy Joes
Pittsburgh Def 77 Gary Colemans 107 Cheddar-Best
Plaxico Burress, Pittsburgh WR 36 Salt Dogs 30 Pipe Layers
Priest Holmes, Kansas City RB 4 Gary Colemans 4 Dor Von Dordoms
Quincy Morgan, Cleveland WR 75 Very Large Men 79 Holcomb's Heroes
Randy McMichael, Miami TE 56 Salt Dogs 81 Yogurt Slingers
Randy Moss, Minnesota WR 17 Gary Colemans 16 PCHS
Reggie Wayne, Indianappolis WR     129 Runnin' Terrorists
Rian Lindell, Buffalo K     150 Pipe Layers
Rich Gannon, Oakland QB 30 Scatman 27 Cheddar-Best
Ricky Williams, Miami RB 1 19-Cent Team 1 Yogurt Slingers
Rod Gardner, Washington WR 63 Pouch Mouse USA 59 Holcomb's Heroes
Rod Smith, Denver WR 62 Lonely Kickers 54 Cheddar-Best
Ryan Longwell, Green Bay K 143 Pouch Mouse USA 149 Runnin' Terrorists
Santana Moss, New York Jets WR     123 Right Balls
Sebastian Janikowski, Oakland K 80 19-Cent Team 83 Right Balls
Shannon Sharpe, Denver TE 90 Scatman 95 Slippery Petes
Shaun Alexander, Seattle RB 7 Willow Weeds 6 Slippery Petes
Shawn Bryson, Detroit RB 135 Very Large Men    
Stacey Mack, Houston RB 79 Lonely Kickers 77 Dor Von Dordoms
Stephen Davis, Carolina RB 23 Pouch Mouse USA 20 Yogurt Slingers
Steve McNair, Tennessee QB 41 19-Cent Team 82 Holcomb's Heroes
T.J. Duckett, Atlanta RB 128 Slam Pounders 89 Runnin' Terrorists
Tai Streets, San Francisco WR 103 Pouch Mouse USA 96 PCHS
Tampa Bay Def 66 Very Large Men 62 Holcomb's Heroes
Tennessee Def 148 Slam Pounders    
Terrell Owens, San Francisco WR 14 Willow Weeds 14 Cheddar-Best
Terry Glenn, Dallas WR 149 Banty Roosters    
Tiki Barber, N.YGiants RB 10 Scatman 19 Holcomb's Heroes
Tim Brown, Oakland WR 132 Banty Roosters 118 Right Balls
Tim Dwight, San Diego WR 122 Lonely Kickers    
Todd Heap, Baltimore TE 54 Willow Weeds 48 Sloppy Joes
Todd Pinkston, Philadelphia WR     100 Yogurt Slingers
Tom Brady, New England QB 89 Banty Roosters 80 Yogurt Slingers
Tommy Maddox, Pit QB 84 Gary Colemans 115 Slippery Petes
Tony Gonzalez, Kansas City TE 32 Banty Roosters 34 Cheddar-Best
Torry Holt, StLouis WR 29 Banty Roosters 38 Right Balls
Travis Henry, Buffalo RB 13 Slam Pounders 9 Runnin' Terrorists
Travis Taylor, Baltimore WR     119 Holcomb's Heroes
Trent Green, Kansas City QB 65 Salt Dogs 101 Yogurt Slingers
Troy Brown, New England WR 59 Lonely Kickers 74 Cheddar-Best
Troy Hambrick, Dallas RB 94 Willow Weeds 52 Runnin' Terrorists
Trung Canidate, Washington RB 87 Willow Weeds 73 Sloppy Joes
Tyrone Wheatley, Oakland RB 139 Lonely Kickers    
Warrick Dunn, Atlanta RB 49 Banty Roosters 87 Cheddar-Best
Wayne Chrebet, N.YJets WR 147 Willow Weeds 124 Dor Von Dordoms
Wesley Walls, Green Bay TE     135 Slippery Petes
William Green, Cleveland RB 21 19-Cent Team 21 Yogurt Slingers
Willis McGahee, Buffalo RB     136 PCHS

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