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Michael JordanEd WachterRotisserie Chicken League
Happy-Ass Hoops Association
Rotisserie Chicken LeagueEd WachterMichael Jordan



Free Agents

Team Add Drop Date Time
Lampshade Dogs Strickland, E. Fisher, D. 4-25 8:07p
3 Little Fonzies Bogues, T. Williams, Al. 4-23 10:00p
Runnin' Toilets Lincoln, L. Rodman, D. 4-22 12:38a
HomeFries Wachter, E. Boozer, C. 4-22 12:35a
Lampshade Dogs Crawford, C. McCloud, G. 4-19 11:15p
Fisher, D. Harper, D.
Lampshade Dogs Porter, T. Carr, C. 4-18 10:45p
Super Padz Reeves, B. Johnson, Er. 4-13 12:44a
Repeat Offenders Ostertag, G. Reeves, B. 4-11 11:36p
HomeFries Boozer, C. Drexler, C. 4-5 2:37p
Hounder Pounders Mitchell, S. Taylor, J. 4-4 6:11p
Super Padz Massenburg, T. Williams, Je. 3-31 3:00p
PCHS Ceballos, C. Buechler, J. 3-27 9:15p
Super Padz Workman, H. Jackson, Ra. 3-27 9:00p
PCHS Eisley, H. Maloney, M. 3-25 8:45p
Lampshade Dogs Carr, C. Reid, JR 3-22 10:55p
Hounder Pounders Taylor, J. Cummings, T. 3-22 7:35a
HomeFries Drexler, C. Maggette, C. 3-17 2:00a
Repeat Offenders Abdul-Wahad, T. Murray, T. 3-17 1:42a
Repeat Offenders Brown, D. Williams, E. 3-17 1:30a
Super Padz Declercq, A. Ceballos, C. 3-17 12:14a
HomeFries Coles, B. Perry, E. 3-16 12:57p
2 White Guys... Stojakovic, P. 3-16 10:27a
Hounder Pounders Del Negro, V. Abdul-Wahad, T. 3-16 7:47a
HomeFries Maggette, C. 3-14 11:29p
2 White Guys... Lopez, F. Pack, R. 3-14 11:10a
2 White Guys... Thomas, T. Stith, B. 3-12 8:42p
Doleac, M. Mack, S.
HomeFries Lynch, G. Thomas, T. 3-9 3:48p
Brown, R. Lang, And.
HomeFries Perry, E. Nesby, T. 3-8 9:10p
HomeFries Nesby, T. Caffey, J. 3-8 12:15a
3 Little Fonzies Owens, B. Jones, R. 3-6 8:38p
Shackleford, C. Doleac, M.
2 White Guys... Mullin, C. Williams, Aa. 3-3 12:16a
Talking Goats Fox, R. Sura, B. 3-2 9:29p
Lampshade Dogs Thorpe, O. Massenburg, T. 3-1 10:45p
2 White Guys... Pack, R. Mullin, C. 2-27 9:19p
2 White Guys... Mullin, C. Stewart, M. 2-24 6:48p
HomeFries Elie, M. Ellis, D. 2-23 2:14p
Xanadu Peeler, A. Fox, R. 2-21 9:23p
Xanadu Buechler, J. Owens, B. 2-21 4:50a
HomeFries Caffey, J. Peeler, A. 2-21 4:50a
Runnin Toilets Thomas, K. Lewis, R. 2-21 4:50a
3 Little Fonzies Mobley, C. Fisher, D. 2-20 9:27p
Roy-Als with Cheese Trent, G. Brown, D. 2-19 12:35p
Talking Goats Childs, C. Lopez, F. 2-18 8:01p
Williams, Aa. Williams, Jo.
3 Little Fonzies Doleac, M. Norris, M. 2-18 2:09a
Super Padz Jackson, R. Cheaney, C. 2-18 1:45a
2 White Guys... Potapenko, V. Thomas, K. 2-17 9:22p
Xanadu Peeler, A. Mullin, C. 2-16 10:59p
Runnin' Toilets Lewis, R. Maher, E. 2-16 10:59p
Runnin' Toilets Maher, E. Lynch, G. 2-16 8:42p
Lampshade Dogs McCloud, G. Pack, R. 2-15 11:47p
3 Little Fonzies Harpring, M. Vaught, L. 2-14 7:45p
Roy-Als with Cheese Burrell, S. Trent, G. 2-14 7:14p
Brown, D. Henderson, C.
Curry, D. Wilkins, D.
Best, T. David, K.
2 White Guys... Mack, S. Bogues, M. 2-14 5:57p
3 Little Fonzies Lynch, G. Doleac, M. 2-13 6:21p
3 Little Fonzies Lang, And. Clark, K. 2-13 2:52p
Repeat Offenders Funderburke, L. Strong, D. 2-12 11:35a
Harrington, O. Wallace, J.
Lampshade Dogs Pack, R. Caffey, J. 2-11 11:08p
Xanadu Mullin, C. Coles, B. 2-11 12:03a
2 White Guys... Thomas, K. Piatkowski, E. 2-10 8:34p
Super Padz Bryant, M. Walker, S. 2-10 12:51p
3 Little Fonzies Norris, M. Wennington, B. 2-10 12:27p
Jones, R.
Super Padz Pack, R. 2-9 11:59p
2 White Guys... Snow, E. Daniels, A. 2-9 10:19p
Lampshade Dogs Massenburg, T. Thorpe, O. 2-9 4:37p
Hounders Pounders Cummings, T. Perdue, W. 2-9 8:21a
Lampshade Dogs Reid, JR Skinner, B. 2-8 11:00p
3 Little Fonzies Doleac, M. Ostertag, G. 2-6 10:20p
Repeat Offenders Foyle, A. Mullin, C. 2-6 6:50p
HomeFries Schneider, R. McKie, A. 4-17 12:00p

Team Player Rec'd Date Time
HomeFries Gugliotta, T. 4-13 9:30p
Xanadu Baker, V.    
2 White Guys... Mobley, C. 4-2 11:15p
3 Little Fonzies Traylor, R.    
Hounder Pounders Dickerson, M. 4-1 11:09p
Super Padz Rider, I.    
Xanadu Mutombo, D. 3-27 8:15p
Lampshade Dogs Ewing, P.    
2 White Guys... Robinson, G. 3-27 8:00p
  Chapman, R.    
  Brown, D.    
Repeat Offenders Miller, R.    
Hill, T.    
Thomas, T.    
Runnin' Toilets Rodman, D. 3-27 7:45p
PCHS Brown, PJ    
Xanadu Sabonis, A. 3-27 7:30p
Harper, R.
PCHS Williams, Jas.    
Buechler, J.    
Roy-Als w/Cheese Mullin, C. 3-27 2:44
2 White Guys... Riley, E.    
3 Little Fonzies Jamison, A. 3-27 2:44
2 White Guys... Grant, Ho.    
Xanadu Outlaw, B. 3-23 10:10p
HomeFries Mashburn, J.    
Xanadu Laettner, C. 3-20 7:00p
Super Padz Williamson, C.    
Xanadu Williams, Jas. 3-19 9:08p
Mashburn, J.
Owens, B.
3 Little Fonzies Brandon, T.    
Anderson, S.    
Williams, Al.    
Super Padz Richmond, M. 3-16 7:40p
Ilgauskas, Z.
Repeat Offenders Hill, G.    
Ratliff, T.    
2 White Guys... Stojakovic, P. 3-14 11:29p
HomeFries player to be named    
Runnin' Toilets Olajuwon, H. 3-10 1:30a
Xanadu Ewing, P.    
3 Little Fonzies Williams, Jas. 3-9 11:15p
Grant, Ho.
Runnin' Toilets Bibby, M    
Polynice, O.    
3 Little Fonzies Bibby, M. 3-9 1:40a
Mashburn, J.
Henderson, A.
Davis, A.
HomeFries Bryant, K.    
Thomas, T.    
Camby, M.    
Lang, And.    
Talking Goats Bradley, S. 3-2 11:39p
Oakley, C.
2 White Guys... Smits, R.    
Williams, Aa.    
3 Little Fonzies Camby, M. 2-28 5:52p
HomeFries Nowitzki, D.    
HomeFries Mashburn, J. 2-26 12:28a
Bibby, M.
2 White Guys... Miller, R.    
Anderson, K.    
2 White Guys... Mack, S. 2-23 11:53a
3 Little Fonzies Anderson, D.    
Xanadu Kemp, S. 2-21 4:50a
Brandon, T.
HomeFries Abdur-Rahim, S.    
Peeler, A.    
2 White Guys... Stewart, M. 2-20 6:17p
Oakley, C.
Carter, V.
Knight, B.
3 Little Fonzies Potapenko, V.    
Nowitzki, D.    
Mack, S.    
Fisher, D.    
3 Little Fonzies Knight, B. 2-16 8:42p
Carter, V.
Runnin' Toilets Williams, Jas.    
Lynch, G.    
2 White Guys... Anderson, D. 2-13 6:21p
3 Little Fonzies Thomas, T.    
2 White Guys... Stith, B. 2-12 11:45p
HomeFries Snow, E.    
PCHS Dele, B. 2-12 3:19p
Person, W.
HomeFries Olowokandi, M.    
Ellis, D.    
Runnin' Toilets Knight, B. 2-12 12:03a
Nash, S.
Xanadu Van Exel, N.    
Williams, Al.    
3 Little Fonzies Iverson, A. 2-9 11:59p
Oakley, C.
Super Padz Hill, G.    
Laettner, C.    
Pack, R.    
Runnin' Toilets Martin, D. 2-7 6:03a
Xanadu Coles, B.    
HomeFries Miller, R. 2-7 5:50a
Outlaw, B.
Xanadu Knight, B.    
Wright, L.    
Super Padz Johnson, E. 2-7 12:27a
Oakley, C.
Cheaney, C.
Iverson, A.
Xanadu Austin, I.    
Williamson, C.    
Miller, R.    
Nash, S.    
Xanadu Owens, B. 2-6 11:56p
Talking Goats Phills, B.    
3 Little Fonzies Laettner, C. 2-6 9:14p
HomeFries Camby, M.    
3 Little Fonzies Williams, Jas. 2-6 7:45p
Camby, M.
2 White Guys Thomas, T.    
Stackhouse, J.    

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