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Happy-Ass Hoops Association
Rotisserie Chicken LeagueEd WachterMichael Jordan



Free Agents

Team Add Drop Date
Lampshade Dogs T. Massenburg G. Foster 4-14
2 White Guys C. Alexander M. Bogues 4-13
HomeFries a la Gravy D. Radja D. Martin 4-8
Wells Fargo Steamrollers D. Reid M. Williams 4-8
2 White Guys D. Majerle G. McCloud 3-25
O. Harrington O. Miller
Lampshade Dogs M. Strickland C. Anstey 3-25
Lampshade Dogs G. Foster T. Cummings 3-24
Repeat Offenders J. Newman A. Peeler 3-19
Lampshade Dogs T. Cummings L. Longley 3-18
Repeat Offenders J. Smith S. Mack 3-12
Hedgehog's Confidential -- J. Smith 3-12
2 White Guys O. Miller D. Curry 3-10
HomeFries a la Gravy B. Sura D. McKey 3-9
Lampshade Dogs C. Anstey W. Perdue 3-7
Repeat Offenders A. Peeler B. Sura 3-4
2 White Guys G. McCloud S. Nash 3-1
Lampshade Dogs C. Ward A. Peeler 3-1
3 Little Fonzies S. Roberts Ja. Jackson 2-27
J. O'Neal T. Delk
PCHS J. Caffey J. O'Neal 2-25
  -- K. Cato  
2 White Guys E. Piatkowski J. Caffey 2-25
  D. Fisher --  
Lampshade Dogs W. Perdue O. Miller 2-22
HomeFries a la Gravy C. Gatling G. Muresan 2-22
Lampshade Dogs A. Peeler W. Perdue 2-22
Running Toilets A. Goldwire C. Gatling 2-22
Wells Fargo Steamrollers D. Harper R. Pack 2-22
Lampshade Dogs O. Miller B. Wells 2-22
2 White Guys M. Bogues J. Newman 2-21
2 White Guys D. Schayes O. Miller 2-20
HomeFries a la Gravy G. Muresan A. Williams 2-20
2 White Guys J. Caffey B. Shaw 2-19
Lampshade Dogs B. Wells V. Maxwell 2-19
Severe Cyclonic Storm M. Smith H. Eisley 2-19
Repeat Offenders S. Mack M. Sealy 2-18
Wells Fargo Steamrollers M. Williams G. Ostertag 2-18
A. Keefe G. Lynch
Running Toilets A. Declercq E. Washington 2-18
PCHS J. O'Neal A. Declercq 2-15
Repeat Offenders B. Sura S. Mack 2-14
Lampshade Dogs V. Maxwell T. Porter 2-13
HomeFries a la Gravy A. Williams M. Smith 2-12
White-trash Wife-beaters S. Douglas A. Peeler 2-11
Lampshade Dogs T. Porter D. Brown 2-11
Repeat Offenders S. Mack Z. Tabak 2-7
Lampshade Dogs N. Anderson B. Coles 2-5
Wells Fargo Steamrollers G. Lynch G. Long 2-4
Lampshade Dogs D. Brown S. Mack 2-4
HomeFries a la Gravy D. Martin -- 2-4
PCHS S. Burrell -- 2-4
HomeFries a la Gravy J. Dumars -- 2-2
PCHS H. Davis -- 2-2
2 White Guys J. Newman M. Price 2-2
E. Strickland D. Martin
2 White Guys -- E. Strickland 1-31
  -- J. Dumars  
PCHS B. Wallace -- 1-30
2 White Guys -- O. Harrington 1-30
  -- L. Daniels  
  -- B. Edwards  
PCHS K. Cato M. Bogues 1-27
2 White Guys B. Edwards S. Roberts 1-25
B. Shaw R. Slater
Lampshade Dogs B. Coles S. Elliott 1-24
Lampshade Dogs W. Perdue B. Coles 1-23
HomeFries a la Gravy M. Smith T. Abul-Wahad 1-23
Roy-Als with Cheese C. Beck B. Sura 1-21
Running Toilets E. Maher B. Shaw 1-21
Lampshade Dogs E. Strickland S. Douglas 1-20
Wells Fargo Steamrollers J. Rose E. Maher 1-20
Wells Fargo Steamrollers A. Declercq R. Larue 1-20
Repeat Offenders Z. Tabak A. Declercq 1-19
Severe Cyclonic Storm M. Geiger K. Cato 1-19
Running Toilets T. Davis Bu. Williams 1-19
Repeat Offenders A. Declercq J. Newman 1-18
Wells Fargo Steamrollers R. Larue -- 1-16
PCHS J. Dumars Ed. Johnson 1-13
Lampshade Dogs S. Douglas J. Dumars 1-12
Running Toilets B. Shaw T. Davis 1-11
Repeat Offenders M. Sealy V. Maxwell 1-11
HomeFries a la Gravy D. McKey T. Dehere 1-10
Wells Fargo Steamrollers G. Long -- 1-9
2 White Guys O. Harrington E. Piatkowski 1-9
2 White Guys L. Daniels -- 1-7
Lampshade Dogs A. Gilliam G. Muresan 1-7
Repeat Offenders S. Mack E. Perry 1-7
V. Maxwell M. Sealy
Running Toilets Bu. Williams C. Dudley 1-4
Roy-Als with Cheese C. Person C. Ward 1-4
Severe Cyclonic Storm K. Cato Je. Williams 12-31
3 Little Fonzies R. Pack K. Closs 12-31
2 White Guys -- R. Pack 12-31
HomeFries a la Gravy T. Abdul-Wahad A. Keefe 12-31
Lampshade Dogs J. Dumars D. Harper 12-31
Running Toilets C. Dudley C. Parks 12-30
Talking Goats C. Henderson M. Geiger 12-29
3 Little Fonzies Jar. Jackson B. Shaw 12-28
2 White Guys -- G. McCloud
-- C. Thomas
HomeFries a la Gravy D. Curry M. Maloney 12-23
A. Keefe C. Henderson
Lampshade Dogs D. Harper C. Dudley 12-23
Lampshade Dogs C. Dudley D. Curry 12-21
2 White Guys C. Thomas S. Respert 12-19
3 Little Fonzies T. Delk B. Russell 12-19
PCHS -- A. Gilliam 12-18
3 Little Fonzies F. Hoiberg -- 12-18
Talking Goats -- E. Montross 12-17
Repeat Offenders E. Perry J. Dumars 12-17
HomeFries a la Gravy M. Maloney -- 12-17
White-trash Wife-beaters -- C. Dudley 12-14
3 Little Fonzies K. Closs D. Majerle 12-13
3 Little Fonzies B. Russell -- 12-11
2 White Guys -- D. Schayes 12-11
3 Little Fonzies M. Bogues -- 12-11
Wells Fargo Steamrollers E. Maher -- 12-10
3 Little Fonzies -- D. Barros 12-10
Hedgehog's Confidential G. Wilkins S. Rooks 12-10
C. Blount --
Severe Cyclonic Storm Je. Williams B. Russell 12-10
S. Nash D. Vaughn
Wells Fargo Steamrollers C. Ceballos V. Potapenko 12-9
D. Martin M. Bogues
3 Little Fonzies D. Majerle -- 12-8
HomeFries a la Gravy -- T. Edney 12-8
2 White Guys D. Schayes P. Richardson 12-7
3 Little Fonzies C. Henderson K. Garris 12-6
B. Shaw R. Jones
2 White Guys E. Piatkowski D. Majerle 12-6
3 Little Fonzies R. Jones S. Perkins 12-5
2 White Guys S. Respert M. Maloney 12-4
2 White Guys R. Slater R. Jones 12-3
Severe Cyclonic Storm C. Carr C. Alexander 12-3
B. Russell S. Nash
Wells Fargo Steamrollers -- L. Vaught 12-3
Running Toilets T. Davis S. Douglas 12-3
E. Washington B. Russell
Repeat Offenders J. Newman T. Best 12-2
White-trash Wife-beaters -- M. Abdul-Rauf 12-1
3 Little Fonzies R. Harper -- 12-1
HomeFries a la Gravy T. Edney -- 11-30
Lampshade Dogs D. Curry T. Davis 11-30
2 White Guys G. McCloud C. Ceballos 11-30
P. Richardson D. Curry
PCHS O. Miller G. Foster 11-29
3 Little Fonzies S. Walker P. Richardson 11-29
PCHS Ed. Johnson C. Carr 11-28
3 Little Fonzies T. Thomas C. Henderson 11-28
2 White Guys -- N. Anderson 11-26
Lampshade Dogs T. Davis J. McIlvaine 11-26
Hedgehog's Confidential S. Rooks S. Burrell 11-26
Severe Cyclonic Storm D. Vaughn H. Davis 11-26
C. Alexander T. Edney
HomeFries a la Gravy K. Reeves B. Edwards 11-26
Hedgehog's Confidential S. Rooks S. Burrell 11-26
3 Little Fonzies K. Garris -- 11-25
PCHS G. Foster R. Harper 11-24
3 Little Fonzies P. Richardson T. Mills 11-23
  D. Armstrong --  
  S. Roberts --  
Wells Fargo Steamrollers M. Bogues E. Strickland 11-21
Repeat Offenders H. Hawkins K. Reeves 11-21
3 Little Fonzies C. Henderson An. Johnson 11-21
Lampshade Dogs A. Houston D. Armstrong 11-20
Severe Cyclonic Storm -- E. Williams 11-19
PCHS T. Corbin -- 11-19
Hedgehog's Confidential E. Gray K. Thomas 11-19
Lampshade Dogs J. McIlvaine D. Martin 11-19
D. Armstrong H. Hawkins
-- A. Houston
Roy-Als with Cheese M. Taylor J. Caffey 11-19
M. Stewart T. Delk
3 Little Fonzies An. Johnson R. Rhodes 11-19
HomeFries a la Gravy B. Edwards A. Foyle 11-18
PC&HS T. Murray J. McIlvaine 11-16
Running Toilets T. Dehere C. Anstey 11-13
HomeFries a la Gravy D. Strong T. Thomas 11-12
Roy-Als with Cheese J. Caffey K. Cato 11-12
Talking Goats C. Dudley A. Goldwire 11-12
T. Mills --
Repeat Offenders -- Hot Rod Williams 11-11
Lampshade Dogs D. Martin -- 11-11
White-trash Wife-beaters -- E. Murdock 11-11
Roy-Als with Cheese T. Delk -- 11-11
Running Toilets C. Anstey Ha. Grant 11-11
Severe Cyclonic Storm T. Ratliff Z. Tabak 11-10
Lampshade Dogs H. Hawkins T. Mills 11-10
Severe Cyclonic Storm T. Edney H. Hawkins 11-10
Hedgehog's Confidential -- E. Gray 11-10
White-trash Wife-beaters C. Carr D. West 11-10
HomeFries a la Gravy J. Wallace M. Smith 11-9
Repeat Offenders T. Best D. Martin 11-9
Lampshade Dogs L. Murray J. Wallace 11-9
3 Little Fonzies B. Knight F. Hoiberg 11-8
Severe Cyclonic Storm H. Davis B. Price 11-6
Lampshade Dogs K. Reeves D. Harper 11-5
White Trash... E. Murdock T. Delk 11-4
Roy-Als With Cheese B. Coles K. Closs 11-4
Running Toilets Ha. Grant J. Vaughn 11-3
Lampshade Dogs D. Harper C. Carr 11-2
Lampshade Dogs T. Mills J. Caffey 11-2
HomeFries a la Gravy M. Smith W. Perdue 11-2
Lampshade Dogs J. Caffey K. Reeves 11-1
PC&HS D. Scott G. Anthony 11-1
Repeat Offenders Z. Ilgauskas D. Scott 10-31
Lampshade Dogs C. Carr M. Elie 10-31
Roy-Als With Cheese K. Willis S. Respert 10-31
HomeFries a la Gravy W. Perdue O. Saint-Jean 10-30
PC&HS H. Eisley B. Shaw 10-29
Roy-Als With Cheese K. Closs B. Knight 10-29
2 White Guys -- V. Del Negro 10-27
3 Little Fonzies AC Green -- 10-27
Running Toilets C. Parks C. Dudley 10-27
PC&HS B. Shaw A. Lang 10-26
PCHS -- G. McCloud 10-26
HomeFries B. Barry -- 10-26


Team Player Rec'd Date
3 Little Fonzies A. Hardaway 3-8
Hedgehog's Confidential G. Robinson  
  J. Smith  
2 White Guys S. Bradley 3-8
    R. Miller  
Roy-Als with Cheese R. Smits  
  J. Howard  
2 White Guys C. Ceballos 3-8
Talking Goats B. Owens  
2 White Guys C. Laettner 3-8
D. Curry  
HomeFries a la Gravy V. Divac  
G. Trent  
PCHS N. Van Exel 3-8
Wells Fargo Steamrollers A. Houston  
PCHS T. Duncan 3-4
A. Houston  
3 Little Fonzies K. Bryant  
D. Garrett  
PCHS B. Barry 2-25
E. Strickland  
  2 White Guys K. Johnson  
PCHS S. Marbury 2-24
H. Hawkins  
Repeat Offenders L. Hunter  
B. Sura  
PCHS K. Bryant 2-24
K. Johnson  
B. Sura  
Repeat Offenders M. Richmond  
J. Kidd  
S. Marbury  
HomeFries a la Gravy C. Laettner 2-24
3 Little Fonzies J. Smith  
HomeFries a la Gravy J. Smith 2-22
Lampshade Dogs L. Ellis  
Wells Fargo Steamrollers R. Pack 2-11
3 Little Fonzies J. Rose  
Wells Fargo Steamrollers J. Hornacek 2-5
2 White Guys V. Divac  
3 Little Fonzies C. Laettner 1-31
Roy-Als with Cheese K. Garnett  
2 White Guys J. Hornacek 1-31
J. Dumars  
L. Sprewell  
HomeFries a la Gravy B. Knight  
2 White Guys B. Barry 1-31
HomeFries a la Gravy J. Hornacek  
2 White Guys T. Hill 1-31
J. Mashburn  
B. Knight  
HomeFries a la Gravy V. Baker  
J. Dumars  
B. Barry  
Wells Fargo Steamrollers R. Seikaly 1-31
A. Iverson  
H. Olajuwon  
T. Murray  
PCHS M. Richmond  
J. Kidd  
D. Scott  
D. Garrett  
2 White Guys V. Baker 1-30
O. Miller  
J. Dumars  
G. Trent  
J. Hornacek  
PCHS R. Seikaly  
A. Iverson  
Talking Goats A. McDyess 1-30
T. Battie  
Roy-Als with Cheese R. Miller  
K. Reeves  
3 Little Fonzies R. Mercer 1-29
HomeFries a la Gravy B. Knight  
Lampshade Dogs J. Smith 1-24
E. Jones  
S. Cassell  
2 White Guys A. Iverson  
J. Howard  
E. Strickland  
PCHS V. Baker 1-21
A. Declercq  
Wells Fargo Steamrollers C. Barkley  
D. Garrett  
Wells Fargo Steamrollers G. Ostertag 1-20
Talking Goats C. Ceballos  
Severe Cyclonic Storm I. Rider 1-19
J. Jackson  
A. Daniels  
2 White Guys J. Smith  
S. Cassell  
S. Nash  
Repeat Offenders S. Smith 1-15
O. Thorpe  
PCHS C. Barkley  
D. Garrett  
Repeat Offenders A. Gilliam 1-15
D. Garrett  
Lampshade Dogs L. Longley  
S. Mack  
Running Toilets K. Kittles 1-9
HomeFries a la Gravy R. Mercer  
Hedgehog's Confidential G. Hill 1-8
J. Stackhouse  
M. Stewart  
M. Taylor  
Roy-Als with Cheese C. Laettner  
R. Allen  
A. McDyess  
B. Sura  
Lampshade Dogs D. Garrett 1-4
B. Coles  
Roy-Als with Cheese D. Manning  
T. Battie  
Running Toilets J. Starks 1-2
2 White Guys A. Daniels  
3 Little Fonzies C. Oakley 12-31
2 White Guys T. Thomas  
Running Toilets D. Coleman 12-30
D. Strong  
HomeFries a la Gravy A. Mason  
T. Dehere  
Wells Fargo Steamrollers M. Richmond 12-28
N. Van Exel  
3 Little Fonzies K. Garnett  
A. Houston  
2 White Guys E. Jones 12-28
B. Owens  
D. Martin  
Wells Fargo Steamrollers K. Garnett  
2 White Guys S. Roberts 12-28
3 Little Fonzies R. Fox  
PCHS A. Sabonis 12-18
L. Hunter  
M. Bogues  
3 Little Fonzies N. Van Exel  
O. Polynice  
PCHS J. Hornacek 12-16
Wells Fargo Steamrollers D. Scott  
HomeFries a la Gravy K. Kittles 12-15
Talking Goats E. Dampier  
K. Reeves  
2 White Guys R. Pack 12-14
R. Fox  
White-trash Wife-beaters A.C. Green  
C. Mullin  
3 Little Fonzies T. Thomas 12-14
HomeFries a la Gravy L. Ellis  
White-trash Wife-beaters J. Wallace 12-11
D. Anderson  
3 Little Fonzies L. Hunter  
2 White Guys I. Rider 12-11
C. Mullin  
3 Little Fonzies G. Robinson  
3 Little Fonzies L. Ellis 12-10
C. Mullin  
Wells Fargo Steamrollers B. Owens  
Wells Fargo Steamrollers L. Ellis 12-9
C. Mullin  
Lampshade Dogs D. Wesley  
S. Elliott  
3 Little Fonzies D. Majerle 12-8
HomeFries a la Gravy J. Mashburn  
  C. Henderson  
HomeFries a la Gravy M. Jordan (WFS) 12-6
B. Owens (WFS)  
Wells Fargo Steamrollers E. Jones (HC)  
J. Kidd (HC)  
Hedgehog's Confidential A. Hardaway (HFALG)  
C. Laettner (HFALG)  
Running Toilets M. Camby 12-5
Hedgehog's Confidential A. McDyess  
3 Little Fonzies D. Anderson 12-1
S. Perkins  
Talking Goats S. Walker  
R. Harper  
White-trash Wife-beaters R. Pack 12-1
    D. Armstrong  
3 Little Fonzies B. Knight  
Wells Fargo Steamrollers S. Abdur-Rahim 11-30
E. Johnson  
2 White Guys R. Seikaly  
C. Oakley  
Wells Fargo Steamrollers S. Elliott 11-30
L. Vaught  
HomeFries a la Gravy C. Robinson  
HomeFries a la Gravy T. Brandon 11-29
T. Thomas  
3 Little Fonzies M. Richmond  
R. Pack  
3 Little Fonzies J. Mashburn 11-28
J. Wallace  
2 White Guys S. Abdur-Rahim  
A.C. Green  
Lampshade Dogs Ho. Grant 11-27
Wells Fargo Steamrollers A. Houston  
White-trash Wife-beaters A. Davis 11-27
Wells Fargo Steamrollers Cl. Robinson  
HomeFries a la Gravy L. Vaught 11-26
Wells Fargo Steamrollers Ho. Grant  
2 White Guys D. Majerle 11-26
Wells Fargo Steamrollers V. Potapenko  
2 White Guys G. Robinson 11-26
M. Maloney  
Hedgehog's Confidential J. Kidd  
Talking Goats M. Geiger 11-25
D. Anderson  
3 Little Fonzies I. Rider  
HomeFries a la Gravy C. Billups 11-23
Running Toilets A. Daniels  
Talking Goats K. Kittles (3LF) 11-23
  L. Johnson (3LF)  
  T. Kukoc (HC)  
  Hedgehog's Confidential R. Allen (3LF)  
  3 Little Fonzies T. Brandon (TG)  
  D. Barros (TG)  
White-trash Wife-beaters M. Jackson 11-20
C. Robinson  
A. Peeler  
R. Fox  
PCHS M. Finley  
O. Thorpe  
C. Carr  
R. Harper  
White-trash Wife-beaters B. Knight 11-19
3 Little Fonzies K. Kittles  
Talking Goats L. Wright 11-19
White-trash Wife-beaters C. Dudley  
Talking Goats D. Fortson 11-19
3 Little Fonzies T. Mills  
3 Little Fonzies G. Payton 11-19
L. Johnson  
PCHS S. Marbury  
S. Smith  
Severe Cyclonic Storm R. Wallace 11-19
J. Stockton  
  H. Eisley  
  PCHS L. Johnson  
N. Van Exel  
2 White Guys B. Barry 11-14
D. Curry  
HomeFries a la Gravy R. Pack  
A. Daniels  
HomeFries a la Gravy L. Sprewell 11-13
Talking Goats T. Brandon  
Talking Goats A. Johnson 11-12
3 Little Fonzies A. Houston  
2 White Guys J. Wallace 11-11
HomeFries a la Gravy S. Elliott  
Repeat Offenders B. Reeves 11-11
K. Johnson  
D. Marshall  
K. Reeves  
Lampshade Dogs A. Iverson  
J. Howard  
G. Muresan  
Roy-Als with Cheese S. Bradley 11-11
R. Strickland  
C. Williamson  
White-trash Wife-beaters B. Grant  
L. Hunter  
P.J. Brown  
K. Willis  
Hedgehog's Confidential M. Camby 11-10
E. Jones  
W. Williams  
Talking Goats L. Sprewell  
G. Ostertag  
3 Little Fonzies D. Fortson 11-8
HomeFries a la Gravy T. Hill  
PCHS R. Fox 10-28
2 White Guys C. Ceballos  
2 White Guys K.Garnett 10-27
S. Elliott  
3 Little Fonzies T. Duncan  
White Trash... R. Harper 10-26
2 White Guys J. Starks  
Roy-Als with Cheese D. Garrett 10-26
3 Little Fonzies T. Hill  
W.F. Steamrollers D. Wesley 10-26
PCHS O. Polynice  
PCHS D. Wesley 10-26
M. Jackson  
HomeFries a la Gravy A. Hardaway  

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