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Happy-Ass Hoops Association
Rotisserie Chicken LeagueEd WachterMichael Jordan

New Rules


The new rules survey has been completed by everyone (except Whammer, but his votes wouldn't have mattered, sorry Wham) and here are the results:

1.)  Draft night will be Sunday, October 26, 1997

Sunday, November 2, 1997 - 3
Sunday, October 26, 1997 - 4
either - 5

2.)  Player Moves - Rosters will be set once a week with no changes during the week

Choose one of the following:

a.  Unlimited movement -0

Players may be moved around on the roster at anytime.  However, their stats will go into effect immediately, not on Tuesday.

b.  Restricted weekly rosters - 10

Rosters will be set for the week every Tuesday at midnight.  No moves allowed during the week.

c.  Limited movement - 2

Players may be moved around on the roster at anytime, EXCEPT, when a player is called up, he most stay active for at least 10 days.

3.  Position Chart - A position chart will be created.

A position chart will be created (as agreed to by the league), where players can only play at the position specified on the chart.

yes - 12
no - 0

4.  Each team may deduct $10 off their player's salaries prior to the draft.

Each non-expansion squad will be allowed to deduct up to $10 off any of their player's salaries which are above $20 (not to go below $20 after deduction).  The only exception to the $20 minimum is if you do not have a player over $20 (or $30, since a $10 salary deduction would push him past $20 anyway), then you are exempt.  However, no player's salary can drop more than $5 if below $20.

yes - 8
no - 4

5.  There will be no contracts.

6.  The League is now called the Happy-Ass Hoops Association

A few general notes:

Protected Players:  4
Rosters:  same (10 active, 5 reserve)
Draft points:  200
Max. players allowed to draft:  10 minus any protected
Teams:  There will be 13 teams this year.  Stub is gone, while Shu and Fritz split up and Whammer and Bird have expansion squads.
Waiver Wire:  Maintained based on current standings.  Players have 24 hours to clear.

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