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Michael JordanEd WachterRotisserie Chicken League
Happy-Ass Hoops Association
Rotisserie Chicken LeagueEd WachterMichael Jordan

New Rules


GM Scoring Lineups
AK Negatives Weekly
Bird Negatives Daily
Cass -- Daily
Faygo Calcs Daily
Max Negatives Weekly
Morris Calcs Daily
Murray Negatives Daily
Niet Calcs Weekly
Poochie Negatives Weekly
Que Negatives Weekly
Remy Calcs Weekly
Roids Negatives Daily
Shark Negatives Daily
Shu Negatives Weekly
Yhames Negatives Daily
Slam Negatives Daily
FINAL Negatives Daily
11-4 9-7

Note: neither vote went into effect. Scoring was able to be determined by
percentages using Sportsline and mass outcry at the draft overturned the Lineup vote,
leaving the setting at Weekly.

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