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Michael JordanEd WachterRotisserie Chicken League
Happy-Ass Hoops Association
Rotisserie Chicken LeagueEd WachterMichael Jordan



Free Agents

Team Add Drop Date Time
Strobelite Honeys Collins, M Skinner, B 4-7 9:24a
Super Padz Kinsey, T Green, W 4-5 11:54a
Lampshade Dogs Delfino, C Kleiza, L 4-4 10:50p
Lampshade Dogs Sefolosha, T Kinsey, T 4-4 10:50p
HomeFries Lowry, K Pargo, J 4-3 9:03p
Lampshade Dogs Nelson, J Graham, J 4-2 10:30p
HomeFries Pargo, J Nelson, J 4-1 11:35p
HomeFries Magloire, J Dampier, E 4-1 11:10p
HomeFries Hayes, J Cassell, S 4-1 10:54p
Lampshade Dogs Graham, J Boone, J 4-1 8:19a
Lampshade Dogs Boone, J Fisher, D 3-29 1:00p
Strobelite Honeys Kapono, J Ray, A 3-27 8:28p
Strobelite Honeys Ray, A Nachbar, B 3-25 12:41p
Lampshade Dogs Kinsey, T Johnson, An 3-25 8:26a
Toes Morris, R Hayes, J 3-24 12:13a
Strobelite Honeys Skinner, B Anderson, D 3-23 2:27p
Strobelite Honeys Herrmann, W Kapono, J 3-18 10:09p
Strobelite Honeys Kapono, J Hart, J 3-18 9:54p
Jewish Hoops Balkman, R Oberto, F 3-18 4:15p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Hayes, C Payton, G 3-16 10:17p
Lampshade Dogs Stojakovic, P Walker, A 3-14 8:53p
Strobelite Honeys Anderson, D Cook, B 3-13 8:43a
Lampshade Dogs Johnson, An Evans, M 3-12 4:10p
Strobelite Honeys Hart, J Hunter, S 3-12 9:17a
Roy-Als w/Cheese Payton, G Kapono, J 3-11 8:59p
Lampshade Dogs Kleiza, L Johnson, An 3-11 8:45p
Lampshade Dogs Johnson, An Kleiza, L 3-5 7:24p
Strobelite Honeys Cook, B Ewing, D 3-4 1:41p
Strobelite Honeys Ewing, D Johnson, An 3-4 12:34p
Lampshade Dogs Kleiza, L Sefolosha, T 3-4 11:18a
Five Times Dope Haywood, B Armstrong, D 3-3 11:40a
Super Padz Francis, S Gelabale, M 3-2 12:01p
Flaming Cajones Abdur-Rahim, S Szczerbiak, W 3-1 4:13p
Lampshade Dogs Sefolosha, T Abdur-Rahim, S 3-1 8:34a
Impossible Dream Bowen, B Francis, S 3-1 6:24a
Impossible Dream Garcia, F Stojakovic, P 3-1 6:23a
Five Times Dope House, E Haywood, B 2-28 12:45p
Hounder Pounders Foster, J Mohammed, N 2-26 2:46p
PCHS Smith, J Pippen, S 2-26 2:06a
Strobelite Honeys Johnson, A House, E 2-25 9:01p
Strobelite Honeys House, E Smith, J 2-23 10:23p
Strobelite Honeys Hunter, S House, E 2-23 10:23a
Strobelite Honeys Smith, J Skinner, B 2-23 10:21a
Rocky Dennis Express Jones, E Magloire, J 2-22 1:45p
Chum's Champs Brown, Kw Nesterovic, R 2-22 12:00p
Lampshade Dogs Evans, M Smith, J 2-20 3:55p
Rocky Dennis Express Magloire, J Battie, T 2-19 9:13a
PCHS Pippen, S Kleiza, L 2-16 9:52a
Strobelite Honeys Skinner, B Magloire, J 2-16 5:03a
PCHS Kleiza, L Najera, E 2-15 8:30p
Rocky Dennis Express Battie, T Jones, E 2-14 4:27p
Rocky Dennis Express Jones, E Williamson, C 2-14 4:15p
Lampshade Dogs Smith, Joe George, D 2-13 4:06p
Super Padz Blatche, A Jeffries, J 2-12 11:39a
Lampshade Dogs George, D Blatche, A 2-12 9:47a
BACM Azubuike, K Evans, R 2-11 5:51p
Lampshade Dogs Blatche, A Bogans, K 2-11 2:40p
BACM Evans, R Bowen, B 2-11 2:12p
Rocky Dennis Express Williamson, C Skinner, B 2-11 1:09a
Rocky Dennis Express Skinner, B Turiaf, R 2-11 12:42a
Rocky Dennis Express Turiaf, R Elson, F 2-11 12:38a
Rocky Dennis Express Elson, F Jones, E 2-11 12:29a
PCHS Najera, E Brown, Kw 2-10 7:54p
Strobelite Honeys Magloire, J James, J 2-10 9:05a
BACM Bowen, B Adams, H 2-9 7:12p
Strobelite Honeys House, E Magloire, J 2-5 9:29p
Lampshade Dogs Abdur-Rahim, S Evans, M 2-5 3:01p
Strobelite Honeys James, J - 2-5 10:17a
Super Padz - Jones, F 2-4 7:23p
Lampshade Dogs Bogans, K Hunter, S 2-2 10:11p
Five Times Dope Armstrong, D Croshere, A 2-2 9:43p
Jewish Hoops Pavlovic, S Pargo, J 2-1 1:30p
Five Times Dope Croshere, A Turiaf, R 2-1 4:47p
Five Times Dope Turiaf, R Croshere, A 2-1 12:09p
Impossible Dream Francis, S George, D 2-1 12:39a
Strobelite Honeys McCants, R Cook, B 1-31 9:24p
Strobelite Honeys Magloire, J Hodge, J 1-31 6:23p
Rocky Dennis Express Hayes, J Magloire, J 1-31 6:08p
Five Times Dope Croshere, A Balkman, R 1-31 12:50p
BACM Daniels, M Abdur-Rahim, S 1-30 8:28p
Five Times Dope Balkman, R Daniels, M 1-30 12:59p
Lampshade Dogs Salmons, J Skinner, B 1-30 12:21a
PCHS Evans, M Salmons, J 1-29 12:34a
BACM Abdur-Rahim, S Diawara, Y 1-28 7:32p
Lampshade Dogs Skinner, B Sefolosha, T 1-28 6:50p
Chum's Champs McInnis, J Azubuike, K 1-28 6:09p
Rocky Dennis Express Jones, E House, E 1-28 10:42a
Impossible Dream Millsap, P Abdur-Rahim, S 1-28 2:46a
Lampshade Dogs Sefolosha, T Armstrong, D 1-25 5:28p
Hounder Pounders Jones, Jam Graham, J 1-24 11:56p
Roy-Als w/Cheese George, D Anderson, D 1-23 9:03p
Lampshade Dogs Armstrong, D McInnis, J 1-22 10:43p
Flaming Cajones Wilkins, D Maxiell, J 1-22 5:36p
Rocky Dennis Express Magloire, J Skinner, B 1-22 7:14a
Jewish Hoops Oberto, F Magloire, J 1-22 12:56a
Lampshade Dogs Hunter, S Francis, S 1-21 8:54p
Rocky Dennis Express House, E George, D 1-20 1:05p
Lampshade Dogs McInnis, J Ray, A 1-19 7:53p
Rocky Dennis Express George, D Smith, Joe 1-17 10:04p
Five Times Dope Daniels, M Johnson, Al 1-17 4:30p
Impossible Dream Diogu, I Foster, J 1-17 3:09p
Five Times Dope Johnson, Al Bowen, B 1-16 9:45a
Five Times Dope Bowen, B Williamson, C 1-16 9:43a
Lampshade Dogs Ray, A Oberto, F 1-15 9:29p
Rocky Dennis Express Brown, PJ Jones, Dam 1-15 6:41p
Hounder Pounders Graham, J Battie, T 1-15 3:25p
Lampshade Dogs Oberto, F Allen, T 1-15 11:41a
Five Times Dope Williamson, C Johnson, Al 1-15 9:31a
Rocky Dennis Express Jones, Dam Thomas, Et 1-15 9:05a
Toes Webster, M Hayes, J 1-15 8:19a
Roy-Als w/Cheese Anderson, D George, D 1-14 3:16p
Hounder Pounders Battie, T Webster, M 1-13 8:51p
Jewish Hoops Blake, S Turiaf, R 1-13 12:46a
Lampshade Dogs Rondo, R Jackson, M 1-13 12:18a
Impossible Dream Rodriguez, S Wilkins, D 1-12 6:53p
Strobelite Honeys Hodge, J Graham, J 1-11 7:31p
Rocky Dennis Express Thomas, Et Blake, S 1-11 3:47p
Flaming Cajones Maxiell, J Williams, Ju 1-11 2:11a
Five Times Dope Johnson, Al Snow, E 1-10 1:15p
Impossible Dream Ilyasova, E Millsap, P 1-9 4:21p
Five Times Dope Snow, E Thomas, Et 1-9 1:15p
Rocky Dennis Express Blake, S Diop, D 1-8 10:36p
Hounder Pounders Brown, D Garcia, F 1-8 7:22p
Rocky Dennis Express Diop, D Robinson, C 1-8 3:29p
Jewish Hoops Turiaf, R Thomas, Kt 1-8 2:59p
Super Padz Gelabale, M Johnson, Al 1-8 2:47p
Chum's Champs Vujacic, S Najera, E 1-8 12:00p
Chum's Champs Azubuike, K Johnson, D 1-8 11:58a
Impossible Dream Kapono, J Brown, D 1-8 5:20a
Strobelite Honeys Graham, J Diogu, I 1-7 5:49p
Rocky Dennis Express Robinson, C McInnis, J 1-6 8:56p
Flaming Cajones Williams, Ju Jones, Dam 1-6 12:59p
Strobelite Honeys Cook, B Sefolosha, T 1-6 12:18a
Strobelite Honeys Nachbar, B Douby, Q 1-6 12:02a
Rocky Dennis Express Skinner, B Bowen, B 1-3 10:23p
Rocky Dennis Express McInnis, J Hayes, C 1-3 3:46p
BACM Diawara, Y Kapono, J 1-3 12:56p
Five Times Dope Thomas, Et Snow, E 1-3 9:36a
Five Times Dope Snow, E Evans, R 1-3 9:26a
Lampshade Dogs Jackson, M Petro, J 1-2 10:08p
Repeat Offenders Jaric, M Graham, J 1-1 10:49p
Hounder Pounders Garcia, F Robinson, N 1-1 4:18p
Strobelite Honeys Douby, Q Kleiza, L 1-1 9:40a
Lampshade Dogs Petro, J Boone, J 1-1 8:31a
Jewish Hoops Thomas, Kt Jones, Ju 12-31 9:27p
Chum's Champs Johnson, D Thomas, Kt 12-31 5:29p
Flaming Cajones Jones, Dam Armstrong, H 12-31 12:48p
Five Times Dope Moore, M Thomas, Et 12-31 11:57a
PCHS Carroll, M Moore, M 12-30 11:18p
Impossible Dream Brown, D Jones, Dam 12-29 10:46p
Jewish Hoops Mutombo, D Balkman, R 12-28 10:26p
Jewish Hoops Jones, Ju Rondo, R 12-28 10:17p
Rocky Dennis Express Hayes, C Mutombo, D 12-28 3:01p
Rocky Dennis Express Bowen, B House, E 12-28 8:52a
Roy-Als w/Cheese George, D Cook, B 12-27 11:10p
Five Times Dope Evans, R Diener, T 12-27 1:23p
Flaming Cajones Armstrong, H Roberts, L 12-27 11:50a
PCHS Moore, M Ollie, K 12-26 10:57p
Lampshade Dogs Boone, J Armstrong, H 12-26 10:19p
BACM Kapono, J Jones, E 12-25 5:04p
Impossible Dream Jones, Dam Diawara, Y 12-25 1:39a
Chum's Champs Nesterovic, R Jones, Dam 12-24 8:35p
Rocky Dennis Express Mutombo, D Bowen, B 12-24 12:57a
Rocky Dennis Express House, E Moore, M 12-23 10:45a
Rocky Dennis Express Moore, M Gelabale, M 12-23 10:12a
Super Padz Perkins, K O'Bryant, P 12-22 10:09p
Rocky Dennis Express Gelabale, M Perkins, K 12-22 4:37p
Super Padz Johnson, Al Wright, A 12-21 1:10p
Impossible Dream Millsap, P Jaric, M 12-21 1:27a
BACM Adams, H Hayes, C 12-20 9:56p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Ariza, T Smith, C 12-20 9:17p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Cook, B Dooling, K 12-20 9:15p
Rocky Dennis Express Bowen, B Millsap, P 12-20 9:05p
Five Times Dope

Diener, T

Snow, E 12-20 3:43p
Flaming Cajones Howard, Ju Oberto, F 12-20 3:04p
Flaming Cajones Roberts, L Bowen, B 12-20 1:13p
Rocky Dennis Express Smith, Joe Evans, R 12-19 8:10p
Strobelite Honeys Kleiza, L Brewer, R 12-18 9:43p
Jewish Hoops Balkman, R Howard, Ju 12-18 9:41p
Talking Goats Finley, M Miles, CJ 12-18 7:38p
Flaming Cajones Bowen, B Rodriguez, S 12-18 12:41p
Rocky Dennis Express Evans, R Ariza, T 12-17 4:56p
Impossible Dream Jaric, M Daniels, M 12-15 11:44p
Lampshade Dogs Allen, T Jones, Dah 12-15 9:27p
Five Times Dope Haywood, B Roberts, L 12-14 1:43p
Jewish Hoops Magloire, J Balkman, R 12-12 3:41p
Rocky Dennis Express Ariza, T Magloire, J 12-11 7:34p
Flaming Cajones Oberto, F Evans, R 12-11 2:23a
Flaming Cajones Rodriguez, S Armstrong, D 12-11 2:21a
Lampshade Dogs Jones, Dah Rodriguez, S 12-10 4:30p
PCHS Ollie, K Payton, G 12-10 1:33a
Super Padz Jeffries, J Simmons, B 12-7 10:32p
Jewish Hoops Pargo, J Oberto, F 12-7 3:03a
Impossible Dream Wilkins, D Bowen, B 12-7 1:06a
Jewish Hoops Howard, Ju Brown, S 12-5 10:17p
Flaming Cajones Evans, R Kapono, J 12-4 5:43p
Rocky Dennis Express Magloire, J Jones, Dah 12-4 4:11p
Lampshade Dogs Rodriguez, S Johnson, An 12-3 10:05p
Impossible Dream Bowen, B Finley, M 12-3 1:50a
Hounder Pounders Webster, M Adams, H 12-1 10:12p
Jewish Hoops Gibson, D Pavlovic, S 12-1 8:38p
Impossible Dream Finley, M Webster, M 12-1 7:59p
Rocky Dennis Express Jones, Dah Collins, Jas 12-1 5:50p
Five Times Dope Snow, E Randolph, S 11-30 9:33a
Lampshade Dogs Johnson, A Jaric, M 11-29 10:38p
Hounder Pounders Adams, H Diop, D 11-29 9:48p
Jewish Hoops Brown, S Haywood, B 11-29 8:37p
Flaming Cajones Kapono, J Johnson, An 11-29 2:58p
Five Times Dope Randolph, S Snow, E 11-29 12:57p
Jewish Hoops Haywood, B Turiaf, R 11-29 11:45a
PCHS Barnes, M Battie, T 11-28 10:24p
Toes Hayes, J Powe, L 11-28 9:58p
Rocky Dennis Express Collins, Jas Magloire, J 11-27 5:56p
Rocky Dennis Express Magloire, J Rose, J 11-27 10:26a
Hounder Pounders Diop, D Simmons, C 11-27 9:51a
Impossible Dream Diawara, Y Rodriguez, S 11-27 1:05a
Strobelite Honeys Blount, M Diawara, Y 11-26 11:39p
Impossible Dream Rodriguez, S Blount, M 11-26 11:16p
Lampshade Dogs Wells, B Barnes, M 11-26 7:45p
Repeat Offenders Graham, J Wells, B 11-26 6:05p
Chum's Champs Najera, E Howard, Ju 11-26 5:53p
Jewish Hoops Balkman, R Martin, Ken 11-26 12:59p
Strobelite Honeys Diawara, Y Lowry, K 11-26 9:55a
PCHS Battie, T Randolph, S 11-26 2:04a
Lampshade Dogs Barnes, M Ilyasova, E 11-26 12:22a
Lampshade Dogs Jaric, M Price, R 11-24 10:53p
Fat Watters Duhon, C Ager, M 11-23 5:38p
Lampshade Dogs Price, R Bowen, B 11-23 9:10a
PCHS Randolph, S Duhon, C 11-22 11:36p
Five Times Dope Snow, E Snyder, K 11-22 8:58a
Roy-Als w/Cheese Green, W Ariza, T 11-21 9:26p
Lampshade Dogs Bowen, B Nachbar, B 11-21 9:51a
Runnin' Toilets Farmar, J Snow, E 11-20 4:28p
Lampshade Dogs Nachbar, B Rodriguez, S 11-20 3:01p
PCHS Duhon, C Farmar, J 11-20 1:50p
Lampshade Dogs Ilyasova, E Finley, M 11-20 9:18a
Impossible Dream Foster, J Haywood, B 11-19 3:19p
Flaming Cajones Johnson, A Duhon, C 11-19 3:05p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Smith, C Hayes, J 11-19 12:03p
Rocky Dennis Express Milsap, P Brown, PJ 11-19 10:12a
Impossible Dream Haywood, B Hunter, S 11-18 5:33p
Lampshade Dogs Finley, M Bowen, B 11-15 10:09p
Lampshade Dogs Rodriguez, S Nachbar, B 11-15 9:53p
Rocky Dennis Express Dampier, E Elson, F 11-15 3:41p
Impossible Dream Hunter, S Magloire, J 11-15 2:36p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Ariza, T Smith, C 11-14 7:11p
BACM Hayes, C Diawara, Y 11-14 6:50p
Toes Powe, L Hayes, C 11-13 8:39p
Lampshade Dogs Nachbar, B Jaric, M 11-12 7:05p
Rocky Dennis Express Elson, F Ratliff, T 11-11 11:29
Lampshade Dogs Bowen, B Griffin, E 11-11 8:52p
Impossible Dream Garbajosa, J Wilkins, D 11-11 3:17a
Lampshade Dogs Jaric, M Garbajosa, J 11-10 11:12p
Super Padz Wright, A Miles, D 11-10 3:24p
Rocky Dennis Express Ratliff, T Battie, T 11-10 10:22a
Jewish Hoops Pavlovic, S Udrih, B 11-10 2:07a
Impossible Dream Blount, M Dampier, E 11-8 11:43p
Rocky Dennis Express Battie, T Blount, M 11-8 7:53p
Five Times Dope Snyder, K Nesterovic, R 11-8 9:28a
Toes Hayes, C Novak, S 11-7 11:21p
Five Times Dope Roberts, L Snyder, K 11-7 2:28p
Rocky Dennis Express Robinson, N Kleiza, L 11-7 8:45a
Rocky Dennis Express Blount, M Elson, F 11-7 7:35a
Rocky Dennis Express Elson, F Croshere, A 11-7 7:04a
Impossible Dream Dampier, E Diop, D 11-6 9:02p
Flaming Cajones Barry, B Roberts, L 11-6 2:50p
Jewish Hoops Oberto, F Pavlovic, S 11-6 11:49a
PCHS Salmons, J Cook, B 11-6 12:06a
BACM Udoka, I Hudson, T 11-6 12:03a
Five Times Dope Snyder, K Brown, S 11-5 7:25p
Talking Goats Hassell, T McCants, R 11-5 8:39a
Hounder Pounders Lue, T Mihm, C 11-4 10:53p
Repeat Offenders - Jones, Jam 10-25 10:12a
PCHS - Robinson, B 10-21 9:50p
BACM - Nachbar, B 10-20 9:19p
Strobelite Honeys - Butler, R 10-15 11:12a
PCHS - Blake, S 10-6 7:33p
Impossible Dream - Lewis, R 10-4 5:42p
Flaming Cajones - Songaila, D 10-4 5:34p
Flaming Cajones - Foyle, A 10-4 5:34p

  Team Player Rec'd Date Time

Lampshade Dogs

Williams, J

Evans, M


2-5 5:39a
> Roy-Als w/Cheese

Super Padz

Deng, L
Blount, M
Bell, C
2nd Rd

Garbajosa, J

Green, W
Ariza, T
1st Rd

2-4 8:01p
> Strobelite Honeys

Super Padz

Williams, D
Dalembert, S
4th Rd

Bogut, A

Villanueva, C
Blount, M
1st Rd

2-4 6:55p
> Rocky Dennis Express


Terry, J
Parker, T
Head, L
4th Rd

Hughes, L

Jamison, A
Hayes, J
2nd Rd

2-3 3:34p
> HomeFries

Flaming Cajones

Richardson, J
4th Rd

Turkoglu, H

3rd Rd

2-2 5:00p

Fat Watters

Marion, S

Boozer, C


2-2 12:31p
> Five Times Dope

Runnin' Toilets

Chandler, T
3rd Rd

Mobley, C
2nd Rd

2-1 11:16p
> Hounder Pounders

Green, G
Thomas, Ty
Przybilla, J

Turkoglu, H
Nelson, J
Collison, N
1-27 5:36p
> Roy-Als w/Cheese

Impossible Dream
Iverson, A
Garbajosa, J
Kapono, J

Okur, M
Gay, R
George, D
1-26 10:55p
> Runnin' Toilets

Gooden, D
1st Rd

Atkins, C    
12-31 11:08p
> Rocky Dennis Express

Chum's Champs
Jamison, A
Hughes, L
Jackson, S

Butler, C
Gomes, R
Parker, S
12-28 10:45p
> Lampshade Dogs

Stoolly Pigeons
Armstrong, H

Wells, B    
12-24 4:39p
> Five Times Dope

Flaming Cajones
Carter, V

Bargnani, A
12-19 3:40p

Flaming Cajones
Wallace, B
Knight, B

Richardson, J
Foye, R
12-19 3:40p
> HomeFries

Rocky Dennis Express
Battier, S
Dampier, E

Smith, JR
Perkins, K
12-8 7:28p
> Impossible Dream

Rocky Dennis Express
Iverson, A
Daniels, M

Kidd, J
Gomes, R
11-27 8:39p
> Impossible Dream

Rocky Dennis Express
Abdur-Rahim, S

Arroyo, C
11-26 10:45p

Harris, D

Thomas, Ty
11-4 8:20p
> Repeat Offenders

Lampshade Dogs
Jefferson, R

10-25 12:29a

Wallace, R

10-21 4:20p

Boozer, C

10-20 9:19p
> Strobelite Honeys

Rocky Dennis Express
Barbosa, L

10-14 4:39p

Rocky Dennis Express
Szczerbiak, W

10-6 1:13p
> Hounder Pounders

Flaming Cajones
Telfair, S

Songaila, D
10-4 5:34p
> Flaming Cajones

Impossible Dream
Wallace, B

10-4 1:57p
> Impossible Dream

Rocky Dennis Express
Kidd, J

10-4 1:57p
> Flaming Cajones

Super Padz
Carter, V
Bell, R
2nd Rd

Kirilenko, A
2nd Rd 
10-4 1:04p

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