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Michael JordanEd WachterRotisserie Chicken League
Happy-Ass Hoops Association
Rotisserie Chicken LeagueEd WachterMichael Jordan



Free Agents

Team Add Drop Date Time
Lampshade Dogs Profit, L. Cummings, V. 4-16 1:24p
Lampshade Dogs McCloud, G. Russell, B. 4-16 11:52a
HomeFries Williams, Jay. Gatling, C. 4-14 4:30p
Fat Watters Hoiberg, F. Overton, D. 4-8 6:08p
Lampshade Dogs Cummings, V. Profit, L. 4-7 5:34p
Fat Watters Hudson, T. Richmond, M. 4-5 2:40p
Lampshade Dogs Profit, L. Bowen, B. 3-31 9:38p
Fat Watters Harris, L. Langdon, T. 3-29 1:23p
Fat Watters Overton, D. Davis, H. 3-28 10:05p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Johnson, D. Slater, R. 3-27 6:52p
Super Padz Strickland, R. Anthony, G. 3-27 1:49a
Runnin' Toilets Fogle, J. Childs, C. 3-26 5:56p
Impossible Dream Vaughn, J. Strickland, R. 3-26 5:33p
HomeFries Coleman, D. Johnson, D. 3-26 2:14p
Fat Watters Langdon, T. Hoiberg, F. 3-26 11:59a
2 White Guys Hill, G. Coleman, D. 3-24 2:30p
Jewish Hoops Martin, K. English, A. 3-23 7:22p
Lampshade Dogs Bowen, B. Hill, G. 3-23 3:22p
Zhi-Zhi, W. Martin, K.
2 White Guys Bender, J. Richardson, Q. 3-22 5:02p
Super Padz Jackson, B. Traylor, R. 3-19 3:29p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Rose, M. Strickland, M. 3-18 7:33p
Runnin' Toilets Dodes, D.R. Crawford, C. 3-16 12:47a
2 White Guys Olajuwon, H. Bender, J. 3-15 12:50p
Bare-ass Midgets Ceballos, C. Moore, M. 3-14 11:22p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Slater, R. Herren, C. 3-14 10:29p
2 White Guys Kemp, S. Majerle, D. 3-14 5:10p
Lampshade Dogs Harrington, A. Kemp, S. 3-14 1:16p
2 White Guys Fisher, D. Harrington, A. 3-14 10:24a
2 White Guys Barkley, C. Jackson, B. 3-14 10:21a
Fat Watters Davis, H. Olajuwon, H. 3-13 11:12p
Lampshade Dogs Porter, C. Cummings, V. 3-13 12:35a
Fat Watters Pollard, S. Dooling, K. 3-8 10:10p
Super Padz Turkoglu, H. -- 3-7 10:12p
2 White Guys Majerle, D. El-Amin, K. 3-7 9:49p
Jewish Hoops English, A. Geiger, M. 3-7 11:30a
Hounder Pounders Jordan, M. Buckner, G. 3-7 9:06a
Roy-Als w/Cheese Strickland, M. Pollard, S. 3-6 9:39p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Pack, R. Rose, M. 3-6 9:35p
Jewish Hoops Mason, D. McCloud, G. 3-5 10:54a
2 White Guys Foyle, A. Cleaves, M. 3-3 1:53a
PCHS Dampier, E. Schrempf, D. 3-2 3:32p
Hounder Pounders Williams, Sh. Langdon, T. 3-2 8:56a
Bare-ass Midgets Ham, D. Brown, D. 2-28 5:31p
Hounder Pounders Buckner, G. McLeod, R. 2-28 12:15a
Roy-Als w/Cheese Pollard, S. Buckner, G. 2-26 5:48p
Fat Watters -- Coles, B. 2-25 3:54a
Chum's Champs Long, G. Thomas, Et. 2-24 3:30p
Bare-ass Midgets Mohammed, N. Smith, M. 2-24 12:24a
Runnin' Toilets Crawford, C. Parks, C. 2-24 12:04a
Chum's Champs Thomas, Et. Jordan, M. 2-23 4:47p
Bare-ass Midgets Smith, M. Garrity, P. 2-22 11:33p
Hounder Pounders Alexander, Ct. Blount, M. 2-22 7:19p
Runnin' Toilets Childs, C. Jackson, St. 2-22 6:52p
Hounder Pounders McLeod, R. MacCulloch, T. 2-22 1:52p
HomeFries Williamson, C. Augmon, S. 2-21 11:45a
PCHS Person, W. Ostertag, G. 2-20 5:47a
Roy-Als w/Cheese Harpring, M. Magloire, J. 2-19 5:51p
Bare-ass Midgets Garrity, P. McLeod, R. 2-19 5:48p
Runnin' Toilets Parks, C. Jones, P. 2-18 11:34p
Fat Watters Coles, B. Maloney, M. 2-15 11:04p
Runnin' Toilets Jones, P. Maher, E. 2-15 10:24p
Bare-ass Midgets Brown, D. Williamson, C. 2-15 6:03p
Runnin' Toilets Maher, E. Parks, C. 2-15 2:07a
Hounder Pounders MacCulloch, T. Jones, J. 2-14 8:56p
Chum's Champs Jordan, M. Pack, R. 2-14 7:32p
Runnin' Toilets Parks, C. Booth, C. 2-14 5:51p
HomeFries Fox, R. Porter, T. 2-13 9:47p
Lampshade Dogs Geiger, M. Curry, D. 2-12 7:13p
Hounder Pounders Jones, Ju. Davis, E. 2-9 9:23a
HomeFries Porter, T. Jones, D. 2-8 10:56p
Fat Watters Maloney, M. Williams, Sh. 2-8 3:46p
Lampshade Dogs Herren, C. Porter, T. 2-8 8:02a
Lampshade Dogs Blount, M. Garrity, P. 2-7 11:04p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Buckner, G. Sundov, B. 2-7 10:07p
Jewish Hoops Feick, J. Oyedeji, O. 2-2 9:53a
Hounder Pounders Davis, E. Amaechi, J. 2-2 12:39a
Lampshade Dogs Curry, D. Abdul-Wahad, T. 1-31 11:57p
PCHS Schrempf, D. Zhi-Zhi, W. 1-31 10:53p
Hounder Pounders Drew, B. Glover, D. 1-31 9:19a
Bare-ass Midgets Crawford, J. Drew, B. 1-30 10:48p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Sundov, B. Buckner, G. 1-30 8:55p
Jewish Hoops Strickland, E. Boykins, E. 1-30 8:48p
Fat Watters Williams, Sh. Coles, B. 1-30 3:33p
Impossible Dream Owens, B. -- 1-30 3:25p
Fat Watters -- Brown, R. 1-30 3:25p
Bare-ass Midgets Williamson, C. Bowen, B. 1-28 10:21p
Fat Watters Coles, B. Vaughn, J. 1-28 2:20p
Lampshade Dogs Porter, T. Elie, M. 1-27 1:48p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Langdon, T. Williams, Sc. 1-27 1:36p
PCHS Zhi-Zhi, W. Williamson, C. 1-26 6:17p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Buckner, G. Ollie, K. 1-25 9:16p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Ollie, K. Turkoglu, H. 1-24 10:17p
Hounder Pounders Amaechi, J. Declercq, A. 1-24 4:20p
PCHS Augmon, S. Jordan, M. 1-24 1:36a
Ostertag, G. Caffey, J.
Roy-Als w/Cheese Williams, Sc. Alexander, Ct. 1-23 9:46p
Hounder Pounders Glover, D. Fox, R. 1-23 9:32p
Jewish Hoops Oyedeji, O. Mason, D. 1-23 8:42p
2 White Guys El-Amin, K. Amaechi, J. 1-22 9:39p
Fat Watters Brown, R. Majerle, D. 1-22 12:33p
Jewish Hoops Potapenko, V. Zhi-Zhi, W. 1-22 11:56a
Roy-Als w/Cheese Turkoglu, H. Brown, R. 1-21 10:34p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Brown, R. Mullin, C. 1-19 5:46p
Hounder Pounders Fox, R. McCoy, J. 1-19 1:00p
Chum's Champs Pack, R. Williams, E. 1-18 7:14p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Mullin, C. Porter, C. 1-18 6:45p
Bare-ass Midgets Drew, B. El-Amin, K. 1-17 11:52p
Fat Watters Newman, J. Williams, Sh. 1-17 10:23p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Alexander, Ct. Fox, R. 1-17 8:38p
Fat Watters Majerle, D. Buechler, J. 1-17 5:25p
Lampshade Dogs Elie, M. Potapenko, V. 1-16 8:45p
Fat Watters Buechler, J. Pollard, S. 1-16 1:14p
Jewish Hoops McCloud, G. Whitmire, D. 1-16 12:49p
Lampshade Dogs Abdul-Wahad, T. Ferry, D. 1-15 3:35p
Jewish Hoops Whitmire, D. Harpring, M. 1-15 11:18a
White-trash WB Murray, T. Najera, E. 1-13 3:15p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Magloire, J. Drew, B. 1-13 2:50p
Lampshade Dogs Garrity, P. Childs, C. 1-12 9:36p
Repeat Offenders Piatkowski, E. Cardinal, B. 1-12 12:48p
Jewish Hoops Boykins, E. Geiger, M. 1-10 11:13a
Lampshade Dogs Ferry, D. Rogers, C. 1-9 9:14p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Drew, B. Magloire, J. 1-9 7:58p
2 White Guys Stevenson, D. Abdul-Rauf, M. 1-8 10:26p
Jewish Hoops Harpring, M. House, E. 1-8 10:15p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Magloire, J. Harpring, M. 1-8 7:52p
Super Padz Anthony, G. Stevenson, D. 1-8 4:58p
Chum's Champs Williams, E. Smits, R. 1-8 4:30p
HomeFries Tsakalidis, J. Nesterovic, R. 1-7 11:00p
Fat Watters Vaughn, J. Ollie, K. 1-7 6:17p
Bare-ass Midgets Moore, M. Skinner, B. 1-6 1:36a
Bare-ass Midgets El-Amin, K. Hudson, T. 1-5 2:20p
Fat Watters Hoiberg, F. Majerle, D. 1-5 12:21p
Pollard, S. Cheaney, C.
HomeFries Jones, D. Wallace, J. 1-4 1:05p
Jewish Hoops House, E. Douglas, S. 1-3 4:32p
Lampshade Dogs Willis, K. Piatkowski, E. 1-3 10:43a
Bare-ass Midgets Hudson, T. Hoiberg, F. 1-2 11:45p
Lampshade Dogs Rogers, C. Maloney, M. 1-2 11:14p
Impossible Dream -- Owens, B. 1-2 8:18p
Bare-ass Midgets Bowen, B. -- 1-2 8:18p
HomeFries Wallace, J. Jones, Ju. 1-1 11:36p
Lampshade Dogs Potapenko, V. Willis, K. 12-31 11:46a
2 White Guys Richardson, Q. Magloire, J. 12-31 11:31a
Lampshade Dogs Piatkowski, E. Richardson, Q. 12-31 2:04a
Chum's Champs Smits, R. Henderson, C. 12-31 1:58a
Lampshade Dogs Childs, C. Drew, B. 12-31 1:54a
2 White Guys Abdul-Rauf, M. Ceballos, C. 12-31 12:34a
Jewish Hoops Zhi-Zhi, W. Langdon, T. 12-30 6:46p
Home Fries Jones, Ju. Zhi-Zhi, W. 12-30 5:54p
Hounder Pounders Declercq, A. Garrity, P. 12-30 4:12p
Lampshade Dogs Willis, K. Seikaly, R. 12-28 9:58p
Drew, B. Crawford, J.
Runnin' Toilets Booth, C. Eschmeyer, E. 12-28 12:27a
Jewish Hoops Mason, D. Childs, C. 12-27 6:14p
Bare-ass Midgets Skinner, B. Mason, D. 12-27 1:27a
Fat Watters Cheaney, C. Drew, B. 12-26 6:17p
Bare-ass Midgets Mason, D. Foster, J. 12-25 6:55p
Chum's Champs Henderson, C. Harvey, D. 12-25 1:35p
Home Fries Zhi-Zhi, W. Willis, K. 12-25 2:36a
Bare-ass Midgets Foster, J. El-Amin, K. 12-24 8:45p
Hounder Pounders Garrity, P. Potapenko, V. 12-23 9:08p
Fat Watters Majerle, D. Skinner, B. 12-23 6:41p
2 White Guys Harrington, A. Turkoglu, H. 12-23 1:56p
Fat Watters Ollie, K. Mason, D. 12-23 12:53p
Impossible Dream Mihm, C. House, E. 12-22 8:15p
Fat Watters Lynch, G. Tarlac, D. 12-21 9:21p
Bare-ass Midgets Hoiberg, F. Foster, J. 12-21 9:21p
Bare-ass Midgets Foster, J. Harrington, A. 12-20 8:03p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Fox, R. Davis, H. 12-20 6:07p
PCHS Jordan, M. Wallace, J. 12-19 1:55a
Home Fries Willis, K. Lynch, G. 12-17 11:14p
Fat Watters Drew, B. Mihm, C. 12-17 5:21p
Bare-ass Midgets McLeod, R. Foyle, A. 12-17 3:05a
Lampshade Dogs Maloney, M. Dampier, E. 12-17 12:20a
Roy-Als w/Cheese Peeler, A. Lewis, Q. 12-14 10:48p
Bare-ass Midgets Foyle, A. Austin, I. 12-13 8:52p
Hounder Pounders Williams, Al. Willis, K. 12-11 6:12p
Bare-ass Midgets Delk, T. Vaughn, J. 12-11 1:34a
Roy-Als w/Cheese Jackson, Marc Horry, R. 12-9 7:34p
Lewis, Q. Buckner, G.
Jewish Hoops Johnson, Av. Bowen, B. 12-9 5:36p
Jewish Hoops Douglas, S. Johnson, Av. 12-9 12:33p
2 White Guys Turkoglu, H. Delk, T. 12-9 10:44a
Bare-ass Midgets Austin, I. Jones, D. 12-8 3:33a
Lampshade Dogs Seikaly, R. Austin, I. 12-8 12:02a
Roy-Als w/Cheese Davis, H. Abdul-Wahad, T. 12-7 8:58p
Hounder Pounders Willis, K. Davis, E. 12-7 8:48a
Runnin' Toilets McKie, A. Maher, E. 12-6 7:19p
Runnin' Toilets Maher, E. Seikaly, R. 12-6 7:12p
Lampshade Dogs Austin, I. McCloud, G. 12-5 11:40p
Jewish Hoops Langdon, T. Austin, I. 12-5 10:00a
Hounder Pounders Davis, E. Langdon, T. 12-4 6:37p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Horry, R. Davis, H. 12-4 5:50p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Buckner, G. Williams, E. 12-4 5:48p
Bare-ass Midgets Harrington, A. Peeler, A. 12-4 5:45p
Home Fries Porter, C. Harrington, A. 12-3 11:21p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Williams, E. Buckner, G. 12-2 8:33p
Fat Watters Tarlac, D. Causwell, D. 12-1 9:10p
Bare-ass Midgets El-Amin, K. Herren, C. 11-30 10:29p
Hounder Pounders McCoy, J. El-Amin, K. 11-28 11:29p
Jewish Hoops Barros, D. Pack, R. 11-28 12:54p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Davis, H. Pollard, S. 11-27 9:23p
Runnin' Toilets Childs, C. Ruffin, M. 11-25 9:08p
Repeat Offenders Cardinal, B. Crawford, C. 11-25 2:58p
2 White Guys Jackson, B. Griffin, A. 11-25 9:54p
Bare-ass Midgets Jones, D. Jackson, B. 11-24 11:45p
Impossible Dream Seikaly, R. Newman, J. 11-24 9:17p
Fat Watters Causwell, D. Coles, B. 11-24 9:16p
Hounder Pounders Langdon, T. Funderburke, L. 11-21 10:11p
Lampshade Dogs Crawford, J. Seikaly, R. 11-21 12:15a
Roy-Als w/Cheese Magloire, J. Alexander, Ct. 11-20 10:34p
Lampshade Dogs Seikaly, R. Willis, K. 11-20 4:22p
Fat Watters -- Causwell, D. 11-20 2:33p
Bare-ass Midgets Vaughn, J. Crawford, J. 11-20 2:23a
Bare-ass Midgets Penberthy, M. Declercq, A. 11-20 2:11a
Lampshade Dogs Thomas, Kt. Mullin, C. 11-19 11:47p
Home Fries House, E. -- 11-19 9:48p
Jewish Hoops Austin, I. Manning, D. 11-17 10:49p
Jewish Hoops Manning, D. Pryzbilla, J. 11-16 7:17p
Runnin' Toilets Stith, B. Fox, R. 11-15 10:15p
Bare-ass Midgets Peeler, A. Penberthy, M. 11-15 10:15p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Bowen, B. Collier, J. 11-15 8:29p
Bare-ass Midgets Penberthy, M. Smith, M. 11-14 12:50p
Lampshade Dogs Mullin, C. McLeod, R. 11-14 10:49p
Fat Watters Causwell, D. Drew, B. 11-14 8:07p
Super Padz Reeves, B. Tsakalidis, J. 11-14 12:12a
Roy-Als w/Cheese Buckner, G. Reeves, B. 11-13 10:26p
Bare-ass Midgets Declercq, A. Edney, T. 11-13 7:37p
Hounder Pounders Funderburke, L. Mottola, H. 11-13 6:57p
PCHS Caffey, J. Barkley, E. 11-13 5:27p
Jewish Hoops Geiger, M. Caffey, J. 11-13 4:48p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Collier, J. Maxwell, V. 11-12 9:41p
Bare-ass Midgets Edney, T. Person, W. 11-11 6:25p
Runnin' Toilets Ruffin, M. Longley, L. 11-10 1:58a
Bare-ass Midgets Ellis, L. Magloire, J. 11-9 9:21p
Bare-ass Midgets Person, W. Ruffin, M. 11-9 1:27a
Magloire, J. Ham, M.
Roy-Als w/Cheese Maxwell, V. Tabak, Z. 11-8 9:28p
PCHS Williamson, C. Feick, J. 11-7 2:22a
Jewish Hoops Caffey, J. Geiger, M. 11-6 11:42p
Jewish Hoops Pack, R. Ellis, L. 11-6 11:37p
Super Padz Doleac, M. Anderson, N. 11-6 10:43p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Alexander, Ct. Williamson, C. 11-6 10:28p
Impossible Dream Owens, B. Childs, C. 11-6 3:06p
Jewish Hoops Ellis, L. Robinson, L. 11-6 1:38p
Roy-Als w/Cheese Newman, J. Buckner, G. 11-5 7:48p
Bare-ass Midgets Herren, C. Perry, E. 11-5 7:06p
PCHS Rose, M. Doleac, M. 11-5 3:30p
Lampshade Dogs McLeod, R. Thomas, Kt. 11-5 3:00p
Repeat Offenders Crawford, C. Herren, C. 11-5 4:33a
Runnin' Toilets Eschmeyer, E. Alexander, Ct. 11-4 2:03a
Home Fries Pollard, S. Ellis, L. 11-3 11:45p
Home Fries Ellis, L. Anthony, G. 11-3 7:18p
2 White Guys McCloud, G. Crawford, C. 11-3 1:47p
Bare-ass Midgets Perry, E. Vaughn, J. 11-3 1:33a
Roy-Als w/Cheese Tabak, Z. Moore, M. 11-2 9:25p
Buckner, G. Person, W.
Bare-ass Midgets Smith, M. Rogers, C. 11-2 12:46a
Fat Watters Weatherspoon, C. Fisher, D. 11-1 10:19p
Coles, B. Majerle, D.
Jewish Hoops Robinson, L. Caffey, J. 11-1 3:35p
Roy-Als w/Cheese McInnis, J. Smith, M. 10-31 9:36p
Super Padz Stevenson, D. Peeler, A. 10-31 7:04p
Hounder Pounders Mottola, H. Pollard, S. 10-31 5:15p
Bare-ass Midgets Ruffin, M. Claxton, S. 10-30 6:22p
Vaughn, J. Thomas, Et.
Lampshade Dogs Harpring, M. Davis, H. 10-30 4:44p
Lampshade Dogs Delk, T. Ellis, L. 10-29 11:30p
PCHS Doleac, M. Madsen, M. 10-29 7:11p
Jewish Hoops Pryzbilla, J. Elie, M. 10-29 7:11p

Team Player Rec'd Date Time
Lampshade Dogs Martin, K. 2-25 3:56a
Super Padz Jackson, J.    
Fat Watters Robinson, G. 2-25 3:54a
Howard, J.
Eisley, H.
Super Padz Wesley, D.    
Mihm, C.
Runnin' Toilets Baker, V. 2-25 2:00a
Hounder Pounders Anderson, S.    
Repeat Offenders Dickerson, M. 2-25 2:15a
Delk, T.
Bare-ass Midgets Whitney, C.    
Knight, B.
Chum's Champs Grant, H. 2-24 9:45p
Bare-ass Midgets Williams, W.    
Roy-Als w/Cheese Pierce, P. 2-24 9:35p
Ellis, L.
Bare-ass Midgets Mercer, R.    
Dickerson, M.
PCHS Nash, S. 2-24 5:30p
Robinson, C.
Repeat Offenders Mashburn, J.    
Billups, C.
Runnin' Toilets Anderson, S. 2-22 9:14p
Bare-ass Midgets Grant, H.    
Lampshade Dogs Kemp, S. 2-22 1:00p
Jewish Hoops Geiger, M.    
Lampshade Dogs Cummings, V. 2-20 5:00p
Hill, G.
Hounder Pounders Langdon, T.    
Blount, M.
Fat Watters Henderson, A. 2-20 4:00p
2 White Guys Coleman, D.    
PCHS Wallace, R. 2-19 7:00p
Davis, B.
HomeFries Marbury, S.    
Augmon, S.
Fat Watters Snow, E. 2-16 12:07a
Super Padz Grant, B.    
Lampshade Dogs Robinson, D. 2-13 6:26p
Russell, B.
Jackson, J.
Langdon, T.
Roy-Als w/Cheese Mercer, R.
Brown, PJ    
Miller, M.
Herren, C.
Lampshade Dogs Miller, B. 2-13 6:02p
Chum's Champs Thomas, Kt.    
PCHS Billups, C. 2-13 1:27p
2 White Guys Rider, I.    
Lampshade Dogs Stojakovic, P. 1-31 10:45p
Best, T.
Brown, PJ
Miller, M.
Hounder Pounders Lewis, R.
Wells, B.    
Willis, K.
Clark, K.
Impossible Dream Payton, G. 1-30 3:25p
Newman, J.
Fat Watters Marion, S.
Wesley, D.    
Mihm, C.
Runnin' Toilets Lynch, G. 1-29 3:04a
Laettner, C.
Fat Watters Richmond, M.    
Coleman, D.
Bare-ass Midgets Hamilton, R. 1-2 8:18p
Impossible Dream Davis, D.    
Lenard, V.
Roy-Als w/Cheese Porter, C. 1-1 1:45a
HomeFries Johnson, D.    
Hounder Pounders McDyess, A. 12-26 12:52a
Ratliff, T.
Talking Goats O'Neal, S.    
Hill, T.
2 White Guys Henderson, A. 12-24 12:40a
Impossible Dream Szczerbiak, W.    
2 White Guys Szczerbiak, W. 12-24 12:17a
Chum's Champs Atkins, C.    
Jewish Hoops Iverson, A. 12-23 10:45p
Kemp, S.
Childs, C.
Impossible Dream Brandon, T.    
Marion, S.
Hamilton, R.
2 White Guys Gugliotta, T. 12-10 3:06a
Talking Goats Posey, J.    
Fat Watters Olajuwon, H. 12-9 10:33p
Bare-ass Midgets Anderson, S.    
2 White Guys Billups, C. 12-7 4:18p
McInnis, J.
Sabonis, A.
Magloire, J.
Ro-Als w/Cheese Jackson, J.    
Croshere, A.
Harpring, M.
Abdul-Wahad, T.
Impossible Dream Childs, C. 12-3 1:22a
Runnin' Toilets Seikaly, R.    
Home Fries Hunter, L. 11-23 1:45a
Lynch, G.
Impossible Dream Kemp, S.    
House, E.
Fat Watters Grant, B. 11-23 1:45a
Dooling, K.
White-trash WB Houston, A.    
Kukoc, T.
Impossible Dream Divac, V. 11-22 12:12a
Henderson, A.
Bare-ass Midgets Olajuwon, H.    
Davis, D.
2 White Guys Atkins, C. 11-20 4:18p
Harpring, M.
Delk, T.
Posey, J.
Lampshade Dogs Mercer, R.    
Richardson, Q.
McCloud, G.
Willis, K.
Fat Watters Houston, A. 11-19 9:36p
Anderson, S.
Home Fries Davis, B.    
Roy-Als w/Cheese Pollard, S. 11-18 2:04p
Rose, M.
Sura, B.
Impossible Dream Newman, J.    
PCHS Wallace, J.
Bowen, B.
Impossible Dream Olajuwon, H. 11-10 10:47p
Bare-ass Midgets Lenard, V.    
Fat Watters Kukoc, T. 11-10 10:37p
Bare-ass Midgets Olajuwon, H.    
2 White Guys Willis, K. 11-6 12:30p
Impossible Dream Lenard, V.    
Home Fries Houston, A. 11-4 12:45a
  Anderson, S.    
  Outlaw, B.    
Impossible Dream Hardaway, T.    
  Pollard, S.    
  Willis, K.    
2 White Guys Abdul-Wahad, T. 11-3 1:41p
Home Fries Harrington, A.    
Bare-ass Midgets Pierce, P. 11-2 11:39p
  Anderson, D.    
  Divac, V.    
Impossible Dream Iverson, A.    
  Davis, D.    
  Wesley, D.    

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