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Draft - Transcript



ftmdls (8:49:01 PM): how is this going to work?

aaronkale (8:50:38 PM): auntb - get out of here

ftmdls (8:52:00 PM): how many rounds is this thing?

aaronkale (8:52:19 PM): 12

roymichaels (8:53:53 PM): is burkle w/ Que?

ftmdls (8:54:15 PM): more than likely......

fiznizzy (8:55:11 PM): he is

roymichaels (8:55:20 PM): laabs

roymichaels (8:55:22 PM): ????

roymichaels (8:55:29 PM): murray???

aaronkale (8:55:36 PM): laabs is in Vegas

aaronkale (8:55:41 PM): honestly

roymichaels (8:55:43 PM): brav called, he's gonna be late but gave me his first pick.

quekeg (8:56:57 PM): Burkle is here

aaronkale (8:57:01 PM): do we need to invite Murray B

roymichaels (8:57:20 PM): could i get a volunteer to keep track of who's pick it is, who's on deck, etc...?

gravyfries (8:57:43 PM): I second that nomination

lemmerrj (8:57:53 PM): murray!

aaronkale (8:58:10 PM): newlove, you are a great delegator

roymichaels (8:58:41 PM): once murray clicks in we're all set. only Laabs is not here.

aaronkale (8:59:15 PM): Bravo is up

roymichaels (8:59:46 PM): ok, let's try to be quick on the picks. anyone taking too long will get a countdown. besides that, brav picks....

roymichaels (8:59:47 PM): ....

roymichaels (8:59:49 PM): ....

roymichaels (8:59:57 PM): LT

aaronkale (9:00:12 PM): roy

roymichaels (9:00:28 PM): Mr. Alexander.

aaronkale (9:00:45 PM): nice backfield

senormurray (9:00:48 PM): priest holmes

roymichaels (9:00:51 PM): me rikey

aaronkale (9:01:30 PM): Kevin Jones

fiznizzy (9:01:39 PM): ha

roymichaels (9:01:42 PM): no Joey?

senormurray (9:01:47 PM): is that serious?

aaronkale (9:01:49 PM): Next round

roymichaels (9:01:58 PM): hope he's still there for you.

aaronkale (9:02:11 PM): laabs is up

roymichaels (9:02:14 PM): laabs get the Edge

aaronkale (9:02:31 PM): whammer

fiznizzy (9:02:35 PM): culpepper

aaronkale (9:03:01 PM): newly

roymichaels (9:03:04 PM): damn you and your culpepper

lemmerrj (9:03:19 PM): dude!!!

lemmerrj (9:03:28 PM): newlove, how could you do that?

quekeg (9:03:32 PM): Dillon

aaronkale (9:03:56 PM): winslows

quekeg (9:04:19 PM): Deuce

aaronkale (9:04:40 PM): Fritz

lemmerrj (9:04:50 PM): nigga talk to me on the nextel

ftmdls (9:05:17 PM): PORTIS

aaronkale (9:05:41 PM): lemmer

aaronkale (9:05:57 PM): u can take Martin now

lemmerrj (9:05:57 PM): Green

aaronkale (9:06:21 PM): as in Ahman or Trent?

gravyfries (9:06:34 PM): Randy Moss & I'm getting my Cadillac back: Carnell Williams

lemmerrj (9:06:39 PM): Willie...just kidding, bad...

aaronkale (9:07:14 PM): lemmer, back to you

lemmerrj (9:07:21 PM): Curtis Martin

aaronkale (9:07:41 PM): fritz

ftmdls (9:07:45 PM): Edwards

aaronkale (9:07:52 PM): as in Braylon?

ftmdls (9:07:57 PM): yes...

gravyfries (9:08:06 PM): You'll be feeling that in the morning

senormurray (9:08:18 PM): is that serious?

fiznizzy (9:08:19 PM): ouch

aaronkale (9:08:23 PM): Winslows

quekeg (9:08:46 PM): Terrell Owens

senormurray (9:08:50 PM): fag

quekeg (9:09:08 PM): Ronnie Brown

quekeg (9:09:37 PM): Make sure I have Miami's back

fiznizzy (9:10:15 PM): whose up

aaronkale (9:10:18 PM): give me a sec

gravyfries (9:10:27 PM): Wammer, you're up

aaronkale (9:10:58 PM): Whammer

fiznizzy (9:11:01 PM): ok

fiznizzy (9:11:17 PM): mike anderson

quekeg (9:11:48 PM): damian says your an idiot

fiznizzy (9:12:03 PM): he must know everything

quekeg (9:12:08 PM): yep

roymichaels (9:12:20 PM): laabs gets Duce Staley

gravyfries (9:12:46 PM): kaboom

senormurray (9:12:51 PM): goes the dynamite

aaronkale (9:13:07 PM): M Bennett

aaronkale (9:13:40 PM): murray

senormurray (9:13:42 PM): witten

aaronkale (9:13:56 PM): roy

roymichaels (9:14:10 PM): gimme one sec

gravyfries (9:14:36 PM): Don't be givin' us this cryin' baby routine

roymichaels (9:15:16 PM): come on...

lemmerrj (9:15:28 PM): patience darling

roymichaels (9:15:54 PM): kerry collins

roymichaels (9:16:38 PM): i got him on the phone, one sec

ftmdls (9:16:56 PM): if it's my turn soon give me 30 secs.... one of my girls just got out of bed..... if i'm not back just pick...............

roymichaels (9:17:55 PM): crumpler

roymichaels (9:18:27 PM): and C Benson

aaronkale (9:18:48 PM): back to you roy

roymichaels (9:18:58 PM): I take JJ Arrington

senormurray (9:19:11 PM): joey touchdown

roymichaels (9:19:30 PM): wow, nice

fiznizzy (9:19:34 PM): haha

quekeg (9:19:40 PM): haha

aaronkale (9:19:43 PM): damn - i was going to take him

senormurray (9:19:47 PM): really did it just to piss kale off

aaronkale (9:19:52 PM): Ravens D

roymichaels (9:19:55 PM): beautiful

aaronkale (9:20:19 PM): were fine

roymichaels (9:20:20 PM): hey, at least you can keep them

aaronkale (9:20:32 PM): laabs

lemmerrj (9:20:43 PM): hahahahaha

roymichaels (9:20:50 PM): laabs get Barlow

aaronkale (9:21:13 PM): whammer

fiznizzy (9:21:38 PM): ok

fiznizzy (9:21:54 PM): fred taylor

quekeg (9:22:47 PM): Heap o shit

lemmerrj (9:23:03 PM): panic button on TEs

lemmerrj (9:23:15 PM): agreed

quekeg (9:23:20 PM): quiet poochie

aaronkale (9:23:28 PM): Burkle

quekeg (9:23:39 PM): he's looking

quekeg (9:23:55 PM): droughns

aaronkale (9:24:11 PM): fritz

roymichaels (9:24:35 PM): let's give him a sec, and we can all get ready for the next picks

aaronkale (9:24:59 PM): give him 20 secs

ftmdls (9:25:14 PM): pitt d?

aaronkale (9:25:23 PM): u got em

roymichaels (9:25:24 PM): yours if ya want 'em

quekeg (9:25:52 PM): burkle says your a trader.

roymichaels (9:25:56 PM): pooch, morris, morris, pooch

quekeg (9:26:06 PM): traitor

ftmdls (9:26:12 PM): I could have picked the bucs...

lemmerrj (9:26:48 PM): chris chambers

aaronkale (9:26:49 PM): poochie

aaronkale (9:26:52 PM): sorry

ftmdls (9:27:06 PM): Ladies, I have to go put me on auto pick.......

aaronkale (9:27:18 PM): okay

ftmdls (9:27:19 PM): burkle your gay.....

roymichaels (9:27:21 PM): got it

quekeg (9:27:27 PM): he knows

ftmdls (9:27:30 PM): OUT

fiznizzy (9:27:32 PM): gay

gravyfries (9:27:43 PM): Drew Bennett & Larry Johnson

fiznizzy (9:29:16 PM): choochie

lemmerrj (9:29:21 PM): A. Boldin

fiznizzy (9:29:25 PM): nice

roymichaels (9:30:43 PM): great, his next pick is a WR/RB, and there's no way to tell who's next in the preranks?

roymichaels (9:30:53 PM): an RB or a WR?

auntb (9:30:57 PM): RB

aaronkale (9:31:08 PM): thomas jones?

senormurray (9:31:11 PM): jerome bettis

gravyfries (9:31:12 PM): what's shark doing here?

roymichaels (9:31:15 PM): what's the long man doing?

fiznizzy (9:31:17 PM): beat it shark

andynewlove (9:31:19 PM): just pick

roymichaels (9:31:25 PM): bettis it is

quekeg (9:31:30 PM): take a nap shark

fiznizzy (9:31:40 PM): take a sip que

roymichaels (9:31:43 PM): watters

quekeg (9:31:56 PM): steve smith

lemmerrj (9:32:17 PM): morris, who were your picks?

roymichaels (9:32:19 PM): que, newly

quekeg (9:32:32 PM): jerry porter

andynewlove (9:33:12 PM): dirty coles

aaronkale (9:33:39 PM): Nice team Newlove

andynewlove (9:33:45 PM): damn right.

roymichaels (9:34:13 PM): wham, laabs, AK

fiznizzy (9:34:13 PM): am i up

aaronkale (9:34:19 PM): yes

fiznizzy (9:34:28 PM): issac bruce

gravyfries (9:34:32 PM): Poochie, I got D. Bennett & L. Johnson

aaronkale (9:34:52 PM): laabs

roymichaels (9:35:40 PM): R McMichael

aaronkale (9:36:01 PM): Lelie, A WR


aaronkale (9:36:20 PM): murray b

andynewlove (9:36:24 PM): balls, worst, pchs x 2

senormurray (9:37:08 PM): t jones

roymichaels (9:37:43 PM): me, Dallas Clark.

roymichaels (9:37:51 PM): I got brav on the phone, one sec

gravyfries (9:38:07 PM): Dallas?!

gravyfries (9:38:16 PM): Who Dat?

fiznizzy (9:38:20 PM): shut it morris

gravyfries (9:38:27 PM): Oh, that Dat Nguyen!

fiznizzy (9:39:16 PM): LANE DRINKS BEER

andynewlove (9:39:19 PM): large YYYYAAAWWWWWNNNNNNNNN

andynewlove (9:39:45 PM): I think its crap that people don't show, then get to take 3 times as long making picks

aaronkale (9:39:59 PM): agreed

fiznizzy (9:40:00 PM): yep

andynewlove (9:40:16 PM): 30 secs...then a warning...then auto pick, enough

roymichaels (9:40:35 PM): brav got caught up at a dinner

aaronkale (9:40:39 PM): we did this last year for Bravo

andynewlove (9:40:43 PM): not our prbolem

roymichaels (9:40:44 PM): almost there.

andynewlove (9:40:52 PM): deal with get jeff gaycia

lemmerrj (9:40:58 PM): yes

lemmerrj (9:41:11 PM): bravo gets gaycia

roymichaels (9:41:22 PM): Muhammad, M and...

andynewlove (9:41:22 PM): fucin a....lets go

roymichaels (9:41:44 PM): and S. Davis

lemmerrj (9:42:01 PM): Stephen Davis the RB?

andynewlove (9:42:02 PM): roy, balls, boom

roymichaels (9:42:05 PM): yep

roymichaels (9:42:49 PM): i take L Evans

andynewlove (9:43:18 PM): murrrr

roymichaels (9:43:25 PM): murr, ak, laabs, wham

senormurray (9:43:49 PM): mewelde moore

aaronkale (9:44:02 PM): Henry, T RB


aaronkale (9:44:30 PM): laabs

roymichaels (9:44:57 PM): he gets Vinatieri

aaronkale (9:45:11 PM): whammer

fiznizzy (9:45:18 PM): Driver, D WR

aaronkale (9:45:40 PM): newly

andynewlove (9:45:43 PM): Suggs, L RB

quekeg (9:46:11 PM): Plummer

quekeg (9:46:32 PM): Burkle....Frank Gore

lemmerrj (9:46:47 PM): i like that pick burks!

aaronkale (9:47:12 PM): fritz auto

roymichaels (9:47:31 PM): Johnson, E TE

quekeg (9:47:32 PM): keeper

andynewlove (9:47:52 PM): Whammer, your team so far:

roymichaels (9:47:54 PM): pooch, morrisx2, pooch

fiznizzy (9:48:03 PM): what about my team?

andynewlove (9:48:13 PM): name the starters

lemmerrj (9:48:15 PM): Jason Witten...yeah, fuck you morris!!

fiznizzy (9:48:27 PM): witten is gone

lemmerrj (9:48:32 PM): oh,

andynewlove (9:48:33 PM): witten was gone in round 3

lemmerrj (9:48:35 PM): oh

senormurray (9:48:43 PM): yeah.... i already took him:-S

aaronkale (9:48:57 PM): still, fuck you Morris

lemmerrj (9:49:03 PM): yeah

gravyfries (9:49:04 PM): ok

andynewlove (9:49:04 PM): the first emoticon has entered the building

fiznizzy (9:49:35 PM): pick

lemmerrj (9:49:42 PM): shut up....Wiggins

aaronkale (9:50:06 PM): Morris

gravyfries (9:50:07 PM): L.J. Smith and....

andynewlove (9:50:09 PM): morris x2

auntb (9:50:34 PM): updated:

gravyfries (9:51:06 PM): New England D

gravyfries (9:51:33 PM): I think I'm fucking a dog here...

roymichaels (9:52:02 PM): pooch, fritz, burk, que, newly

lemmerrj (9:52:08 PM): is blaxico still on the board?

fiznizzy (9:52:12 PM): yep

roymichaels (9:52:13 PM): y

lemmerrj (9:52:20 PM): Blaxico it is

quekeg (9:52:22 PM): nice

aaronkale (9:53:02 PM): Fritz

roymichaels (9:53:03 PM): poochie, open the shorty division.xls update. check out the availabe tab

lemmerrj (9:53:16 PM): got it, thanks

roymichaels (9:53:20 PM): elam

aaronkale (9:53:36 PM): burks

quekeg (9:53:37 PM): antonio bryant

lemmerrj (9:53:52 PM): awful

quekeg (9:54:15 PM): Santana Moss

andynewlove (9:54:40 PM): Bills D

roymichaels (9:54:41 PM): newly, wham

roymichaels (9:55:03 PM): wham, laabs, AK

fiznizzy (9:55:06 PM): Graham, D TE

aaronkale (9:55:42 PM): ATL D for Laabs?

roymichaels (9:55:46 PM): yep

aaronkale (9:56:06 PM): Smith, J


aaronkale (9:56:28 PM): Murray

senormurray (9:56:32 PM): donald driver

andynewlove (9:56:38 PM): gone

lemmerrj (9:56:41 PM): gone, murray, gone

senormurray (9:57:13 PM): sorry he was still on the kls. garson palmer

roymichaels (9:58:21 PM): I take Vanderjagt

roymichaels (9:58:24 PM): brav x 2

andynewlove (9:59:10 PM): c'mon brav,,,make up for making us wait all night for your sorry ass

thinkustink (9:59:45 PM): like you've got anything better to do.

thinkustink (9:59:52 PM): I'm playing catch up ball here.

andynewlove (10:00:03 PM): not our have 10 seconds

thinkustink (10:00:22 PM): I'll take all the seconds I need, Chief.

thinkustink (10:00:26 PM): Branch WR

lemmerrj (10:00:31 PM): wow, a delegator and an intimidator

thinkustink (10:01:03 PM): Brady QB

aaronkale (10:02:34 PM): roy

roymichaels (10:02:41 PM): TB D

senormurray (10:02:44 PM): houshmandzadeh

aaronkale (10:03:14 PM): Brooks, A QB


aaronkale (10:03:36 PM): laabs

roymichaels (10:04:03 PM): he gets duckett

gravyfries (10:04:10 PM): fuck

quekeg (10:04:11 PM): Hello

quekeg (10:04:22 PM): Just checking

andynewlove (10:04:34 PM): whammer

fiznizzy (10:04:40 PM): cards D

andynewlove (10:04:57 PM): david akers...

thinkustink (10:05:10 PM): The Gilded Toe

thinkustink (10:05:12 PM): damn

aaronkale (10:05:20 PM): Que

thinkustink (10:05:41 PM): That boy sure is a kickin' fool!

quekeg (10:05:50 PM): Rod Smith

quekeg (10:06:27 PM): Burkle.....Kennison

aaronkale (10:06:46 PM): Fritz

roymichaels (10:06:59 PM): M Faulk

lemmerrj (10:07:34 PM): i'm up?

andynewlove (10:07:38 PM): pooch, murr x 2, pooch

lemmerrj (10:08:06 PM): wow...i'm gonna regret this...but the garbage man aka...willie parker

andynewlove (10:08:33 PM): noooooooooooooooooo

aaronkale (10:08:37 PM): nice pick up

gravyfries (10:08:40 PM): I don't fuckin' believe pick before me

gravyfries (10:09:05 PM): Keenan McCardell and...

aaronkale (10:09:19 PM): he's been picking before you all night Morris

gravyfries (10:10:07 PM): Chris Perry

lemmerrj (10:10:22 PM): Carolina D

andynewlove (10:10:53 PM): fritz

roymichaels (10:11:17 PM): M Shipp

andynewlove (10:11:36 PM): burks, que

quekeg (10:11:40 PM): Philly D

quekeg (10:12:11 PM): Charles Rogers out there?

roymichaels (10:12:17 PM): y

quekeg (10:12:22 PM): sign him up

andynewlove (10:12:41 PM): chester taylor

roymichaels (10:12:57 PM): ins policy?

andynewlove (10:13:01 PM): yup

fiznizzy (10:13:45 PM): me, right

aaronkale (10:13:52 PM): whammer

fiznizzy (10:14:19 PM): J McCareins WR

roymichaels (10:15:07 PM): laabs get cooley

aaronkale (10:15:22 PM): why not Pittman?

roymichaels (10:15:34 PM): did i miss something?

andynewlove (10:15:54 PM): who is up?

aaronkale (10:15:55 PM): It doesn't matter, but Pittman was ranked higher

aaronkale (10:16:03 PM): I thought that was the default

aaronkale (10:16:09 PM): I don't want either

roymichaels (10:16:10 PM): i had cooley next, perharps i erased pittman?

roymichaels (10:16:22 PM): should he get the pitt?

aaronkale (10:16:27 PM): cooley is fine

andynewlove (10:16:29 PM): he gets cooley, who cares? kales' pick

roymichaels (10:16:32 PM): ok

aaronkale (10:16:39 PM): Hasselbeck, M QB


andynewlove (10:17:16 PM): did murray leave?

lemmerrj (10:17:21 PM): yup

roymichaels (10:17:24 PM): murray wants Janno

roymichaels (10:17:27 PM): he called shark

andynewlove (10:17:30 PM): ok

roymichaels (10:17:34 PM): me...

roymichaels (10:17:43 PM): one sec, i'm lost over here.

fiznizzy (10:17:58 PM): whose janno

lemmerrj (10:18:02 PM): GHB

lemmerrj (10:18:22 PM): fat, foreign, date rapist

thinkustink (10:18:25 PM): fun, fun stuff

thinkustink (10:19:00 PM): all admirable qualities

quekeg (10:19:11 PM): Polish Pig

thinkustink (10:19:13 PM): except the foreign part

roymichaels (10:19:20 PM): I'm taking M. Jenkins

andynewlove (10:19:39 PM): brav x 2

thinkustink (10:19:46 PM): Lee Suggs still there?

lemmerrj (10:19:51 PM): nope

thinkustink (10:19:58 PM): Brandon Stokely

roymichaels (10:20:17 PM): yep

andynewlove (10:20:19 PM): good pick

thinkustink (10:20:30 PM): Kevin Curtis, STL

gravyfries (10:20:49 PM): racist

thinkustink (10:21:05 PM): Is Curtis white too?

roymichaels (10:21:12 PM): honky

roymichaels (10:21:18 PM): PCHS living up to the name?

andynewlove (10:21:19 PM): cheeeeedddar wwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

gravyfries (10:21:22 PM): Bravo, what do you have against black people...HATE CRIMES!

thinkustink (10:21:36 PM): Never seen the man. All I know is he's my SLEEPER

thinkustink (10:21:49 PM): I love my black brothers and sisters

roymichaels (10:21:56 PM): I take Delhomeboy

thinkustink (10:22:08 PM): As long as they leave me the hell alone.

andynewlove (10:22:28 PM): murrrr

roymichaels (10:22:32 PM): he's gone.

andynewlove (10:22:32 PM): booom

gravyfries (10:22:37 PM): kaboom

roymichaels (10:22:46 PM): indy D for Murr

lemmerrj (10:22:54 PM): can he still fuck the dog?

andynewlove (10:23:09 PM): boom, laabs, petes

aaronkale (10:23:09 PM): Williamson, T WR


aaronkale (10:23:24 PM): laabs

thinkustink (10:23:41 PM): Isaac Bruce. Is he still out there?

andynewlove (10:23:45 PM): no

roymichaels (10:24:00 PM): laabs get Brees

thinkustink (10:24:17 PM): How about Kevin Mack?

aaronkale (10:25:04 PM): whammer

fiznizzy (10:25:13 PM): pennington

lemmerrj (10:25:37 PM): panic button on backup QBs

andynewlove (10:25:55 PM): panic panic panic.....leftwich

quekeg (10:26:45 PM): david carr

quekeg (10:26:58 PM): panic

fiznizzy (10:27:23 PM): laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane

gravyfries (10:27:32 PM): To hell with that, I'm playing Trent Green on his bye week too...he's that good.

quekeg (10:27:35 PM): burkle.....eli maning

quekeg (10:27:40 PM): maning

lemmerrj (10:27:42 PM): hahhahaha

quekeg (10:27:50 PM): manning

aaronkale (10:27:55 PM): fritz

roymichaels (10:28:19 PM): mcnair

aaronkale (10:29:06 PM): lemmer

lemmerrj (10:29:10 PM): yeah, yeah, yeah

thinkustink (10:29:22 PM): give him Orlando Pace

lemmerrj (10:29:50 PM): (slams on panic button) Kyle Orten

aaronkale (10:30:57 PM): Morris x2

gravyfries (10:30:58 PM): Kurt Warner

gravyfries (10:31:08 PM): and...

thinkustink (10:31:34 PM): Is Warner still married to that one dude?

gravyfries (10:31:40 PM): Mark Clayton

thinkustink (10:31:41 PM): the Marine

lemmerrj (10:32:07 PM): she left him for her barber

thinkustink (10:32:23 PM): Loring Todd?

andynewlove (10:32:26 PM): poochie, just pick

lemmerrj (10:32:40 PM): S. Graham

andynewlove (10:33:03 PM): fritz gets dilfer

andynewlove (10:33:05 PM): ha

roymichaels (10:33:13 PM): he got Keyshawn

andynewlove (10:33:23 PM): equally bad

quekeg (10:33:30 PM): derrick blaylock

quekeg (10:33:42 PM): Jacksonville

andynewlove (10:34:03 PM): i'll take bubbbbba franks

fiznizzy (10:34:39 PM): i'll take LaBrandon Toefield RB

andynewlove (10:34:54 PM): Hopin LT gets killed?

andynewlove (10:35:07 PM): sorry, taylor

fiznizzy (10:35:12 PM): insurance

andynewlove (10:35:27 PM): gots it

roymichaels (10:35:36 PM): laabs got Givens

aaronkale (10:36:03 PM): Brown, J K


roymichaels (10:36:34 PM): murr called and wants R White... come on down, if the price is right

gravyfries (10:37:11 PM): Roddy will be on the waiver wire by week 3

roymichaels (10:37:27 PM): i take colbert

roymichaels (10:37:47 PM): brav x 2

thinkustink (10:38:02 PM): Buffalo D gone?

andynewlove (10:38:10 PM): yup

thinkustink (10:38:12 PM): How about the Jets?

andynewlove (10:38:23 PM): there

thinkustink (10:38:28 PM): take em

andynewlove (10:38:38 PM): and who?

thinkustink (10:38:52 PM): Jets and Boldin

andynewlove (10:39:03 PM): pooch got boldin

thinkustink (10:39:04 PM): Stover, K BAL

andynewlove (10:39:23 PM): cheds, balls, kale

quekeg (10:39:37 PM): Can the reserves be any position? Guessing it is a dumb question.

aaronkale (10:39:42 PM): yes

quekeg (10:39:49 PM): thank you

thinkustink (10:39:51 PM): How much longer is this crap going to take?

andynewlove (10:40:02 PM): 2 more picks (1 for brav

aaronkale (10:40:06 PM): we would have been done but we had to wait for someone...

andynewlove (10:40:16 PM): ROY?????

aaronkale (10:40:16 PM): ...every time their pick came up

thinkustink (10:40:27 PM): Yeah, I'm a diva like that

roymichaels (10:40:33 PM): hell, i'll take Pittman.

thinkustink (10:40:47 PM): I intentionally do shit like that just to piss you guys off.

andynewlove (10:40:49 PM): balls, kale, laabs

thinkustink (10:40:53 PM): I think it's hilarious

gravyfries (10:41:13 PM): Cadillacs don't break down Mike...that's a wasted pick

roymichaels (10:41:25 PM): Caddy's can't catch like Pittman

aaronkale (10:41:28 PM): Murray auto

andynewlove (10:41:36 PM): who does murray take...c'mon!

gravyfries (10:42:12 PM): I nominate Andy for most patient person during fantasy drafts.

roymichaels (10:42:15 PM): murr gets Galloway

aaronkale (10:42:18 PM): Rhodes, D RB

aaronkale (10:42:31 PM): starter next year in Indy

aaronkale (10:43:06 PM): Laabs auto

aaronkale (10:43:19 PM): needs WR

andynewlove (10:43:27 PM): fine, I'm impatient. Just CRAP that people don't show and it takes us 3 times as long for them to pick...

roymichaels (10:43:38 PM): he got Caldwell

gravyfries (10:44:14 PM): I agree with you...that's why I put you up for the award

andynewlove (10:44:24 PM): thank you, thank you....

aaronkale (10:44:26 PM): whammer

gravyfries (10:44:39 PM): It's a highly sought after award...almost like a Tony

fiznizzy (10:44:40 PM): ok

fiznizzy (10:45:10 PM): marcus pollard TE

andynewlove (10:45:16 PM): amani toomer

quekeg (10:45:46 PM): Davenport

quekeg (10:46:16 PM): Putzier for burkle

lemmerrj (10:46:20 PM): fuck

andynewlove (10:46:39 PM): fritz, pooch, morris x 2

roymichaels (10:47:06 PM): is that jeb or jud?

roymichaels (10:47:22 PM): fritz got M Robinson

lemmerrj (10:47:36 PM): Ryan Moats

gravyfries (10:47:47 PM): Jeff Wilkins

gravyfries (10:47:52 PM): and...

gravyfries (10:48:02 PM): William Green

lemmerrj (10:48:17 PM): Heath Miller

roymichaels (10:48:24 PM): Steelers!

gravyfries (10:48:31 PM): You mean Heather Miller

roymichaels (10:48:48 PM): fritz gets NYG D

lemmerrj (10:48:49 PM): waaaaaaaaaaahhh!

andynewlove (10:48:50 PM): poochie, i'm disappointed

quekeg (10:49:03 PM): Burkle Jeff Reed

quekeg (10:49:15 PM): Mike Nugent

lemmerrj (10:49:21 PM): i, i'll trade you willie parker and heath miller for jamal lewis if it'll make you feel better

quekeg (10:49:26 PM): Worst buckeye

andynewlove (10:49:31 PM): larry, don't call me lawrence tynes.

fiznizzy (10:49:52 PM): nate kaeding K

thinkustink (10:50:05 PM): anyone catch that FSU-Miami game last night?

roymichaels (10:50:17 PM): laabs got SEA D

andynewlove (10:50:20 PM): thank god...the Sloppy Joe's will thank you all in advance for putting us in the finals.

andynewlove (10:50:22 PM): OUT

thinkustink (10:50:32 PM): that's your boy

aaronkale (10:50:32 PM): Calico, T

aaronkale (10:50:57 PM): Murray

roymichaels (10:51:14 PM): balls take Cole Magner!

lemmerrj (10:51:19 PM): yeah!

thinkustink (10:51:22 PM): he just got cut...

roymichaels (10:51:58 PM): I take Matt Jones

roymichaels (10:52:10 PM): great white hope

aaronkale (10:52:18 PM): did you really give Murray Cole

aaronkale (10:52:19 PM): ?

roymichaels (10:52:33 PM): yes, he called and said it would be fun for his last pick.

thinkustink (10:52:36 PM): Murray probably requested it

thinkustink (10:52:40 PM): he loves that guy

aaronkale (10:52:48 PM): gotta love murray

thinkustink (10:52:54 PM): man crush

roymichaels (10:53:38 PM): brav, last pick?

aaronkale (10:53:47 PM): Bravo, with the last pick...

thinkustink (10:53:51 PM): Jacobs, NYG... still there?

thinkustink (10:53:56 PM): RB

aaronkale (10:54:03 PM): yep

thinkustink (10:54:08 PM): I'll take him

auntb (10:54:45 PM): laabs just tried callin me...don't know what for...

thinkustink (10:55:56 PM): I don't think I could have had a worse draft.

lemmerrj (10:56:02 PM): hahaaha

aaronkale (10:56:02 PM): talking to him right now

aaronkale (10:56:17 PM): Bravo, same here

lemmerrj (10:56:30 PM): bravo, it wasn't that bad...just look at fritzs

thinkustink (10:56:37 PM): I'm thoroughly dissatisfied.

thinkustink (10:57:13 PM): True. But he obviously has never seen a football game. You think I'd be getting the hang of this by now.

thinkustink (10:57:21 PM): Not my bag, baby!

roymichaels (10:57:45 PM): Cheddar-what?

thinkustink (10:57:57 PM): Mike Williams. Undrafted?

quekeg (10:58:00 PM): worst

roymichaels (10:58:05 PM): he's a lion, no good

roymichaels (10:58:12 PM): come on que, you like the BEST

quekeg (10:58:25 PM): never

quekeg (10:58:35 PM): My team is garbage

aaronkale (10:58:35 PM): How bout the #1 pick in the draft going undrafted?

roymichaels (10:58:51 PM): project, like Rivers and Manning last year

quekeg (10:59:06 PM): nevermind, it will smash

aaronkale (10:59:08 PM): Reach of the draft - Braylon Edwards in the 2nd round?

thinkustink (10:59:14 PM): Case in point. I don't understand this game. He's 6'12", has hands like glue, completely dominated in college at US f'n C, and yet, no one will touch him. What gives?

lemmerrj (10:59:16 PM): yikes

quekeg (10:59:20 PM): Fritz is stupid

lemmerrj (10:59:25 PM): hahahah

roymichaels (10:59:27 PM): or K Jones, at #4, schnarff

quekeg (10:59:52 PM): eyye----ooooooohhhh

aaronkale (10:59:55 PM): I like him - he was along the same level as E James and J Lewis

quekeg (11:00:19 PM): Peace to the Nubians

aaronkale (11:00:19 PM): Besides, I recently learned not to take gafflin too seriously

roymichaels (11:00:29 PM): i don't understand

aaronkale (11:01:26 PM): you enjoy it more if you pick players you like and roll with them

roymichaels (11:01:51 PM): best pick of the draft (sleeper)?

roymichaels (11:02:15 PM): perhaps Murray and Mewelde Moore?

thinkustink (11:02:25 PM): That's why I kept Ron Mexico. I like having Ron Mexico on my team. I giggle every time I hear the name. I'm giggling now. Ron Mexico...

aaronkale (11:03:12 PM): Duff Madagascar

aaronkale (11:03:23 PM): what is your name Bravo?

thinkustink (11:03:25 PM): That's classic.

thinkustink (11:03:30 PM): Danny Georgia.

roymichaels (11:03:34 PM): Mewelde becomes Kurt Aruba, I think I like Mewelde better.

thinkustink (11:03:41 PM): Roids has Alfred Monaco.

thinkustink (11:03:43 PM): best

roymichaels (11:04:08 PM): best Rudi Johnson becomes Pavel Paraguay

thinkustink (11:04:14 PM): see you boys later.

roymichaels (11:04:21 PM): late

thinkustink (11:04:33 PM): PigskinSquad!

roymichaels (11:05:37 PM): i'm out too. BEST!

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