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Draft - Transcript



auntb (8:58:33 PM): Kickers must be gearing up

slam_hounder (8:58:47 PM): boot

redpop19 (8:59:43 PM): I don't know who gave yor brother his BABA team this year but for god's sake, half his hits are home runs.

shubird (8:59:55 PM): let's get it started

auntb (9:00:04 PM): Kickers take...

shubird (9:00:10 PM): ready

auntb (9:00:38 PM): give us your best shot

slam_hounder (9:00:41 PM): edge

auntb (9:00:51 PM): yes!

shubird (9:00:56 PM): L. Tomlinson

redpop19 (9:01:18 PM): Is it pickin time?

auntb (9:01:25 PM): scatman takes S Alexander

auntb (9:01:32 PM): Colemans on the clock

the_d_regis (9:01:44 PM): The Reverend Holmes.

the_d_regis (9:01:46 PM): Priest that is

auntb (9:02:23 PM): Roosters up

bursiek (9:02:27 PM): Edgerrin

shubird (9:02:35 PM): nice pick

mrbeaks (9:02:51 PM): Awful. Horrible. He'll never amount to anything in this league!

auntb (9:02:51 PM): Pops is up

redpop19 (9:03:20 PM): I guess I'll have to take Lawerence Taylor, did I miss something here?

slam_hounder (9:03:41 PM): giants d?

redpop19 (9:03:46 PM): LT

auntb (9:03:59 PM): yea, you missed the first pick to Lonely Kickers

redpop19 (9:04:01 PM): Ladanian

slam_hounder (9:04:02 PM): he's retired

redpop19 (9:04:23 PM): duece then

bursiek (9:04:51 PM): is duece a refugee?

bursiek (9:04:58 PM): holed up in teh superdome

auntb (9:05:00 PM): Weeds take Jamal Lewis

auntb (9:05:02 PM): slam up

redpop19 (9:05:03 PM): no a US citizen

slam_hounder (9:05:10 PM): Portis

redpop19 (9:05:35 PM): no home games = many yards

slam_hounder (9:06:12 PM): shark, you're up

auntb (9:06:21 PM): just a sec

bursiek (9:06:22 PM): unless your Wisconsin's running back

auntb (9:07:08 PM): dirty Tiki Barber

auntb (9:07:20 PM): Large Men on the clock

mrbeaks (9:07:24 PM): Worst.

mrbeaks (9:07:54 PM): No way I'm taking Green again. Give me Moss.

redpop19 (9:08:07 PM): santana right

mrbeaks (9:08:13 PM): Of course.

shubird (9:08:20 PM): sleeper

redpop19 (9:08:54 PM): who's up

pearbods (9:09:03 PM): don't know

pearbods (9:09:06 PM): shu????

auntb (9:09:07 PM): guessin yhames meant Randy (i hope not)

mrbeaks (9:09:10 PM): I did.

redpop19 (9:09:11 PM): runs house

auntb (9:09:22 PM): Salt Dogs take A Green

auntb (9:09:27 PM): Davon is up

the_d_regis (9:09:55 PM): doesn't salt get to picks? isn't he the swing?

auntb (9:09:57 PM): i'm trying to periodically update the spreadsheet

the_d_regis (9:09:59 PM): two pics that is

auntb (9:10:08 PM): no, two exp teams get em

the_d_regis (9:10:15 PM): gotcha sorry

the_d_regis (9:10:16 PM): i suck

shubird (9:10:20 PM): haha

auntb (9:10:21 PM): Davon and the Coconut Kings are up

avondavey (9:10:42 PM): M Bennet I guess

mrbeaks (9:10:54 PM): Such enthusiasm.

avondavey (9:11:12 PM): I had green all locked and loaded

redpop19 (9:11:13 PM): I could feel it in his key strokes

auntb (9:11:16 PM): Pigeons

pearbods (9:11:20 PM): soory, i just got on...wait a sec

slam_hounder (9:11:21 PM): confindence

slam_hounder (9:11:33 PM): ugh

redpop19 (9:11:44 PM): you could tell he just hammered em down

redpop19 (9:12:00 PM): shoulda been all in caps

mrbeaks (9:12:16 PM): Ahman Green is a plague. Killed my shoulda-been championship season last year.

pearbods (9:12:28 PM): harrison, marvin

redpop19 (9:12:29 PM): just like Dirk, eh

mrbeaks (9:12:44 PM): Oy. Don't even get me started on HAHA.

bursiek (9:12:58 PM): There is no way Dirk is a keeper this year, his best friend is dead

bursiek (9:13:19 PM): he's hangin his head in '05/'06

auntb (9:13:37 PM): Pigeons, you wrap around for another pick -- Cocobutts on deck

slam_hounder (9:14:21 PM): crickets

pearbods (9:14:22 PM): is cadillac still around? if so, hes mine

redpop19 (9:14:30 PM): mic check

auntb (9:14:49 PM): Cocosluts are up

redpop19 (9:15:04 PM): cocosluts

avondavey (9:15:13 PM): T Owens

slam_hounder (9:15:13 PM): all CAPS

redpop19 (9:15:14 PM): ahh

auntb (9:15:16 PM): Remy, I been keepin my eye on Caddy, and they ain't good things

pearbods (9:15:39 PM): shark, don't talk negative

auntb (9:16:00 PM): i didn't say bad, just ain't good

redpop19 (9:16:08 PM): I think he's saying ya better draft Alstott next

pearbods (9:16:21 PM): navoo

slam_hounder (9:16:27 PM): or fred taylor

redpop19 (9:16:31 PM): him too

auntb (9:16:35 PM): Vonny D, the CocoNuts are on the clock

auntb (9:16:39 PM): how about Stephen Davis

redpop19 (9:16:43 PM): package deal

redpop19 (9:16:52 PM): how bout em

slam_hounder (9:16:59 PM): coco went

mrbeaks (9:17:04 PM): You can always draft a Pruitt.

avondavey (9:17:07 PM): T. Owens

redpop19 (9:17:14 PM): greg or mike

auntb (9:17:37 PM): Salt Dogs take C Brown, RB

auntb (9:17:51 PM): updated:

auntb (9:18:14 PM): VLM is up

mrbeaks (9:18:55 PM): Mo' McNabb

auntb (9:20:08 PM): Joe Horn is a Mouse

auntb (9:20:17 PM): slam, you're up

slam_hounder (9:21:04 PM): nate burelson

auntb (9:21:26 PM): Weeds take Favre -

auntb (9:21:29 PM): faygo is up

redpop19 (9:21:43 PM): that'd be Mike Clayton please

auntb (9:22:14 PM): Banty is on the clock

slam_hounder (9:23:04 PM): shark i have a twister to this keeper rule for next year

auntb (9:23:19 PM): a tornado? a brown hurricane?

redpop19 (9:23:25 PM): left foot red

slam_hounder (9:23:34 PM): nope, a funnel

redpop19 (9:23:41 PM): the toilet in laudy

pearbods (9:23:46 PM): Chad Phipps and I talked about the tornado at Blondies

redpop19 (9:24:06 PM): still got it on my phome

pearbods (9:24:09 PM): we we'rr hoping not to see it again

auntb (9:24:18 PM): any way you can get it off the phone?

auntb (9:24:28 PM): BANTY is up

redpop19 (9:24:32 PM): it comes up every time you call me

bursiek (9:24:34 PM): Kevin Barlow

auntb (9:24:43 PM): west side

mrbeaks (9:24:45 PM): "Kevan"

bursiek (9:24:52 PM): my bad

slam_hounder (9:24:59 PM): bad, he is

mrbeaks (9:25:02 PM): His mom's bad, too.

auntb (9:25:09 PM): Coleman on the clock (or the Gooch will come get ya)

bursiek (9:25:16 PM): cause he's from da pen

mrbeaks (9:25:17 PM): Best Gooch.

the_d_regis (9:25:18 PM): steve smith, carolina


auntb (9:25:44 PM): Scatman takes Hasselbeck

auntb (9:25:49 PM): Kickers are up

bursiek (9:25:57 PM): boooooooo

shubird (9:26:14 PM): r. mcmichael

pearbods (9:26:24 PM): horrible

chicagobart (9:26:39 PM): here

redpop19 (9:26:49 PM): I have to concur with the bods

auntb (9:27:02 PM): he'll be in jail soon

bursiek (9:27:04 PM): great, a bunch of double chatters are rollin up in here

redpop19 (9:27:10 PM): at least he can't keep him for next year

auntb (9:27:25 PM): Kickers have two picks --- that might have been a wise move

auntb (9:27:33 PM): considering Faygo's insight

shubird (9:27:47 PM): A. Boldin

auntb (9:27:49 PM): updated:

redpop19 (9:27:53 PM): fucker

bursiek (9:28:01 PM): Bart, Collins is Oaklands new QB. I know your sad about Gannon, but Kerry's a nice guy and should do a fine job

chicagobart (9:28:36 PM): it hurts rights here

auntb (9:28:37 PM): and funny enough, it's Bart's pick -- Go Kerry

slam_hounder (9:28:39 PM): his black teammates won't agree

chicagobart (9:29:00 PM): who next in the pre renk?

bursiek (9:29:02 PM): they're all stoned, they don't care

chicagobart (9:29:14 PM): im still getting my shit together

auntb (9:29:24 PM):

avondavey (9:29:29 PM): Is there any Argintina football (not soccer) players?

bursiek (9:29:36 PM): ain't dat da truth

slam_hounder (9:29:42 PM): #:-S

auntb (9:29:53 PM): yea, they play rugby

avondavey (9:30:16 PM): gonna get me one

slam_hounder (9:30:24 PM): gramatica

auntb (9:30:31 PM): which cheap one

redpop19 (9:30:35 PM): I think they all play defense

chicagobart (9:30:55 PM): e johnson

slam_hounder (9:30:59 PM): bill, or in argentina, jesus

redpop19 (9:31:19 PM): what position does he paly

redpop19 (9:31:22 PM): play

bursiek (9:31:27 PM): did slam just try to draft Jesus

chicagobart (9:31:28 PM): tight

slam_hounder (9:31:32 PM): eric

slam_hounder (9:31:39 PM): no, eric

bursiek (9:31:42 PM): I claim Moses

auntb (9:31:45 PM): Colemans

auntb (9:31:49 PM): up

bursiek (9:31:55 PM): and Peter

the_d_regis (9:32:13 PM): donald driver, gb

auntb (9:32:33 PM): Banty - pick your favorite seahawk

redpop19 (9:32:46 PM): take koren

bursiek (9:33:03 PM): he's a Vik, no love lost for that dirt

redpop19 (9:33:09 PM): ok take joe

bursiek (9:33:16 PM): I'll take Vick

slam_hounder (9:33:17 PM): vick?

redpop19 (9:33:18 PM): or largent

bursiek (9:33:34 PM): Curt Warner

bursiek (9:33:38 PM): Boz

redpop19 (9:33:44 PM): worst

auntb (9:33:47 PM): BOZ!

slam_hounder (9:34:00 PM): shark's pissed

slam_hounder (9:34:06 PM): ALL CAPS

bursiek (9:34:10 PM): seem pumped to me

redpop19 (9:34:14 PM): with authority

bursiek (9:34:18 PM): who wouldn't get pumped at the thought of Boz

auntb (9:34:30 PM): i am EXCLAIMING my :x for BOZ

redpop19 (9:34:41 PM): am i up shark?

auntb (9:34:47 PM): ype

slam_hounder (9:34:55 PM): ok, who picked what?

redpop19 (9:35:08 PM): give me JJ please

auntb (9:35:11 PM): banty picked Ron Mexico

avondavey (9:35:18 PM): I need an update too shark

auntb (9:35:24 PM): and who is this JJ?

slam_hounder (9:35:32 PM): arrington

auntb (9:35:37 PM): ah

slam_hounder (9:35:42 PM): i think faygo really likes the cards

redpop19 (9:35:50 PM): Jeff Arringotn, he used to catch for a tough Bobcat baseball squad

slam_hounder (9:36:15 PM): :-?

redpop19 (9:36:25 PM): Denny Green is just contagious ya know

auntb (9:36:27 PM): willow takes D Jackson - slam on the clock - update in 30 sec

auntb (9:36:52 PM):

redpop19 (9:36:59 PM): scratch away my man

slam_hounder (9:37:04 PM): larry johnson

the_d_regis (9:37:21 PM): dick

auntb (9:37:24 PM): grand-ma-ma?

slam_hounder (9:37:38 PM): regis, you get bettis and we can work a deal

redpop19 (9:37:46 PM): would've been better if it was Larry Sanders

the_d_regis (9:37:46 PM): nice!

the_d_regis (9:38:24 PM): how about i draft barry foster instead?

auntb (9:38:32 PM): Mice get....

auntb (9:39:41 PM): Duckett, T


avondavey (9:39:54 PM): is dunn hurt?

auntb (9:40:04 PM): VLM up

mrbeaks (9:40:08 PM): Fred Taylor

auntb (9:40:22 PM): i don't think Dunn is hurt -- they gave him last game off cuz of the hurricane

redpop19 (9:40:36 PM): Denzel

avondavey (9:40:45 PM): now why would you take duckett than?

auntb (9:40:49 PM): Salt Dogs take C Chambers

auntb (9:40:54 PM): tell him slam

redpop19 (9:41:15 PM): give him the chin scratcher

slam_hounder (9:41:18 PM): TDs

slam_hounder (9:41:26 PM): :-$

redpop19 (9:41:50 PM): not the shusher, the chin scratcher

auntb (9:42:38 PM): update:

slam_hounder (9:42:43 PM): [-(

slam_hounder (9:43:09 PM): you're welcome

redpop19 (9:43:34 PM): thanks for kickin them off, Slam

redpop19 (9:43:59 PM): I'm assuming that is what the thank you was for

slam_hounder (9:44:08 PM): i guess

redpop19 (9:44:12 PM): or you're welcome I mean

auntb (9:44:14 PM): Davon - you're up

avondavey (9:44:55 PM): Roy Williams

mrbeaks (9:45:05 PM): He's dead.

avondavey (9:45:16 PM): huh? really

auntb (9:45:19 PM): Remy - you've got two

auntb (9:45:30 PM): he just won a national championship

slam_hounder (9:45:31 PM): dead to mr. beaks

mrbeaks (9:45:32 PM): Yeah, but he's still got some football in him.

avondavey (9:45:43 PM): is he hurt?

pearbods (9:45:47 PM): Micheal Anderson

pearbods (9:45:48 PM): and

mrbeaks (9:46:07 PM): Far as I know he's the picture of health.

mrbeaks (9:46:09 PM): For a dead man.

redpop19 (9:46:17 PM): ha

pearbods (9:46:33 PM): Carolina de

redpop19 (9:46:37 PM): good shit

pearbods (9:46:38 PM): f

slam_hounder (9:46:47 PM): sleeper

auntb (9:47:38 PM): Davon - you're up

slam_hounder (9:47:40 PM): coco

mrbeaks (9:47:44 PM): crisp

slam_hounder (9:47:46 PM): we'll call you coco

avondavey (9:47:55 PM): Warrick Dunn

slam_hounder (9:48:04 PM): :-?

mrbeaks (9:48:08 PM): Dead, too.

redpop19 (9:48:16 PM): shark, what the hell. Take Dunn already

auntb (9:48:56 PM): Salt Dogs take Duce Staleyupdated:

mrbeaks (9:49:03 PM): TB and Yanks tied in the 8th? Go Rays!

slam_hounder (9:49:08 PM): rays

auntb (9:49:16 PM): Rays? gotta turn em on!

avondavey (9:49:25 PM): Damon Hollins... Good Player

slam_hounder (9:49:30 PM): shark, is right on about the rays

slam_hounder (9:49:41 PM): even when you are drunk

mrbeaks (9:49:46 PM): Rays got sneaky kinda good.

redpop19 (9:50:00 PM): cause lou stopped managing

slam_hounder (9:50:09 PM): they need a leadoff hitter

redpop19 (9:50:14 PM): patterson

redpop19 (9:50:20 PM): definitely

auntb (9:50:26 PM): VLM up

auntb (9:50:29 PM): updated:

mrbeaks (9:50:32 PM): Dallas Clark.

auntb (9:52:12 PM): Mice take...

redpop19 (9:52:17 PM): who's up?

auntb (9:53:27 PM): Brown, R RB


slam_hounder (9:53:29 PM): :-B

slam_hounder (9:53:44 PM): stephen davis

auntb (9:54:11 PM): you would

auntb (9:54:38 PM): Weeds take L Coles

shubird (9:54:39 PM): marlins win!!

avondavey (9:55:01 PM): Willows getting all the hurt players right?

redpop19 (9:55:04 PM): Ismeal

bursiek (9:55:06 PM): Red Sox just won as well

slam_hounder (9:55:12 PM): beast

redpop19 (9:55:26 PM): am I up

auntb (9:55:38 PM): faygo, who is Ismeal?

bursiek (9:55:38 PM): dirty Astros

redpop19 (9:55:44 PM): Valdez

redpop19 (9:55:49 PM): Marlins

redpop19 (9:55:58 PM): is it my pick

auntb (9:55:58 PM): you draftin him?

auntb (9:56:02 PM): yep

slam_hounder (9:56:08 PM): oswalt looked tough earlier

redpop19 (9:56:11 PM): I'll take Branch

bursiek (9:56:19 PM): can I get an updated list?

bursiek (9:56:25 PM): spreadsheet that is

slam_hounder (9:56:36 PM): smoke break

avondavey (9:56:49 PM): Whens Huddy pitching next?

slam_hounder (9:56:54 PM): soon

chicagobart (9:56:58 PM): quit yer bedwettin bird

slam_hounder (9:57:09 PM): 2x in the finals next week

auntb (9:57:10 PM):

redpop19 (9:57:24 PM): I"m tellin ya Slam, if Roy beats me which I"m sure he will, ya got no chance

avondavey (9:57:30 PM): He's your boy

redpop19 (9:57:50 PM): every other hit is a home run

redpop19 (9:58:21 PM): I don't know if you'll hold them off this week or not

bursiek (9:58:22 PM): am I up?

auntb (9:58:31 PM): yep

bursiek (9:58:33 PM): Baltimore D

auntb (9:58:59 PM): Coleman up

the_d_regis (9:59:02 PM): Pittsburgh "The Big Nasty D"

auntb (9:59:38 PM): ScatMan is up

the_d_regis (9:59:57 PM): drew bennet

chicagobart (9:59:58 PM): pats d

slam_hounder (10:00:06 PM): you are probably right, faygo

the_d_regis (10:00:07 PM): whoops, sorry about bennet

redpop19 (10:00:42 PM): thought you took the Burgh

the_d_regis (10:00:46 PM): i did

auntb (10:00:49 PM): Shu, take 2

shubird (10:00:59 PM): shockey

the_d_regis (10:01:03 PM): i meant to type it elsewhere...

pearbods (10:01:33 PM): shu, take dilfer

redpop19 (10:01:35 PM): shu's team will block the shit out of you

shubird (10:01:49 PM): c. palmer

shubird (10:02:29 PM): bungholes

auntb (10:02:51 PM): ScaTman up

avondavey (10:02:55 PM): My Bobby Simmons super sleeper pick is next, you boys are gonna be shaking your head when I pick him, just you wait...

chicagobart (10:03:03 PM): any updated list

redpop19 (10:03:06 PM): ya got TE's flankin both sides, run the wishbone

chicagobart (10:03:10 PM): ?

auntb (10:03:23 PM): quit your bed wettin

auntb (10:03:23 PM):

chicagobart (10:04:01 PM): Bruce, I


shubird (10:04:17 PM): one might be in jail

auntb (10:04:21 PM): Coleman

the_d_regis (10:04:40 PM): i guess my drew bennet typo stands. i'll take 'em

shubird (10:04:50 PM): he's a keeper

redpop19 (10:04:51 PM): kept

auntb (10:05:05 PM): a "kept man"

the_d_regis (10:05:05 PM): double shit hold on

the_d_regis (10:05:42 PM): stokley?

redpop19 (10:05:52 PM): that's always a shitty feeling, one moment you're stealing the draft, the next you're fumbling through papers

slam_hounder (10:06:15 PM): :-&

the_d_regis (10:06:24 PM): it's hard to sit in a dark, drafting and trying to hold an 11 month old who won't go to sleep

mrbeaks (10:06:26 PM): :o)

the_d_regis (10:06:39 PM): dammit

auntb (10:06:59 PM): is that Stokley for sure w/o a ?

shubird (10:07:01 PM): :-c

the_d_regis (10:07:17 PM): for sure if available

auntb (10:07:21 PM): got him

auntb (10:07:45 PM): BANTY UP

bursiek (10:07:48 PM): cedric benson

auntb (10:08:04 PM): 19-Centers

slam_hounder (10:08:09 PM): X-(

redpop19 (10:08:58 PM): lelie

mrbeaks (10:09:06 PM): Damn.

slam_hounder (10:09:08 PM): #:-S

auntb (10:09:51 PM): Weeds take R Droughns

mrbeaks (10:09:59 PM): Ooof!

auntb (10:10:00 PM): slam

auntb (10:10:04 PM): lol

slam_hounder (10:10:48 PM): lee evans

redpop19 (10:10:56 PM): just a sec, he's wiping his brow

auntb (10:12:04 PM): remy's calling -- murray's calling -- just a minute

auntb (10:13:57 PM): ok

auntb (10:14:02 PM): gimme a sec and the mice will pick

slam_hounder (10:14:07 PM): ok

redpop19 (10:14:28 PM): what'd ya ask remy?

pearbods (10:14:49 PM): tell him his team is terrible

redpop19 (10:14:58 PM): ahh

slam_hounder (10:15:01 PM): ok

pearbods (10:15:03 PM): he hung up on me

slam_hounder (10:15:06 PM): ooff

auntb (10:15:42 PM): Smith, J WR


auntb (10:16:08 PM): VLM is up

auntb (10:16:13 PM):

mrbeaks (10:16:21 PM): Buffalo D.

auntb (10:16:53 PM): salt dogs take R Longwell

auntb (10:17:08 PM): Davon -- who's the sleeper?

pearbods (10:17:23 PM): zzz

slam_hounder (10:17:29 PM): gramatica

mrbeaks (10:17:35 PM): RACKERS!

redpop19 (10:17:52 PM): I think he wants to take Bennett

redpop19 (10:17:54 PM): again

auntb (10:18:06 PM): ERIC MILTON

avondavey (10:18:13 PM): not yet Im taking the #1 rated kicker cuase I'm the only won with any Smarts. Vinatieri, A. That master

slam_hounder (10:18:16 PM): taken

redpop19 (10:18:29 PM): he was

avondavey (10:18:38 PM): on the list

auntb (10:18:48 PM): shit -- my bad -- Vinateri is on teh Salt Dogs, not Longwell

slam_hounder (10:18:55 PM): what?

slam_hounder (10:19:01 PM): just kidding

redpop19 (10:19:09 PM): nice ESP

auntb (10:19:25 PM): spreadsheet is updated:

redpop19 (10:19:44 PM): so did you just kill Davon's sleeper pick

slam_hounder (10:19:49 PM): coco

avondavey (10:19:51 PM): what team is Elam on?

auntb (10:20:00 PM): Broncos, right/

slam_hounder (10:20:00 PM): denver

avondavey (10:20:08 PM): I got a bronco

avondavey (10:20:19 PM): Akers?

auntb (10:20:26 PM): Remy, take 2

mrbeaks (10:20:28 PM): Want to be a farmer?

mrbeaks (10:20:39 PM): Here's a couple of Akers.

pearbods (10:20:47 PM): D. Mason?

auntb (10:20:56 PM): yhames, take it to Pauly Shore's house

slam_hounder (10:21:00 PM): desmond

avondavey (10:21:02 PM): well surprise me than

auntb (10:21:18 PM): Desmond is yours

auntb (10:21:37 PM): or is it Derrick? the WR

pearbods (10:21:41 PM): Derrick

slam_hounder (10:21:45 PM): oh

auntb (10:22:03 PM): desmond was some Michigan clown, i think

pearbods (10:22:17 PM): fat janikowski

slam_hounder (10:22:20 PM): #-o

auntb (10:22:43 PM): Vonny D - pick em

auntb (10:22:57 PM):

avondavey (10:23:15 PM): one sec.

redpop19 (10:24:23 PM): is it Shark's pick?

slam_hounder (10:24:35 PM): coco's

auntb (10:24:38 PM): Kokoknuts

slam_hounder (10:25:04 PM): oooh, ooooh, aaahh, aaahh

avondavey (10:25:06 PM): D Graham

pearbods (10:25:07 PM): Buffy

redpop19 (10:25:37 PM): who's up

slam_hounder (10:25:46 PM): salty

auntb (10:26:31 PM): Atl D for Salty

auntb (10:26:39 PM): VLM is up

mrbeaks (10:26:43 PM): I'm going to take it to the Housh!

mrbeaks (10:27:09 PM): Houshmandzadeh.

auntb (10:27:18 PM): Mice on the clock

redpop19 (10:28:33 PM): tick tick tick

auntb (10:28:33 PM): M Faulk

auntb (10:28:36 PM): why the hell not

redpop19 (10:28:47 PM): indeed

slam_hounder (10:28:56 PM): kerry collins

auntb (10:29:04 PM): especially seeing that pick

auntb (10:30:00 PM): Willow moved to Kansas to become a farmer, so guess who he chose

slam_hounder (10:30:16 PM): danny farmer

redpop19 (10:30:33 PM): jolley

the_d_regis (10:30:34 PM): ha! nice

auntb (10:31:05 PM): BANTY ON

redpop19 (10:31:26 PM): who'd willow take

avondavey (10:31:29 PM): hey no shit that was my bob simmons ss! I just liked the name nice pick faygo

avondavey (10:31:37 PM): jolley

auntb (10:31:43 PM): willow took Akers

redpop19 (10:31:57 PM): I just wanted to make you type it Shark

auntb (10:32:05 PM):

auntb (10:32:08 PM): boooo

slam_hounder (10:32:19 PM): what team does jolley play for?

avondavey (10:32:27 PM): jets

slam_hounder (10:32:30 PM): oh

auntb (10:32:41 PM): OTIS

redpop19 (10:32:42 PM): raiders maybe, that;s not my pick though

bursiek (10:33:19 PM): h/o

redpop19 (10:33:59 PM): I didn't mean to pick Jolley, if it was my turn

slam_hounder (10:34:03 PM): ok

redpop19 (10:34:09 PM): was it

slam_hounder (10:34:14 PM): yep

slam_hounder (10:34:19 PM): you're up

redpop19 (10:34:26 PM): I'll take McNair then

bursiek (10:34:38 PM): Kennison

bursiek (10:34:50 PM): E,

redpop19 (10:35:34 PM): sorry to let ya down Davon, watch him have a huge year now

slam_hounder (10:36:34 PM): regis, you're up. baby asleep yet?

auntb (10:36:46 PM):

the_d_regis (10:36:47 PM): yep. LJ Smith, TE Eagles

the_d_regis (10:37:13 PM): sorry. two babies, two cribs, one screams and all hell breaks loose

auntb (10:37:35 PM): do you have two tv's with Steelers highlights running nostop?

auntb (10:37:38 PM): SCATMEN UP

the_d_regis (10:38:01 PM): :D

chicagobart (10:38:19 PM): nug

chicagobart (10:38:29 PM): nugent

pearbods (10:38:36 PM): brutal

slam_hounder (10:38:45 PM): =D>

pearbods (10:38:54 PM): he is a luckeye

auntb (10:38:55 PM): kickers think twice

shubird (10:39:03 PM): jets D

shubird (10:39:40 PM): P. Burress

pearbods (10:39:52 PM): ZZZZZ..sleepy

auntb (10:41:11 PM): SCATMAN

redpop19 (10:42:42 PM): 10:41

redpop19 (10:42:49 PM): 10:42

avondavey (10:42:50 PM): testing. I got knocked offline

slam_hounder (10:43:11 PM): (:|

chicagobart (10:43:27 PM): me again

redpop19 (10:43:33 PM): over/under on 10:44

slam_hounder (10:43:41 PM): over

redpop19 (10:44:03 PM): yep, your up

slam_hounder (10:44:07 PM): shhhh

chicagobart (10:44:09 PM): ben

redpop19 (10:44:23 PM): i took the under slam

the_d_regis (10:44:51 PM): my turn?

slam_hounder (10:44:53 PM): ben?

redpop19 (10:44:56 PM): think so

chicagobart (10:45:03 PM): dont make me come over there


redpop19 (10:45:04 PM): gentle

auntb (10:45:09 PM): Colemans uP

the_d_regis (10:45:11 PM): Fatboy Bettis

avondavey (10:45:25 PM): I have to have a res. qb and D right?

redpop19 (10:45:33 PM): no

redpop19 (10:45:46 PM): or should i say, yes

avondavey (10:45:53 PM): ok

auntb (10:46:00 PM): a Def starts for you, but do not need a res QB

auntb (10:46:11 PM): BANTY up

redpop19 (10:46:20 PM): my posse

auntb (10:46:25 PM):

redpop19 (10:46:27 PM): 's on broadway

bursiek (10:47:06 PM): vanderjagt

redpop19 (10:47:33 PM): on me

auntb (10:47:35 PM): Faygo, add to your posse

redpop19 (10:47:46 PM): colts D

auntb (10:49:22 PM): Willow takes NYG

auntb (10:49:24 PM):

auntb (10:49:41 PM): Slam up

slam_hounder (10:50:25 PM): mewelde moore

slam_hounder (10:51:30 PM): duce fell to the #9 pick in the other league?

slam_hounder (10:51:33 PM): mcalister

redpop19 (10:52:20 PM): who's up

auntb (10:52:26 PM): Rogers, C WR


auntb (10:52:27 PM): MICE

redpop19 (10:52:27 PM): as the other draft is done

auntb (10:52:54 PM): VLM up

mrbeaks (10:52:56 PM): Travis Henry

auntb (10:53:18 PM): the proverbial flyer has been takne

auntb (10:53:28 PM): Salt = T Jones RB

auntb (10:54:20 PM): C Kings UP

avondavey (10:54:30 PM): Detroit Defence, suit up Benny Wallace!

pearbods (10:55:01 PM): tampa bay d and kurt warner

shubird (10:55:27 PM): he still plays

shubird (10:55:43 PM): i mean they still play d

auntb (10:55:49 PM): Davon, up again

pearbods (10:55:56 PM): ask shark

pearbods (10:56:10 PM): they say its the GREATEST DE ever

auntb (10:56:17 PM): i think they're involved in the Caddy scandal

avondavey (10:56:20 PM): I need a 20 sec.

auntb (10:56:25 PM): you got it

auntb (10:56:31 PM):

avondavey (10:57:19 PM): Keyshawn Johnson still alive?

auntb (10:57:26 PM): yep

slam_hounder (10:57:30 PM): mr. beaks?

auntb (10:57:41 PM): available

slam_hounder (10:57:49 PM): dead?

avondavey (10:57:55 PM): one more min.

mrbeaks (10:58:08 PM): Davon still on the clock?

slam_hounder (10:58:16 PM): i hope not

avondavey (10:58:32 PM): why can I nopt cheat and look at the whole short div. draft?

auntb (10:58:54 PM): ask em -- don't know why it matters

avondavey (10:59:08 PM): did anybody draft keyshawn?

auntb (10:59:17 PM): NO

redpop19 (10:59:18 PM): you did about 5 min ago

avondavey (10:59:27 PM): so hes dead

avondavey (10:59:32 PM): alright

mrbeaks (10:59:35 PM): Yes. He's dead. And yours.

mrbeaks (10:59:37 PM): My pick?

avondavey (10:59:43 PM): no

auntb (10:59:47 PM): davon, taking Keyshawn? cmon...

slam_hounder (10:59:53 PM): 5

slam_hounder (10:59:54 PM): 4

slam_hounder (10:59:55 PM): 3

slam_hounder (10:59:56 PM): 2

slam_hounder (10:59:57 PM): 1

avondavey (11:00:09 PM): caldwell

avondavey (11:00:11 PM): rod

avondavey (11:00:18 PM): Ill take him

slam_hounder (11:00:23 PM): caldwell?

auntb (11:00:36 PM): salt takes M SHipp

auntb (11:00:39 PM): VLM up

mrbeaks (11:00:47 PM): Leftwich

auntb (11:01:29 PM): Mice up - one min

auntb (11:03:50 PM): Johnson, Key WR


slam_hounder (11:04:04 PM): rod smith

auntb (11:04:50 PM): weeds take Pittman

auntb (11:05:45 PM):

slam_hounder (11:05:59 PM): faygo's up

redpop19 (11:06:08 PM): kaeding

bursiek (11:06:45 PM): S. Moss

the_d_regis (11:08:16 PM): anyone draft Keenan "Ivory" McCardell yet?

auntb (11:08:39 PM): nope

the_d_regis (11:08:45 PM): dibs

shubird (11:08:55 PM): 1 sec

slam_hounder (11:09:02 PM): course, murray taking cole magner

auntb (11:09:12 PM): Scatman up

auntb (11:09:26 PM):

chicagobart (11:09:36 PM): onesec

chicagobart (11:10:35 PM): Cooley, C


auntb (11:10:56 PM): Shu for two

redpop19 (11:11:51 PM): how many more rounds

shubird (11:11:55 PM): j gaffney

slam_hounder (11:12:07 PM): 4 more

shubird (11:12:30 PM): toledo's own c. taylor

redpop19 (11:12:32 PM): seriously

slam_hounder (11:12:44 PM): good pick

auntb (11:12:56 PM): Scatman back for more

chicagobart (11:13:03 PM): Colbert, K


auntb (11:13:55 PM): COLEMANS - stay away from the bike shop

the_d_regis (11:14:17 PM): don' touch me there.

the_d_regis (11:15:03 PM): let's go w/ Randle El...

the_d_regis (11:15:06 PM): what the hell?

the_d_regis (11:15:28 PM): he couldn't possibly drop more passes that Plaxico could he?

slam_hounder (11:15:36 PM): right

slam_hounder (11:15:46 PM): banty

chicagobart (11:15:51 PM): mike jones

chicagobart (11:15:55 PM): who

bursiek (11:15:55 PM): Willie Green

redpop19 (11:16:23 PM): troy williamson

the_d_regis (11:16:54 PM): i thought he'd drop...damn you faygo

auntb (11:17:02 PM): Weeds get M Hicks

redpop19 (11:17:30 PM): sorry, getting tired, have to accelerate my picks

auntb (11:17:45 PM): Slam up

slam_hounder (11:18:13 PM): braylan edwards

mrbeaks (11:18:28 PM): Bastard!

auntb (11:19:15 PM): McCareins, J WR


auntb (11:19:17 PM): MICE

mrbeaks (11:19:31 PM): Antonio Bryant

auntb (11:20:18 PM): Salt :

auntb (11:20:22 PM): Delhomme, J QB


auntb (11:20:39 PM): VONNY D

auntb (11:20:40 PM):

avondavey (11:20:40 PM): Jake Plummer

auntb (11:21:12 PM): NOLDS - take 2, they're small

pearbods (11:22:03 PM): Pearless price and J-ville de

pearbods (11:22:19 PM): is that right

slam_hounder (11:22:37 PM): sure

auntb (11:22:48 PM): Kings on clock

pearbods (11:23:00 PM): just making sure

avondavey (11:23:04 PM): N. Davenport

auntb (11:23:10 PM): nice

slam_hounder (11:23:15 PM): dookie

auntb (11:23:29 PM): seriously - a good call if i should say so

slam_hounder (11:23:32 PM): davenpoop

slam_hounder (11:23:35 PM): yep

slam_hounder (11:23:37 PM): agree

avondavey (11:23:38 PM): thanks

auntb (11:24:01 PM): your the birthday boy today too, right?

auntb (11:24:08 PM): Salty - D Givens

avondavey (11:24:16 PM): 28 years young today

shubird (11:24:23 PM): congrats

mrbeaks (11:24:25 PM): VLM - Stover

slam_hounder (11:24:32 PM): almost the big 3 0

slam_hounder (11:24:36 PM): ooff

slam_hounder (11:24:44 PM): stover, good pick

bursiek (11:25:31 PM): c'mon nice

bursiek (11:25:33 PM): mice

auntb (11:25:49 PM): Philly D

the_d_regis (11:26:10 PM): i was wondering how long that was going to last

the_d_regis (11:26:18 PM): damn...philly D is high on my sheet

slam_hounder (11:26:22 PM): washington d for the first week

slam_hounder (11:26:25 PM): that's my pick

shubird (11:26:44 PM): nice strategery

mrbeaks (11:26:52 PM): Guys, I've got to run. I'll just defer to the default ranking for my last picks if that's okay.

slam_hounder (11:27:00 PM): ok

slam_hounder (11:27:01 PM): later

mrbeaks (11:27:04 PM): Cool.

auntb (11:27:05 PM): later Beaks!

mrbeaks (11:27:08 PM): See y'all!

pearbods (11:27:13 PM): seeeya

shubird (11:27:13 PM): peace

auntb (11:27:19 PM): who does Wash play?

slam_hounder (11:27:27 PM): daaaaaa bears

redpop19 (11:27:48 PM): who's up?

bursiek (11:27:53 PM): willow

auntb (11:27:54 PM): weeds - Pennington, C QB


redpop19 (11:28:05 PM): you sir are a bastard

auntb (11:28:19 PM):

auntb (11:28:26 PM): (that's my response to that)

redpop19 (11:28:54 PM): gimmie heath miller

auntb (11:28:59 PM): heather miller?

slam_hounder (11:29:07 PM): shut it

the_d_regis (11:29:11 PM): biatch

redpop19 (11:29:11 PM): please oh please

bursiek (11:29:29 PM): David Carr

bursiek (11:29:34 PM): sorry, he gone

auntb (11:29:44 PM): handsome fella, that david carr

redpop19 (11:29:45 PM): don't think so

bursiek (11:29:49 PM): strike that. I stay with Dave

bursiek (11:29:53 PM): not Duncan

auntb (11:30:15 PM): beware of spooge

the_d_regis (11:30:27 PM): Vikings D

auntb (11:31:06 PM): SCATTER

auntb (11:31:17 PM):

chicagobart (11:32:00 PM): Galloway, J


auntb (11:32:35 PM): 2 for shu

shubird (11:32:59 PM): j. brown k sea

shubird (11:33:54 PM): J. fargas oak

redpop19 (11:35:23 PM): next is...

avondavey (11:35:25 PM): testing

slam_hounder (11:35:30 PM): bart

chicagobart (11:35:34 PM): Ayanbadejo, O


the_d_regis (11:36:06 PM): F' it. Bledsoe

auntb (11:37:05 PM):

bursiek (11:37:06 PM): Marcus Robinson

redpop19 (11:37:48 PM): Dirty Griese

bursiek (11:37:56 PM): I'm out. I'll pick up my final spot tomorrow. Shark, you think the over/under on the Boise BG game will be around110???

auntb (11:38:13 PM): it better be, after a disappointing saturday

auntb (11:38:59 PM): willow - Parker, S WR


slam_hounder (11:39:10 PM): wiggins

auntb (11:39:50 PM): how come Bubba Franks ain't ranked higher?

slam_hounder (11:40:00 PM): don't know

auntb (11:40:41 PM): goin with Putzier, J TE


slam_hounder (11:40:46 PM): jeb

avondavey (11:41:05 PM): payback shark, he was next for me

auntb (11:41:41 PM): VLM up

auntb (11:41:51 PM): uh no

slam_hounder (11:41:59 PM): he gone. pick from list

auntb (11:42:00 PM): you weren't picking Jeb

redpop19 (11:42:56 PM): what's up

auntb (11:43:02 PM): VLM up

slam_hounder (11:43:04 PM): yhames gone

slam_hounder (11:43:09 PM): pick from list

auntb (11:43:10 PM): i see now

auntb (11:43:29 PM): fitting, cuz next is Lee Suggs

auntb (11:43:47 PM): salt = Patten, D WR


auntb (11:43:59 PM): Kings, take 1

slam_hounder (11:44:06 PM): koko

auntb (11:44:07 PM): and get one in the hopper

slam_hounder (11:44:48 PM): crickets

avondavey (11:44:56 PM): is Jolley the Jet still available

slam_hounder (11:45:02 PM): yes

avondavey (11:45:13 PM): super sleeper

slam_hounder (11:45:22 PM): he's yours

auntb (11:46:20 PM): Remy - two shots of FAFA to put you to sleep

pearbods (11:46:28 PM): curry and mili

slam_hounder (11:46:51 PM): koko

pearbods (11:46:58 PM): am i done

auntb (11:47:08 PM): yep -

pearbods (11:47:10 PM): good..good night

avondavey (11:47:23 PM): J. Galloway

slam_hounder (11:47:32 PM): taken

shubird (11:47:37 PM): shark will see ya in the loser's bracker

avondavey (11:48:11 PM): S. Parker

auntb (11:48:16 PM): from way up high in FAFA BOWL VII

redpop19 (11:48:29 PM): taken

shubird (11:48:29 PM): with the last pick of the 2005 draft, lonely kickers select..............

auntb (11:48:31 PM): Smush Parker?

pearbods (11:48:41 PM): omar

auntb (11:49:30 PM): salty Seattle DEF


avondavey (11:49:33 PM): the parker on the list

auntb (11:49:37 PM): VLM Cincinnati DEF


auntb (11:49:52 PM): Mice Longwell, R K


auntb (11:49:57 PM): Slam ?

avondavey (11:50:20 PM): am I done? can I be excused I got Big Brother to watch

slam_hounder (11:50:22 PM): j kasay

auntb (11:50:33 PM): remy, i am surprised you don't know S Parker

pearbods (11:50:51 PM): who is he

auntb (11:50:55 PM): wait - Davon --

auntb (11:51:01 PM): S Parker is on the Weeds

auntb (11:51:15 PM): Weeds also take Chicago D

auntb (11:51:18 PM): DAVON - REPICK

avondavey (11:51:23 PM): ok hold up

auntb (11:51:25 PM): Samie Parker of Oregon

pearbods (11:51:35 PM): Gang Green

pearbods (11:52:03 PM): Slam, are the yanks going to win the east

auntb (11:52:06 PM):

slam_hounder (11:52:18 PM): maybe

redpop19 (11:52:18 PM): can I pick, or shall I wait?

avondavey (11:52:22 PM): D Patton

auntb (11:52:50 PM): taken

auntb (11:53:09 PM): better wait or Davon may crush ya

avondavey (11:53:34 PM): Stallworth

auntb (11:53:47 PM): that works

redpop19 (11:53:55 PM): C. Fason is my final pick then. Night all.

auntb (11:54:01 PM): enjoy your bday night, vonny

shubird (11:54:02 PM): later

avondavey (11:54:10 PM): later

auntb (11:54:33 PM): Bird gets the Arizona D

auntb (11:54:44 PM): Colemans - Scat - Kickers

auntb (11:54:49 PM): lonely at the end

shubird (11:54:54 PM): always is

auntb (11:55:56 PM): D Regis? still there in baby land?

chicagobart (11:56:50 PM): me?

auntb (11:57:06 PM): REGIS!!

auntb (11:57:13 PM): bartleby, your next

the_d_regis (11:57:15 PM): sorry i got booted...wilkins

the_d_regis (11:57:18 PM): STL kicker

chicagobart (11:57:25 PM): heiden, s

auntb (11:57:51 PM): and the last pick of the 2005 Long Division draft....

shubird (11:58:07 PM): did anyone take R. Moss OAK??

shubird (11:58:21 PM): how about Mike williams det

auntb (11:58:27 PM): you didn't seriously think you could pull that one off...

chicagobart (11:58:35 PM): out

pearbods (11:59:02 PM): how about david boston

the_d_regis (11:59:36 PM): gentlemen as always it's been enjoyable....and long...but enjoyable. schnazzle!

pearbods (11:59:46 PM): good night

auntb (9/7/2005 12:00:42 AM): later philbin, enjoy the twin cities

the_d_regis (9/7/2005 12:00:55 AM):

auntb (9/7/2005 12:01:40 AM): you got Mike Williams, a new kicker

Yahoo! Messenger with Voice (9/7/2005 12:02:09 AM): slam_hounder has left the conference.

shubird (9/7/2005 12:02:15 AM): are the reserves stiff

shubird (9/7/2005 12:02:25 AM): you have to have certain reserves???

auntb (9/7/2005 12:03:00 AM): no - just 6 of any

shubird (9/7/2005 12:03:03 AM): k

auntb (9/7/2005 12:03:04 AM): that was only for auto draft

Yahoo! Messenger with Voice (9/7/2005 12:03:42 AM): the_d_regis has left the conference.

shubird (9/7/2005 12:03:44 AM): so williams is my keeper for next

shubird (9/7/2005 12:03:47 AM): yr

pearbods (9/7/2005 12:03:51 AM): i like my draft

shubird (9/7/2005 12:03:58 AM): quiet

pearbods (9/7/2005 12:04:03 AM): shark, how is work going

auntb (9/7/2005 12:04:09 AM): you better like it, cuz that's all you got

auntb (9/7/2005 12:04:44 AM): work's fine - gotta load rosters into yahoo - no time to talk work - gotsa sleep soon!

pearbods (9/7/2005 12:04:54 AM): good night bro

shubird (9/7/2005 12:04:57 AM): i'm out fellas

auntb (9/7/2005 12:05:01 AM): have a good one

shubird (9/7/2005 12:05:01 AM): g night

shubird (9/7/2005 12:05:03 AM): marlins

shubird (9/7/2005 12:05:05 AM): colts

shubird (9/7/2005 12:05:07 AM): kickers

auntb (9/7/2005 12:05:10 AM): rays

pearbods (9/7/2005 12:05:14 AM): yanks

auntb (9/7/2005 12:05:16 AM): bucs (?)

auntb (9/7/2005 12:05:17 AM): mice

auntb (9/7/2005 12:05:23 AM): falcons

pearbods (9/7/2005 12:05:23 AM): always

Yahoo! Messenger with Voice (9/7/2005 12:05:30 AM): shubird has left the conference.

Yahoo! Messenger with Voice (9/7/2005 12:05:33 AM): pearbods has left the conference.

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