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Draft - Transcript



quekeg: get out of here shark

aaronkale: Mike question, is the ss going to be updated as the draft rolls?

roymichaels: nope, i'm too stupid and lazy to do that

aaronkale: How can we tell who is available - just memory?

fiznizzy: or cross them off on paper

roymichaels: Whammer, I'm sorry, you do have a brain, aparently a large one w/ an idea like that.

fiznizzy: thanks, its a beer-brain right now

roymichaels: really, i've got to keep a ss for Shark, i can email that at certain times during the draft, or i think i can even send a file in a separate chat room.

aaronkale: Sorry, I was in this really sophisticated draft last week that was done via Yahoo and you picked your players and the website updated everything real time - it was really advanced I guess

fiznizzy: kale, take a nap

roymichaels: yer in da FAFA now, boy

aaronkale: Football Amish Fantasy Association?

quekeg: is murray trying to talk

fiznizzy: murray, quite time

andynewlove: you are so sofistamacated

roymichaels: Fargin' Arseholes Fargiin' Around

senormurray: is anyone hearing me? sorry i couldn't tell if it worked

aaronkale: Is a ss available on gafflin right now?

aaronkale: Can't hear Murray

roymichaels: i can't, i got tunes on.

fiznizzy: not hearing murray

fiznizzy: tunes on here also

quekeg: are the tunes murray's old rap albums?

quekeg: better be

fiznizzy: mix here

fiznizzy: oh wait, travis henry will not play this sunday.....MCGAHEE

quekeg: why

fiznizzy: stinger

aaronkale: Mcgahee has looked great so far

roymichaels: correct me if i be wrong, but we all draft 15 right (QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 WR/RB, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF, 6 Res)

fiznizzy: draft 13, got 2 keepers

roymichaels: tru dat

fiznizzy: as anyone tried the new skoal apple flavor?

roymichaels: no, good

fiznizzy: not bad, if you like them apples

fiznizzy: nice change of pace from wintergreen

quekeg: burkle's here

andynewlove: who wants to hear murray anyway?

auntb: note...the kickers didn't make the'll have to pick one up and release a guy after the draft...unless you must draft one before hand

fiznizzy: can't i take one with my first pick?

auntb: go for it

fiznizzy: i hate shark

senormurray: come on. everyone knows you can't trust shark's pre-ranks!

andynewlove: whats the draft order?

fiznizzy: very true, the sneaky one is cheap


Long Division Short Division

1. Salt Dogs 1. Dor Von Dordoms

2. Scatman 2. Sloppy Joes

3. Willow Weeds 3. Right Balls

4. Very Large Men 4. Cheddar-Best

5. Pouch Mouse USA 5. Runnin' Terrorists

6. Lonely Kickers 6. Pipe Layers

7. Banty Roosters 7. Slippery Petes

8. Gary Colemans 8. PCHS-Pigskin Squad

9. 19-Cent Team 9. Yogurt Slingers

10. Hounder Pounders 10. Holcomb's Heroes



fiznizzy: beat it burkle

andynewlove: just wanted the list, my bd

fiznizzy: murray is crafty like that

senormurray: thanks

roymichaels: gimme about 5 or so to get all set, cool

fiznizzy: pouch mouse usa??? what is the usa doing in there?

auntb: voyeur

andynewlove: whos door pickin? I say Itula Mili for him

andynewlove: what time we got?

fiznizzy: voyeur??? whats that got to do with usa?

fiznizzy: lets be fair to dor, give him ross verba

auntb: beat it guys...good luck...see you in the FINALS!

auntb: GO MICE

quekeg: i guess laabs' internet is'nt working

quekeg: so he's out

fiznizzy: see ya

andynewlove: so what

andynewlove: is my conn

andynewlove: ded

andynewlove: heeer

andynewlove: sthil

andynewlove: lets go

quekeg: give him shane lechler?

fiznizzy: love, calm it, mcgahee style

andynewlove: i'm not on arizona time boy...lets go

roymichaels: what's the deal w/ laabs? plus, we've got brav still missin

fiznizzy: too bad for brav, they knew it was at 9

andynewlove: not the brav i'm workin caper again?

senormurray: true, lets get this going

andynewlove: seriously, 9:03

andynewlove: thats 2-3 picks

fiznizzy: heres brac

fiznizzy: bravo

quekeg: burkle was just talking to janny laabs and he has no internet connection

quekeg: take a nap janny

fiznizzy: janny is picking on sharks rankings, lets go

fiznizzy: let me throw my congrats to bravo real quick

andynewlove: 9:05

andynewlove: 9:04

roymichaels: i got 9:06, lets roll

andynewlove: so, pick for door

thinkustink: thanks, whammer. I can't believe I made it on time.

roymichaels: door is up and he gets Priest (again).

andynewlove: Tomlinson for me

senormurray: portis

fiznizzy: ha

roymichaels: i'll take Alexander

quekeg: ahman

roymichaels: that means laabs get the Deuce

roymichaels: dirty petes

fiznizzy: egde

quekeg: easy brooks

fiznizzy: sorry cant spell

roymichaels: brav is up

thinkustink: davis, stephen

aaronkale: J lewis

roymichaels: watters

andynewlove: dirty eddgiie

andynewlove: brav?

quekeg: fred taylor and

fiznizzy: newlove, you love edge

quekeg: moss

roymichaels: kale

aaronkale: Kevin Jones

fiznizzy: hahahahahah

thinkustink: t.o.

roymichaels: now you can't keep him.

thinkustink: terrell owens

aaronkale: thats okay

andynewlove: kale?

aaronkale: He wasn't going to come back around

roymichaels: 30 sec to, wham you're next

fiznizzy: daunte

roymichaels: laabs gets Marshall.

andynewlove: laabs up?

roymichaels: que

quekeg: dillon

roymichaels: i take harrison

roymichaels: Balls

roymichaels: in your mouth

senormurray: duece mcallister

quekeg: best song

fiznizzy: what, hes gone

quekeg: laabs

roymichaels: error #1

senormurray: pennington

quekeg: were you getting excited murray

roymichaels: joes

roymichaels: joes?

senormurray: sorry, i had harrison down and dirty roy took him right before me

fiznizzy: sloppy newlove??

fiznizzy: whats the hold up?

roymichaels: newlove machine is down, i just asked him to call kale

fiznizzy: ok

aaronkale: T Henry

thinkustink: could everyone list their keepers right now while we have some down time?

thinkustink: I'm trying to update my list.

fiznizzy: dom davis and mcgahee

aaronkale: Check Marks email

fiznizzy: its Marc

roymichaels: door is up, he gets barlow

roymichaels: and C Johnson

roymichaels: newlove?

aaronkale: Hold on

aaronkale: The Soldier

fiznizzy: hahah

aaronkale: Roids reinvite Newlove

andynewlove: i'm back

andynewlove: winslow is best

fiznizzy: who's up?

thinkustink: did he really draft Winslow? Might not be bad for the long run...

aaronkale: Murray

aaronkale: he did draft Winslow

senormurray: joe horn

roymichaels: i'm up, gimme a sec

andynewlove: i picked the messiah, who picked after that?

andynewlove: balls pick yet?

andynewlove: he's a keeper on my team

quekeg: brav, i kept darryl jackson and dirty bennett

fiznizzy: balls picked joe horn

quekeg: burkle had mcnabb and ward

thinkustink: what about Tony Dorsett? Did anyone keep him? He' good...

andynewlove: whos up? IM SUCKS FOR DRAFTS!!!

thinkustink: I just pulled up shark's email. Good tip, Kale...

fiznizzy: roy is up, but i don't know wheres he at

roymichaels: you guys there?

fiznizzy: yes

quekeg: yep

senormurray: pick

roymichaels: good, i'll take Heap

fiznizzy: ha

roymichaels: you like it, and you know it.

quekeg: chris brown

quekeg: best

senormurray: who the hell is chris brown?

fiznizzy: a suck---er

thinkustink: charlie's brother

roymichaels: what the fuck, alright, laabs get hassleback

thinkustink: Charlie's shorter, fatter, slower brother.

roymichaels: petes

fiznizzy: i take steve smith

quekeg: silence bravo

roymichaels: ooof!

roymichaels: brav

thinkustink: Tiki Barber

thinkustink: Is Tiki hurt? Or dead?

roymichaels: yogurt.

senormurray: just sucks

fiznizzy: no

thinkustink: Sucks I can live with.

fiznizzy: cum slingers?

aaronkale: Suggs

thinkustink: But dead men don't rush.

roymichaels: just plain yogurt

quekeg: burkle is pissed

quekeg: thomas jones and quintin griffin

thinkustink: Suggs... big sleeper?

roymichaels: he's up, does he want J Jackson?

quekeg: is that janet

aaronkale: Chambers

roymichaels: brav

thinkustink: Plaxico Burress

roymichaels: petees

fiznizzy: ok

fiznizzy: balti defense

quekeg: lol

quekeg: al

fiznizzy: look at point total last year

andynewlove: was wham the last pick?

quekeg: last year

fiznizzy: yes i was last pick

roymichaels: pipe layers get Moulds.

andynewlove: cool, i keep gettin kicked off

roymichaels: que

fiznizzy: ray ray for prez

quekeg: patriots

andynewlove: did que pick?

quekeg: new england

fiznizzy: hahaahahhahahah

quekeg: shut your face marcus black

andynewlove: roy up>?

andynewlove: g

roymichaels: one sec

andynewlove: crazy mutha fucka named gusto

andynewlove: fuck yo ma but the bitch was a big ho

thinkustink: I fucked your moms cuz the bitch is a big ho!

thinkustink: nice.

thinkustink: tandem rapping.

roymichaels: J. Jones - Dal

andynewlove: wik wik wak

senormurray: tj duckett

roymichaels: joes

andynewlove: koren robinson

senormurray: i'll fuck your sister i fucked your cat

thinkustink: I would fuck yo' mom, but the bitch is too fat

andynewlove: door x 2?

roymichaels: door is up

andynewlove: and.........

roymichaels: best, he loads up on aging RB's, C Martin and E George

roymichaels: joes

andynewlove: Javon "thank god we cut Tim Couch" Walker

senormurray: shockey

thinkustink: I think Couch got cut today.

senormurray: best

fiznizzy: ha

thinkustink: I could be wrong. I cut the tail end of something like that on Rome today.

quekeg: hahahahahaha

thinkustink: I caught the tail end, actually...

fiznizzy: rome is best, eh bravo?

andynewlove: he got cut yesterday, best!

thinkustink: I like the Pimp in the Box.

thinkustink: Happy Labor Day, Tim. You're cut.

fiznizzy: whose up?

quekeg: roids

fiznizzy: faster

roymichaels: i take a A. Brooks

fiznizzy: keg drinker is up

quekeg: charles rogers

roymichaels: laabs gets Garner

senormurray: never seen a piece a pussy that i didn't like. like to eat it. like to suck it. take a shit in a bucket

thinkustink: straight outta Locash

roymichaels: whamm, brav, kale, burkle, then a 5 min break

quekeg: ciggy time!!!!

fiznizzy: jerry porter

quekeg: nicer

thinkustink: Can Trent Green really still be available?

roymichaels: he's yours

quekeg: yes

thinkustink: I'll take Trent.... though he's gotta be hurt...

roymichaels: nope, he's ugly, but not hurt

roymichaels: kale

aaronkale: McNair

quekeg: bulger

roymichaels: take 5, cool?

fiznizzy: balitmore's defense is now primetime

thinkustink: Deion at the height of Prime Time: the most exciting player in the history of sports?

fiznizzy: he's gotta be. i really don't like him, but after that interview on espn, the guy's a pimp

thinkustink: I don't think you can name a guy MORE electrifying. Maybe Jordan was AS exciting.

fiznizzy: yeah, deion brings another element. he invented the TD dance. and boy, can that man dance

senormurray: doesn't anyone remember him as a skin. he sucked

fiznizzy: he didn't want to touch anyone, just run around

thinkustink: All I remember are the end zone jigs, the bling-bling, and the $10,000 suits.

fiznizzy: and don't forgot his best top- hats

fiznizzy: if you wear one of those, your a bonified pimp

thinkustink: and about five int returns a year, a half dozen punt returns, and the fact that the other team only threw it to his side of the field about ten times all season.

thinkustink: Dominance.

roymichaels: 1-min warning

quekeg: ready

thinkustink: plus, he could flip the light switch and be in bed before the room got dark.

fiznizzy: and he didn't pay his car bill because he said jesus told him not to

thinkustink: so best.

thinkustink: what are you going to do? Argue with Jesus?

roymichaels: watters is up

fiznizzy: al's team is hideous

quekeg: tatum bell

thinkustink: He'll strike you down with furious anger (because that's how Jesus decides to play it)

aaronkale: AK up

roymichaels: he likes his Den RB's

quekeg: wake up marc

roymichaels: kale

aaronkale: C Rogers

fiznizzy: he's gone

roymichaels: boooooo

quekeg: wow

aaronkale: Hold on

fiznizzy: stupid

aaronkale: STephen Jackson

roymichaels: brav

thinkustink: I gotta get my best Marcus Pollard. I get that guy almost every damn year.

thinkustink: He's my FAFA J.D. Drew

fiznizzy: i take t-bone wheatley....oh my god, i have two faders

quekeg: hahahahahahahahah

fiznizzy: he starts

roymichaels: laabs gets... Price, i'm surprised none of you guys grabbed him w/ Vick back.

roymichaels: que

fiznizzy: cuz vick sucks

quekeg: touchdown tommy brady

fiznizzy: laney, looks like damian is drafting for ya

quekeg: lol

roymichaels: i'm up right?

fiznizzy: yes

roymichaels: M. Vanderjagt

senormurray: justin McCariens

quekeg: you dirt murray

roymichaels: joes

aaronkale: Tampa Bay

aaronkale: I am picking for him

fiznizzy: give dor two O-lineman

roymichaels: on his quest to have more RB's than anyone else, he gets Dunn and Hearst

thinkustink: Look at my roster, Whammer. What do you see?

thinkustink: "LOADED" is what you see.

fiznizzy: cant see it

roymichaels: do i have to pick positions for him? or just who's next?

aaronkale: Is Vanderjagt available

fiznizzy: kale no wake up

quekeg: no

roymichaels: nope, me gots

aaronkale: wilkins for Newlove

aaronkale: K - St. Louis

roymichaels: balls

senormurray: leftwich

roymichaels: i take stallworth

fiznizzy: drinker?

roymichaels: i read stallworth is the next Cole Magner

quekeg: fitzgerald

fiznizzy: lanes gay

roymichaels: whammer, whammer

quekeg: only for you

roymichaels: laabs gets Toomer

thinkustink: Que, are you watching Amazing Race?

quekeg: taping it

roymichaels: petes

quekeg: cant miss anything

fiznizzy: boldin

roymichaels: dead?

fiznizzy: til october

roymichaels: brav

roymichaels: isn't Fitz gonna take all his passes?

thinkustink: Not dead. Just won't ever walk again, much less play football.

thinkustink: Eagles D!

roymichaels: kale

roymichaels: Joey no-toss is still out there.

aaronkale: Roy Williams

fiznizzy: kale, you are so predictable

thinkustink: Ah, his little Roy-toy

quekeg: deshaun foster and carolina

aaronkale: I know

aaronkale: Jacksonville D

thinkustink: A real Lions fan would've taken DET-Def

roymichaels: brav?

thinkustink: Deion Branch

roymichaels: petes

fiznizzy: algicide crumpler

aaronkale: We don't have a D this year

roymichaels: laabs takes "Throw me the damn ball"

fiznizzy: kale, what planet are you on

roymichaels: que

aaronkale: Roy - Newlove wants you to select for him whoever is at the top of the list for available players

roymichaels: for the rest of the draft?

aaronkale: yep

roymichaels: done

quekeg: muhammed

fiznizzy: ha, you can't be serious?

aaronkale: Fiznizzy, I cant focus with IM - I select players I remember

quekeg: pro bowl marc

fiznizzy: its steve smiths team, ask your draft buddy

quekeg: no buddies here

fiznizzy: only nattys?

quekeg: and ciggys

roymichaels: i take 'Smokin the Green

fiznizzy: the cancer?

quekeg: best

quekeg: al

roymichaels: yep, he's comin back babeeeeeeeeee

roymichaels: Balls are up

senormurray: titan dee

roymichaels: Joes get Lelie

roymichaels: door gets Booker and Bennett

roymichaels: joes get O. Smith

senormurray: michael or drew?

quekeg: drew

quekeg: i kept michael the puss

roymichaels: sorry.

roymichaels: it was D. Bennett

roymichaels: Joes got O. Smith

roymichaels: Balls are up

senormurray: janikowski

senormurray: i like attitude in the clubhouse

fiznizzy: hurry up

roymichaels: peeeessssss

roymichaels: off

roymichaels: Cow-booooys, huh

quekeg: that it

fiznizzy: fathead is up

roymichaels: que you up

quekeg: reggie wayne

roymichaels: Laabs get Emmit

roymichaels: petes

fiznizzy: moe williams

thinkustink: I'll take Randy McMichael, everyone's favorite black Irishman.

roymichaels: yogurt

aaronkale: Carson Palmer

roymichaels: watters x 2

quekeg: rod smith and greg jones

aaronkale: Najeh Davenport

roymichaels: brav

thinkustink: David Akers

thinkustink: the kicker

thinkustink: not the movie

fiznizzy: pete warrick

thinkustink: I cut my grass before tonight's draft.

thinkustink: Now I need to mow again.

roymichaels: laabs gets mccardell

roymichaels: que

fiznizzy: beerface

quekeg: brad johnson

fiznizzy: oh my god

thinkustink: Brock Lesnar still around?

fiznizzy: horrible

thinkustink: What were the Vikings thinking? Don't they like selling team merchandise?

thinkustink: Are you telling me you couldn't find a roster spot for The Next Big Thing?

fiznizzy: whose up

roymichaels: me, one sec

quekeg: roids

thinkustink: What was wrong with him? "He's TOO athletic..."

quekeg: wrestling is gay

thinkustink: Run down the field and throw yourself into the wedge. There you go. Special teams.

quekeg: fine

roymichaels: i'll take a flier on Dayne

senormurray: justin fargas

thinkustink: Roids is working two guys out right now...

fiznizzy: sorry roy

roymichaels: for what, wham?

thinkustink: pissing on your leg and telling you it's raining.

roymichaels: Joes wanted the best available QB, i show Garcia, so i guess he gets him

roymichaels: no sweat, he's just a little Bus so I like him

fiznizzy: a little gay, you mean

roymichaels: yep

thinkustink: Is Carlos Snow still in the league?

roymichaels: door gets K. Johnson and C Buckhalter

thinkustink: Or Rex Kern?

roymichaels: Joes get B. Williams

quekeg: best

roymichaels: balls up

senormurray: lamont gordan

roymichaels: i'm taking Delhomme

quekeg: retired ricky williams

roymichaels: really?

quekeg: yep

fiznizzy: lane is stupid

senormurray: later haters. Balls in the "04

quekeg: who cares

quekeg: can I?

roymichaels: Pipes take M. Robinson, WR MIN

roymichaels: petes

fiznizzy: i take jake the snake

fiznizzy: plummer

roymichaels: brav

thinkustink: Eddie Kennison

roymichaels: kale

aaronkale: Justin GAge WR Chicago

roymichaels: watters x 2

quekeg: antonio gates and andre davis

aaronkale: Jason Hanson K Detroit

fiznizzy: burks is so gay with gates, eh

roymichaels: brav

thinkustink: Troy Hambrick

fiznizzy: best hamboner\

quekeg: best

aaronkale: Roy - I need to call it a night, either pick WRs for me (from Sharks list) or I will just pick people off of waivers later in the week

roymichaels: i'll try

aaronkale: Good luck to all - except Whammer

fiznizzy: i take jason elam

aaronkale: I understand

aaronkale: Later

fiznizzy: whose up

quekeg: laabs

fiznizzy: give laabs a packer

roymichaels: he get MIA Def

roymichaels: que

quekeg: longwell

fiznizzy: wow, can my team get any better? i think it will here shortly

roymichaels: i take Eli

quekeg: oooohhhh

fiznizzy: whose up

roymichaels: hold on just a sec, i gotta check something w/ Murr

fiznizzy: murray's out

thinkustink: how many picks are left?

fiznizzy: just one for us bravo

quekeg: 13 total i think

roymichaels: murray gets B Lloyd

roymichaels: Joes get Bettis

roymichaels: door get Gardner

roymichaels: and Galloway

roymichaels: Newlove gets J McCown

roymichaels: balls get C Perry

roymichaels: i'm takin Driver

quekeg: downtown freddie jones

roymichaels: que

roymichaels: laabs gets Rice

roymichaels: petes

fiznizzy: hold on

roymichaels: come on, you just had 3 minutes, what the fuck

fiznizzy: fine, darius watts

thinkustink: Tampa Bay Def

fiznizzy: they are gone

thinkustink: are they?

thinkustink: shit...

fiznizzy: yes

roymichaels: yep

thinkustink: I pulled a Murray.

quekeg: quiet marc

fiznizzy: ques fat

thinkustink: Minnesota Def

roymichaels: Kale gets  Q. Morgan (Cle - WR) WR


quekeg: L. Tynes

roymichaels: watters, i believe you get Mr Irrelevant.

quekeg: yes

roymichaels: and you got him

quekeg: ciggy time!!!!!!!

roymichaels: what Pos is Tynes?

thinkustink: Time to shoot up!

fiznizzy: roy is best

roymichaels: why?

fiznizzy: cuz you ran it

roymichaels: this sucks. no wonder my team sucks

fiznizzy: yeah, i thought so too

fiznizzy: my team is really good. how did daunte slip to me in the 2nd round?

roymichaels: actually i like my starters but my bench sucks

roymichaels: i knew you were gonna get him

fiznizzy: yeah, i went on last year when i won it

fiznizzy: balti d, daunte put up mad numbers in that league

roymichaels: i just looked and you're not that good.

fiznizzy: WHAT?

thinkustink: You don't have a TO.

fiznizzy: that guys junk

thinkustink: Where's the gamebreaker?

fiznizzy: daunte is the best gamebreaker in the league

roymichaels: Smith, Porter, Whetley??? James as your feature back

fiznizzy: wheatley probably wont start for me, but i wanted a starting running back

fiznizzy: this is james' comeback year though

roymichaels: Brooks, Alexander, Rudi, Harrison, Heap, Vander, all studs at their positions

fiznizzy: yeah, not bad at all, but brooks is no stud at his position

roymichaels: i could get screwed by A Johnson and J Jones, but Stallworth should be good

roymichaels: true, but he's no slouch


fiznizzy: andre3000 will be good

roymichaels: hopin' Carr can get him the ball

fiznizzy: thats why i took balti d so early, they had more points than harrison last year.....thats crazy talk

roymichaels: Door didn't even get a QB

fiznizzy: BEST

roymichaels: yea, once Balt and NE were gone I had to settle for Dallas

quekeg: seriously no QB

fiznizzy: hey man, smith is a stud in the making and porter is the #1 in fader country

roymichaels: yeah, but both have to step it up.

fiznizzy: hey, dont worry, boldin will be here in october

fiznizzy: your done

roymichaels: Fitz touchdown, Bolden possession

quekeg: ricky williams will be a raider next year

quekeg: keeper

roymichaels: Watters took a look of chances on RB's - T Jones, Griffin, Bell, Foster, G Jones

quekeg: dumbasses

quekeg: he left, but he is done

roymichaels: ricky will forget to call his agent back

fiznizzy: daunte will put up better #s than any of your Qbs and Rbs

quekeg: whose

fiznizzy: anyone's

quekeg: ahman at five

quekeg: thanks roids

roymichaels: aye

fiznizzy: bruised kneecap lanny

quekeg: no worries

roymichaels: i thought about him, but he always seems to get hurt

fiznizzy: haha, i won last year, and you schmucks still dont give me credit

quekeg: not with this years team

roymichaels: you got it, but now you don't

fiznizzy: ehhhhhhhhhhhhh

fiznizzy: cmon, its better than last years team

thinkustink: any word on when we're going to be able to view the rosters?

fiznizzy: hey, andy tracy got called up and will be in arizona next

roymichaels: gotta ask shark, not sure how long that takes him. i can send you the file

quekeg: send please

thinkustink: ok

quekeg: any idea how the other league went?

fiznizzy: mcgahee, boldin, daunte, edge.....beat it losers

roymichaels: nope

fiznizzy: i win

fiznizzy: lane smells like beer

fiznizzy: might be time for madden '05

quekeg: damian and dodes are going at it right now

quekeg: 31-7

fiznizzy: wow, dodes scored

roymichaels: que, did you get the file?

quekeg: yeah, thanks

fiznizzy: i got it, but deleted it

roymichaels: let me try again

roymichaels: brav, you want it?

fiznizzy: no, i cant open excel files on this computer.....i can wait until they are posted

roymichaels: cool

thinkustink: sure. thanks

fiznizzy: they will be up tomorrow right?

quekeg: what was Kale doing?

fiznizzy: tell damian my team is unbeatable in this league

roymichaels: what do i have to do to do that?

fiznizzy: not you silly, laney

quekeg: ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

roymichaels: get it brav?

fiznizzy: que, i'll bet you right now, daunte puts up better fantasy numbers than ahman

quekeg: i don't bet marc

thinkustink: got it.

quekeg: you know that

fiznizzy: what i though, tighter

fiznizzy: thought

quekeg: is the other draft over/

quekeg: or are we faster

thinkustink: later taters!

quekeg: raiders

fiznizzy: laney

fiznizzy: laney

fiznizzy: beer

fiznizzy: beer

quekeg: ciggy

fiznizzy: beer

fiznizzy: beer

quekeg: ciggy

fiznizzy: laney

fiznizzy: laney

fiznizzy: deion sanders

fiznizzy: ok, i must go now

quekeg: spader

fiznizzy: thanks roy, you did good. lane sucks

roymichaels: late all

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