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Draft - Transcript



auntb: i'll be back...have some last minute scouting

slam_hounder: yo yo yo

auntb: 20 minutes...and shark's doing some last-minute cramming...

auntb: go here for updates:

redpop19: whats the deal

bursiek: yo

bursiek: who up in here

slam_hounder: you're up,

bursiek: up?

bursiek: thought this was going at 6

slam_hounder: portis was just picked

slam_hounder: just kidding, mike

bursiek: joker

bursiek: that's you Dave

chicagobart: thanks

slam_hounder: usa, usa, just gave up a goal

redpop19: I don't have audio on my computer

auntb: you don't need it

redpop19: ok

bursiek: hey bart

bursiek: that seat is HOT

redpop19: is this how we're doing it then?

auntb: bart looks good in a shopping cart

chicagobart: hi im mike

bursiek: gannon, gannon, gannon

chicagobart: you know it

chicagobart: hes coming back

bursiek: faygo, what's your address

bursiek: same as before?

auntb: FYI...there's no kickers in the pre-ranks...forgot those losers

bursiek: boooooooooooo

redpop19: I have no paper, everything ranked on yahoo

auntb: : go here for updates:

redpop19: I'm gonna suck it

chicagobart: is big - d in this year

auntb: note...the kickers didn't make the'll have to pick one up and release a guy after the draft...unless you must draft one before hand

auntb: note...the kickers didn't make the'll have to pick one up and release a guy after the draft...unless you must draft one before hand

slam_hounder: oh, i'm drafting one

redpop19: who were the last keepers?

auntb: just shout em out

slam_hounder: usa, usa, usa

slam_hounder: USA

bursiek: usa

bursiek: usa

bursiek: usa

slam_hounder: best

redpop19: seriously though, who were the last two teams with keepers

chicagobart: me

slam_hounder: reggie wayne

slam_hounder: and shockey

slam_hounder: seriously

redpop19: are we down a team then?

bursiek: so bart's keeping wayne and shockey?

slam_hounder: waiting for regis

chicagobart: laugh now ive got a strategy

slam_hounder: and willow

redpop19: I mean for the league total. I only counted 9.

slam_hounder: 10

slam_hounder: regis!

redpop19: Well, if I chose a keeper, just call me Chum and keep on firing

the_d_regis: Here we go Steelers, here we go

the_d_regis: howdy slam

slam_hounder: the duce is loose

the_d_regis: duce and willie parker

the_d_regis: :))

mrbeaks: Hey, Michael Smith picked the Steelers to win the AFC North! You've got that goin' for ya.

auntb: let's go

auntb: two things

auntb: note...the kickers didn't make the'll have to pick one up and release a guy after the draft...unless you must draft one before hand

slam_hounder: slick willie? he couldn't even play for North Carolina

slam_hounder: ooofff

slam_hounder: who's michael smith?

auntb: go here for updates:

the_d_regis: ooofff

slam_hounder: seriously

mrbeaks: Boston Globe columnist who's on AROUND THE HORN.

shubird: colts

slam_hounder: oh

redpop19: I'm glad I could give you an enjoyable snipit Slam

auntb: Morty...lead em off

hortensity: Priest

shubird: surprise..surprise

hortensity: woulda taken Ricky....

auntb: Bart...

chicagobart: Tomlinson

slam_hounder: willow

auntb: willow takes Portis

bursiek: is willow on?

auntb: Yhames...

auntb: no willow is not on

mrbeaks: Ahman Green.

slam_hounder: tough choice for ya, shark

slam_hounder: tick, tick, tick

auntb: mice = alexander

bursiek: dirty

auntb: wanna trade

shubird: i'll take james

slam_hounder: best ken klee is on team usa

slam_hounder: a colt?

shubird: you know it

auntb: Bird...

bursiek: McAllister

auntb: Regis

slam_hounder: well there goes the obvious picks

the_d_regis: Randy Moss

redpop19: i got jenkins slam

slam_hounder: no

slam_hounder: milton?

redpop19: am I up?

auntb: who's got milton?

slam_hounder: yes, chum

redpop19: Harrison

bursiek: no eric

shubird: telly

bursiek: best telly

auntb: Slam

redpop19: balder by the minute

redpop19: but the beard is back

slam_hounder: jamal lewis and fred taylor

bursiek: nice

auntb: Slam twice

auntb:'re up

redpop19: Owens

shubird: did the crime but will he do the time

slam_hounder: not if jackie childs can have his say

slam_hounder: regis

slam_hounder: the bus is still out there

bursiek: Russia, Russia, Russia

auntb: i am updating the spreadsheet as we go...

slam_hounder: booo

auntb: refresh it...

the_d_regis: Stephen Davis

auntb: Bird

bursiek: Ward

redpop19: charlie?

bursiek: sorry

bursiek: Faulk

redpop19: seriously, who's ward?

hortensity: cleaver

bursiek: I was thinking Hines, but he's taken

redpop19: barry word?

auntb: Shu

auntb: then Shark

shubird: horn

auntb: Mice = dirty Barlow

auntb: Yhames

mrbeaks: Eh....

mrbeaks: McNabb

shubird: weeds take t. henry

shubird: scat...then salty dogs twice

chicagobart: Chris Brown

auntb: sleeper

slam_hounder: nap

bursiek: nappy

hortensity: tiki and moulds

auntb: scat

chicagobart: Andre Johnson

auntb: key...moulds = first pick of keeper rounds

slam_hounder: are you sure that you don't want moulds then tiki?

bursiek: it's a KEEPER round

auntb: (sorry!)

auntb: willow picks...

slam_hounder: a qb

auntb: T Gonzalez

mrbeaks: To me?

auntb: yep

mrbeaks: Winslow, Jr.

auntb: refresh your lists

auntb: Mice = D Mason

shubird: peerless price

auntb: Banty...

bursiek: Darrell Jackson

redpop19: me?

auntb: Regis

auntb: then Faygo

redpop19: sorry'

auntb: then Slam twice

the_d_regis: Plaxico

slam_hounder: oh

slam_hounder: no

the_d_regis: bigger, badder and in a contract year

redpop19: McNair

slam_hounder: well i guess

auntb: slam twice, then i'll refresh

slam_hounder: thomas jones, home town discount

auntb: dirt cheap

auntb: go a-train!

slam_hounder: steve smith

slam_hounder: USA

auntb: faygo

redpop19: Hopefully Kevin Jones makes Detroit the greatest city in the world

shubird: haha

shubird: it already is

redpop19: even moreso then

auntb: Regis...Banty

the_d_regis: this pains me.....dirtly lee suggs

slam_hounder: whoa

auntb: towel him off

the_d_regis: ouch...i hate doing that

the_d_regis: gotta go head over heart

auntb: Banty...Mice...Kickers

bursiek: best, Koren Robinson. Go HAWKS!

chicagobart: awful b

auntb: the Banty Seahawks

auntb: Pittsburgh Colemans

auntb: Lonely Colts

the_d_regis: >:)

auntb: ooops, i meant the Couch Colts

mrbeaks: Did they pick him up?

shubird: McGahee!!! keeper!!!

mrbeaks: Hm.....

bursiek: 19-Cent Lions

auntb: Mice = Q Griffin

redpop19: huh

auntb: list refreshed in 20 sec

bursiek: yeah, you love the Motor City Telly

mrbeaks: I'll take... L. Coles.

slam_hounder: tiny as a mouse

auntb: willow takes...

auntb: Bennett

redpop19: edgar

auntb: Scat...Salt Twice

chicagobart: Pennington

hortensity: Garner

hortensity: Baltimore D

auntb: the first D

slam_hounder: defense

hortensity: Prime Time

hortensity: Prime Time

auntb: Scat...

chicagobart: Jimmy Smith

auntb: #37

slam_hounder: =D>

shubird: willow takes eddie george

auntb: Yhames...Shark...Shu

mrbeaks: And I'll take Larry Fitzgerald.

auntb: rf in 20

auntb: (refresh in 20 seconds)

redpop19: I don't think you guys should pick for him anymore

slam_hounder: willow has 5 RBs

slam_hounder: and 0 WRs

mrbeaks: Plenty to trade with!

bursiek: sharks dirty auto draft in effect

redpop19: he's got tony the tiger though

auntb: Mice = Javon Walker

redpop19: does he play offense?

auntb: GB WR

redpop19: oh

hortensity: anybody else watch Big Brother 5?

redpop19: who's up?

auntb: Banty...Colemans...Redpop

bursiek: yep

shubird: charlie rogers

bursiek: best Cowboy

hortensity: or am I the only douchebag

auntb: you're one of 9

redpop19: separate yet the same

auntb: list refreshed

hortensity: wait til you see him tonight, Bird...friggin' idiot

the_d_regis: McCariens, jets

redpop19: who did bird take?

slam_hounder: yeah

auntb: oop

bursiek: I was bumming when the midget lost on the Amazing Race

auntb: Bird -- quit talking about midgets and pick

bursiek: she had heart

hortensity: and 6 inch legs

slam_hounder: not much else

redpop19: did shu take rogers?

auntb: y

bursiek: Warrick Dunn ("Banty For Life")

auntb: faygo up

redpop19: Stephen Jackson

shubird: plays for detroit

auntb: for Ramns?

redpop19: yep

slam_hounder: alge crumpler

auntb: slam twice

auntb: slam once

redpop19: he plays RB right?

auntb: no fish food please

bursiek: TE

redpop19: no I meant miss jackson

mrbeaks: I remember the year I had Marcus Pollard eligible for TE, RB and WR... and useless at almost all of 'em!

bursiek: yep

redpop19: cause he's nasty

slam_hounder: chris chambers

redpop19: DeShaun Foster

auntb: Colemans....Banty....Kickers

the_d_regis: LJ Smith, TE Eagles

shubird: Marlins win... Marlins win

slam_hounder: go marlins, f the cubs

bursiek: am I up?

auntb: yep

hortensity: mets lost?

bursiek: Jerry Porter

auntb: yep

hortensity: aw shit. no playoffs this year

redpop19: oaktown

bursiek: holla

auntb: mets lose...where's Jose?

bursiek: ailin

hortensity: don't know. wanna trade him?

shubird: a. brooks

shubird: f the cubs is right

shubird: shark says do we take rb's off the board for willow's sake

redpop19: I should hope so

shubird: or stay with rule

slam_hounder: yahoo would take a kicker

redpop19: junior spivey

auntb: mice = bulger

mrbeaks: Toomer.

auntb: i will take no more RBs for the willow's, if that's cool

slam_hounder: .....

redpop19: just one more, please

auntb: weeds take Bruce

auntb: scatman

chicagobart: j jones - dal

auntb: two jobus

auntb: the owner?

hortensity: lelie

hortensity: vanderjagt

hortensity: won me some games last year

auntb: done

redpop19: already, thank god

auntb: Scat...Willow...Men...

chicagobart: Donte Stallworth

auntb: for Willow, i will select the next best WR, then QB, then Def and then let the autopick

auntb: that gives him starters

mrbeaks: At least...

auntb: willow takes Keyshawn

auntb: Large...

mrbeaks: Pats D.

redpop19: save Vinny for him and he's golden

mrbeaks: Josh Harris is avail.

slam_hounder: willow

auntb: Mice = D Branch

slam_hounder: shu

shubird: philly d

bursiek: i'm up?

slam_hounder: yep

redpop19: think so

auntb: Roosters...Colemans....19

redpop19: not good

auntb: Roosters...Colemans....19

auntb: list refreshed

redpop19: conferring with the wife there for a sec bird?

bursiek: Tom Brady

bursiek: she thinks he's HOT

redpop19: she chose poorly

bursiek: Barry = GONE!!!

slam_hounder: sanders?

redpop19: Is that gone on steroids

slam_hounder: regis

auntb: Colemans...19....Hounder twice

bursiek: steriods, old, pain the in ass, self centered, egotistical = BEST FANTASY PLAYER

the_d_regis: one sec. i'm back

the_d_regis: minnesota D.....are they gone? not sure what I missed

redpop19: Carolina for me

auntb: update in 20sec

redpop19: love Slam two times baby

auntb: updated....

slam_hounder: brandon lloyd

bursiek: POUND

redpop19: I don't know him

bursiek: and you probably will never need to

bursiek: POUND

slam_hounder: jason elam

redpop19: Akers

bursiek: are these all kickers

redpop19: how many more rounds

redpop19: I could move Akers to RB if you like

bursiek: coleman?

the_d_regis: greg jones, rb jags

bursiek: speakin of Coleman, yhames you ever see that worst movie Human Stain. Athony Hopkins is a black guy

auntb: Banty - Kickers - Mice

bursiek: his name is Colemen

mrbeaks: I turned it off thirty minutes in.

mrbeaks: I read the book, though, which was good.

bursiek: BEST Kent State grad

mrbeaks: Movie... not so much.

bursiek: Antonio Gates

mrbeaks: And, yeah, Hopkins was the least likely black man in the history of film, including C. Thomas Howell.

the_d_regis: Bestest Kent State grad: Jack Lambert

bursiek: always one up'n

auntb: taking Gates?

bursiek: yep

the_d_regis: hee hee

the_d_regis: that's all i got.

the_d_regis: i couln't name another

shubird: T. Minor

redpop19: he didn't go to Kent

bursiek: SOX!!

mrbeaks: He would've liked to, though.

redpop19: true

redpop19: Bronson

redpop19: Arroyo

slam_hounder: arroyo

the_d_regis: bronson pinchot

slam_hounder: damon, hr

redpop19: best

redpop19: how's his finger

slam_hounder: good, i guess

redpop19: did you see Kotsay last night, what an ass

slam_hounder: yeah

redpop19: who's pick?

auntb: Mice = Rod Smith

mrbeaks: VLM = Carson Palmer.

redpop19: are the sox on tv again tonight?

auntb: Weeds = J Garcia

bursiek: who did Kickers take

redpop19: travis minor

shubird: hometown for cheap

redpop19: didn't go to kent though

slam_hounder: florida st criminoles

auntb: Scat...Salt x2...Scat...Weeds

auntb: refreshed

chicagobart: Tatum Bell - Den

bursiek: F U Bart

redpop19: regis is tripling up on the conference board

the_d_regis: sorry. f'n netzero

hortensity: Booker

redpop19: dont' get me started about the government

hortensity: Leftwich

hortensity: for president

auntb: Scatman...

redpop19: what's up with the herd losing to Troy St.?

auntb: it's just

hortensity: that's why

chicagobart: Donald Driver

redpop19: I didn't Troy, Ohio had a college.

auntb: Weeds = TB Def

hortensity: how many more rounds?

mrbeaks: Jeff Wilkins.

shubird: 5ish

slam_hounder: this is the 11th, we have 15 rounds

redpop19: shark

shubird: Boo Willaima

auntb: Mice = Wheatley

shubird: williams for shu

bursiek: carr for bird

shubird: colemans..19...hounders

slam_hounder: which regis is going to pick?

slam_hounder: your boy durazo is up shark

slam_hounder: 2 on, 2 out

redpop19: k

auntb: HR

slam_hounder: 3-1

redpop19: triple play

slam_hounder: ground out

redpop19: close enough

auntb: Coleman #4?

hortensity: is he here?

slam_hounder: buzz him

slam_hounder: :-?

auntb: Spivey?

redpop19: can someone call him

hortensity: netzero...

hortensity: not answering

redpop19: does he have dial up service?

slam_hounder: cell phone i assume

shubird: shark has him oh the phone

auntb: he takes Josh Brown - K Sea

redpop19: T. Calico

slam_hounder: t.j duckett

redpop19: mother, mother...

auntb: vick's scoring all the TDs

redpop19: In Madden?

auntb: haha

slam_hounder: dallas D

redpop19: P. Warrick

slam_hounder: yhames, kapler just went yard

redpop19: that was a helluva catch last night

shubird: colemans get KC D

mrbeaks: Hey Slam, I think I'm watching the Patriots game with Bill Simmons on Thursday night. We have a friend in common who's got the game in HD on an obscenely large screen.

auntb: BANTY!

slam_hounder: wow

bursiek: Seattle D. Trufant in your GRILL!!

slam_hounder: that's sweet

mrbeaks: Yeah... I'm pretty psyched.

slam_hounder: tell him you know a sons of sam horn nut, he'll know what you're talking about

redpop19: bird, you're killin me over here

mrbeaks: Okay. He's not going to punch me, is he?

bursiek: Left Coast

shubird: stover

slam_hounder: no, it's a message board that he sends stuff to occasionally

mrbeaks: Cool.

bursiek: not a massage board that chum uses to sooth the aches and pains

mrbeaks: I guess his buddy Hinch is coming, too.


slam_hounder: he's sptguy33

redpop19: that's just a bit much

bursiek: MOUSE

bursiek: was Jim Cantory down there in the Hurrican shark? Biggest master on the wheather channel.

auntb: Mice - Kev Johnson WR

auntb: sure

mrbeaks: M. Muhammad

auntb: i heard slammer was in the eye

redpop19: are there supposed to be 15 rounds if we have keepers?

slam_hounder: usually they send that dork mike seidel to those places

slam_hounder: shark, you better be ready for IVAN

redpop19: seems like a lot of reserve players

shubird: ivan wont' make it here.... we hope

auntb: willow - Janikowski

auntb: Scat....Salt x2...Scat

chicagobart: Joey Harrington

redpop19: best joey no toss

hortensity: J Witten - DAL TE

hortensity: Miami D

auntb: boooo

chicagobart: A Boldin

auntb: i'm impressed, bart

chicagobart: do you honestly think that this is Jeff Bart picking these people

redpop19: funny

slam_hounder: no

chicagobart: good call

redpop19: are the weeds taking another RB yet?

auntb: willow = hearst

hortensity: wow

redpop19: couldn't have said it better

auntb: he's got his starters...can't discriminate against the list now

mrbeaks: Eh, what the hell? William Green.

auntb: Mice = Longwell

shubird: drew bennett = 6'5" white guy

bursiek: he a kicker?

redpop19: titans wr

hortensity: I need more white guys

hortensity: on my team, that is

redpop19: and what team do you swing for?

auntb: Banty

slam_hounder: bird

auntb: list refreshed

bursiek: I can't tell what kickers are left. should I just sit here and name them until one is available?

shubird: yes

hortensity: sure


bursiek: I thought the sheet didnt have kikcers

hortensity: morty's still out there

redpop19: hah

auntb: not preranked

bursiek: F gettin a kicker, Roy Williams

redpop19: yeah

redpop19: you got Regis' pick?

auntb: it was Roy Williams...

auntb: now it's R Williams for Jax

auntb: 19, it's you

redpop19: I'll take Brunell

auntb: 2 Slam

slam_hounder: tony hollings

redpop19: does he play with brandon lloyd?

shubird: who's he...

slam_hounder: fellas, do some research

bursiek: Shark, I wanted ROY Williams for Detroit

redpop19: not for NC

auntb: you got him

bursiek: k, not dirty Reggie

redpop19: is he a left tackle?

auntb: reggie is a Coleman

redpop19: maybe fridge like skills?

auntb: (a black Lector)

slam_hounder: jake plummer

redpop19: J. Fargas

shubird: t. maddux for colemans

auntb: Banty...Kickers...Mice

auntb: list refreshed

slam_hounder: bird

bursiek: garbage

auntb: bird takes Garbage?

mrbeaks: The whole band or just Shirley Manson?

redpop19: regis

redpop19: nevermind

redpop19: I'm a bit drunk

hortensity: is this 14th round?

auntb: need some qtips?

slam_hounder: i would say

auntb: end of rd to go

bursiek: I'll take Darius Watts

chicagobart: good pick

auntb: is that Hootie?

redpop19: always in need of qtips

slam_hounder: the real bart would have no idea who that is

shubird: emmitt smith

redpop19: funny

auntb: Mice Franks

chicagobart: Its passed his bed time

mrbeaks: Andre Davis.

chicagobart: Now that he has a job

mrbeaks: Of the Browns.

auntb: weeds take Onterrio Smith

redpop19: stop already man

chicagobart: N Davenport

hortensity: I'll go old....Rice

hortensity: and new....C Perry

auntb: Scat...Weeds...VLM

chicagobart: Indy Colts - DEF

redpop19: jim brown

slam_hounder: that's the real bart picking

chicagobart: He woke up!!!!

bursiek: probably having a smoke right now

redpop19: cursing the world

auntb: Weeds = Brad Johnson

mrbeaks: Eli Manning.

auntb: Mice =

auntb: Titans D

shubird: buffalo D

bursiek: John Kasay

auntb: Colemans - Mussah Smith

redpop19: Dallas Clark

redpop19: That might be wrong, TE for the colts though

auntb: got it

bursiek: we done?

redpop19: take Harris

auntb: Hounder...

slam_hounder: ron dayne

bursiek: gotta get my grub

shubird: later

redpop19: you 8:15 bastard

hortensity: out

mrbeaks: Awesome. Later, all.

bursiek: later

slam_hounder: drew is 0-1

slam_hounder: later, shark

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