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Draft - Transcript



slam_hounder (8:49:45 PM): oh yeh
auntb (8:49:49 PM): rollin 
slam_hounder (8:50:23 PM): you ever notice that chum loves to use the word, 'yeh'?  like 'yeh best'
mrbeaks (8:50:42 PM): I'll have to incorporate that into my speech, as well.
slam_hounder (8:51:46 PM): is willow going to be joining?
auntb (8:52:13 PM): no
slam_hounder (8:53:32 PM): 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 RB/WR, 1 TE, K, Def?
mrbeaks (8:53:54 PM): Isn't it 3 WR's?
auntb (8:55:12 PM): got it
bursimi (8:55:28 PM): I'm just hittin Join Shark.  I go where they tell me.
slam_hounder (8:56:13 PM): right, yhames, 3 WRs
bursimi (8:56:28 PM): hey Slam, you catch the cubs game today?
bursimi (8:56:30 PM): pretty good
slam_hounder (8:56:44 PM): i listened to it
slam_hounder (8:57:08 PM): i really don't like the cubs, i was rooting for the cards.  but it was fun anyway.
bursimi (8:57:26 PM): bet slate was fun lovin it
slam_hounder (8:57:38 PM): you betcha
mrbeaks (8:58:39 PM): Tigers and Indians are in a slugfest!
auntb (8:58:45 PM): ready to roolllll
auntb (8:58:52 PM): here we go!
auntb (8:59:00 PM): 19-Cent Squad takes Ricky Williams
mrbeaks (8:59:09 PM): Fools!
auntb (9:00:18 PM): Lonely Kickers take L Tomlinson
bursimi (9:00:27 PM): Fools!
slam_hounder (9:00:32 PM): who own them?
mrbeaks (9:01:07 PM): Since they're drafting where the Shu Horns used to be, I guess Shu.
bursimi (9:01:27 PM): Lonely indeed
auntb (9:01:36 PM): Mice take Faulk
bursimi (9:02:02 PM): would mice be GC?
auntb (9:02:09 PM): shu is the owner
auntb (9:02:16 PM): Pouch Mouse USA has FaulK!
auntb (9:02:20 PM): big risk
slam_hounder (9:02:22 PM): kevin?
auntb (9:02:34 PM): marshall you queers
mrbeaks (9:02:34 PM): That's what I'm guessing.  Whew!  Marshall's still out there!
auntb (9:02:44 PM): colemans
auntb (9:02:48 PM): COLEMANS UP
slam_hounder (9:03:32 PM): booo
auntb (9:03:49 PM): coleman...
auntb (9:04:01 PM): he's supposed to be in here
auntb (9:04:06 PM): must have fell out
auntb (9:04:12 PM): givin him a minute
mrbeaks (9:04:20 PM): Fools!
slam_hounder (9:04:25 PM): yeh
hortensity (9:04:33 PM): he was just chatting with me a minute ago
auntb (9:05:07 PM): bart's in the house
auntb (9:05:08 PM): !
bursimi (9:05:17 PM): booooooooooby!!
hortensity (9:05:22 PM): so, what's the division names?
chicagobart (9:05:28 PM): what up sharK?
chicagobart (9:05:32 PM): and bird?
auntb (9:05:42 PM): waiting for that Olive-eared fella from C-Town!
bursimi (9:05:42 PM): Hi Jeff, how are you?
auntb (9:05:53 PM): Regis is auto'd Priest
auntb (9:05:59 PM): Salt Dogs next
bursimi (9:06:02 PM): where is Wilson?  Bet the chat thing is to much for him to figure out.
chicagobart (9:06:42 PM): he stopped at BW-3's for some wings
auntb (9:06:42 PM): SALT UP
hortensity (9:06:44 PM): Salt Dogs take Edgerrin James
auntb (9:07:28 PM): VERY LARGE MEN
mrbeaks (9:07:33 PM): Clinton Portis for VLM.
auntb (9:07:53 PM): WILLOW takes S Alexander
auntb (9:08:03 PM): SLAM UP
slam_hounder (9:08:22 PM): duece
auntb (9:08:25 PM): knew it
auntb (9:08:36 PM): BANTY UP
hortensity (9:08:40 PM): which one
auntb (9:08:58 PM): the Rooster brand
slam_hounder (9:09:01 PM): mcall
hortensity (9:09:14 PM): which deuce?
slam_hounder (9:09:22 PM): mcallister
auntb (9:09:24 PM): BANTY UP
bursimi (9:09:34 PM): McNabb
auntb (9:09:46 PM): what are you thinkin?
mrbeaks (9:09:54 PM): Best.
auntb (9:10:04 PM): SCATMAN UP
bursimi (9:10:12 PM): Wilson took my guy is his WORST auto draft
chicagobart (9:10:14 PM): tomlinson
auntb (9:10:20 PM): taken
slam_hounder (9:10:24 PM): oh boy
auntb (9:10:33 PM): i'm updating the following spreadsheet on the gafflin every few picks:
auntb (9:10:42 PM):
auntb (9:10:49 PM): refresh it as needed
auntb (9:11:28 PM): get that Olive out of your ear Bart!
chicagobart (9:11:39 PM): gimme a second
slam_hounder (9:11:43 PM): hello.....
slam_hounder (9:11:45 PM): hi
mrbeaks (9:11:49 PM): Tim Couch is still available.
chicagobart (9:11:52 PM): barber
auntb (9:12:10 PM): you're up again SCATMAN
chicagobart (9:12:21 PM): green
auntb (9:12:39 PM): impressive
slam_hounder (9:12:41 PM): which one
auntb (9:12:43 PM): ahman, i take it?
auntb (9:12:45 PM): or william?
chicagobart (9:12:52 PM): ahman
auntb (9:12:57 PM): BANTY UP
redpop19 (9:13:33 PM): back from the depths
auntb (9:13:46 PM): the depths of Telly and 19 cents
auntb (9:14:10 PM): BANTY UP
redpop19 (9:14:23 PM): some straight up gangsta's car broke down outside my place, had to loan em a hand
auntb (9:14:38 PM): how many hands ya got left?
redpop19 (9:14:49 PM): there both intact, imagine that
auntb (9:14:51 PM): BIRD NOWICKI
slam_hounder (9:15:15 PM): shit, i'm missing the playmakers show
auntb (9:15:25 PM): it's on like 10 times a night
redpop19 (9:15:29 PM): where we at anyway
mrbeaks (9:15:37 PM): So long as I don't miss THE O.C.
slam_hounder (9:15:39 PM): mike?
redpop19 (9:16:02 PM): which is pick what
slam_hounder (9:16:04 PM): auto pick?
auntb (9:16:36 PM): bird's chattin with me....he's on
auntb (9:16:41 PM): Regis, lay off the Net Zero
the_d_regis (9:16:46 PM): fuck netzero
the_d_regis (9:16:49 PM): fuck it
the_d_regis (9:16:59 PM): i'm drafting angry now
bursimi (9:17:05 PM): Fred Taylor
auntb (9:17:06 PM): whooooa
redpop19 (9:17:06 PM): never draft angry
hortensity (9:17:10 PM): :-O
the_d_regis (9:17:15 PM): >:)
auntb (9:17:20 PM): SLAM UP
redpop19 (9:17:22 PM): symbols
slam_hounder (9:17:37 PM): travis henry
auntb (9:17:41 PM): \:D/
redpop19 (9:17:52 PM): after we get through the first can we get a rundown
auntb (9:17:57 PM): Willow T Owens
auntb (9:18:01 PM): VERY LARGE UP
mrbeaks (9:18:04 PM): Marvin Harrison.
auntb (9:18:31 PM): 16 SALTY
auntb (9:18:39 PM): go to
auntb (9:18:48 PM): i'm updating it every couple picks
slam_hounder (9:19:00 PM): Fuuuuuuu
auntb (9:19:08 PM): is that working for Y'ALL
hortensity (9:19:20 PM): Salt Dogs: Garner
auntb (9:19:23 PM): slam, that RB from the Burgh?
mrbeaks (9:19:30 PM): I'm keepin' track on my own.  Plus, I don't think I have an Excel viewer.
auntb (9:19:36 PM): COLEMAN UP
auntb (9:19:38 PM): for governor
slam_hounder (9:19:46 PM): kinda, no steeler anymore
the_d_regis (9:20:07 PM): randy moss?
auntb (9:20:10 PM): yep
the_d_regis (9:20:17 PM): sorry, catchin up
auntb (9:21:00 PM): 18 MICE take J Lewis
the_d_regis (9:21:52 PM): is it me?
hortensity (9:21:56 PM): SHU
auntb (9:21:57 PM): 19 SHU E George
auntb (9:22:01 PM): 19 CENTERS UP
mrbeaks (9:22:06 PM): Ooof!
redpop19 (9:22:08 PM): did someone take moss
hortensity (9:22:11 PM): y
auntb (9:22:16 PM): updated....
mrbeaks (9:22:18 PM): Regis did.
redpop19 (9:22:31 PM): joe horn
auntb (9:22:33 PM): i will throw out an UPDATED when i reload the spreadsheet
redpop19 (9:22:45 PM): followed by...
auntb (9:23:09 PM): ralph bugle
slam_hounder (9:23:17 PM): eric milton
auntb (9:23:20 PM): lol
auntb (9:23:26 PM): no he's taken
auntb (9:23:30 PM): for the last time
slam_hounder (9:23:30 PM): no, eric
redpop19 (9:23:33 PM): billy green
bursimi (9:23:36 PM): yeahhhhhh
auntb (9:23:40 PM): yese!
mrbeaks (9:23:42 PM): Bastard!
auntb (9:24:08 PM): SHU = Moulds
auntb (9:24:14 PM): UPDATED
slam_hounder (9:24:49 PM): let me see if shark goes with who i think
auntb (9:24:57 PM): SHARK = S DAVIS
slam_hounder (9:25:00 PM): he does the same thing
auntb (9:25:01 PM): how could i not, slam
slam_hounder (9:25:02 PM): yes,
redpop19 (9:25:04 PM): had to be
auntb (9:25:14 PM): always a regular season title out of that guy
auntb (9:25:18 PM): never any crown though
auntb (9:25:23 PM): COLEMAN UP
redpop19 (9:25:30 PM): make sure i trade you for him late then
auntb (9:25:50 PM): how about for a can of Grape?
the_d_regis (9:25:53 PM): culpepper
redpop19 (9:26:03 PM): grape is garbage
slam_hounder (9:26:12 PM): you tell em
redpop19 (9:26:31 PM): I meant in a relative sense to Davis
auntb (9:26:36 PM): SALT IS UP
hortensity (9:26:37 PM): Salt: Kurt Warner...on a limb
the_d_regis (9:26:58 PM): nice
auntb (9:27:04 PM): LARGE UP
mrbeaks (9:27:07 PM): Corey Dillon.
auntb (9:27:16 PM): UPDATED
mrbeaks (9:27:37 PM): For the first year, VLM has a legitimate backfield.
redpop19 (9:28:01 PM): all it takes is to go freom 16 to 10
mrbeaks (9:28:01 PM): Not outstanding, not even great, but legitimate.
auntb (9:28:05 PM): Willow = C MARTIN
auntb (9:28:11 PM): SLAM UP
auntb (9:28:20 PM): updated
hortensity (9:28:26 PM): Mike Hampton's streak may be stopped by the illustrious Mets....he had a nice run though
auntb (9:28:28 PM): 28
slam_hounder (9:28:39 PM): oh, hines
redpop19 (9:28:50 PM): stub?
slam_hounder (9:29:03 PM): stubb hines ward
auntb (9:29:05 PM): BANTY UP 29
the_d_regis (9:29:14 PM): i saw it coming slam
slam_hounder (9:29:31 PM): tough choice, too many good steelers
auntb (9:29:33 PM): UPDATED
the_d_regis (9:29:39 PM): tru dat
auntb (9:29:45 PM): BANTY UP 29
bursimi (9:30:00 PM): Holt
auntb (9:30:12 PM): SCATMAN turns TWO
chicagobart (9:30:16 PM): gannon
bursimi (9:30:20 PM): best
auntb (9:30:48 PM): where did the 'chicago' come from in bart
mrbeaks (9:31:00 PM): He runs Chicago with an iron fist.
redpop19 (9:31:05 PM): because he lives in philly
chicagobart (9:31:13 PM): long story. steamboat was there
slam_hounder (9:31:18 PM): philly's blunt?
auntb (9:31:27 PM): if anyone is using the spreadsheet, take note of the "drop-downs"
the_d_regis (9:31:32 PM): i thought steamers were in cleveland
auntb (9:31:36 PM): SCATMAN need 1 more
bursimi (9:31:36 PM): Is it related to Chi Town.  "I pimp for a livin"
auntb (9:31:40 PM): steamy!
chicagobart (9:32:04 PM): shockey
auntb (9:32:23 PM): BANTY UP 32
auntb (9:32:30 PM): a shock!
bursimi (9:32:35 PM): I'll take Tony Gonzalez
slam_hounder (9:32:52 PM): toni, toni, toni
auntb (9:32:57 PM): updated
the_d_regis (9:33:01 PM): he's done it again
auntb (9:33:05 PM): SLAM UP
slam_hounder (9:33:17 PM): shu's best, peyton
slam_hounder (9:34:29 PM): willow
auntb (9:34:30 PM): WILLOW takes T CANiDATE
slam_hounder (9:34:34 PM): huh?
auntb (9:34:38 PM): LARGE UP 35
bursimi (9:34:48 PM): How many RB does Wilson have?
auntb (9:34:50 PM): updated
redpop19 (9:34:54 PM): he missed a d in there
auntb (9:35:00 PM): 3...back
auntb (9:35:01 PM): up
auntb (9:35:03 PM): my bad....
mrbeaks (9:35:06 PM): Hm....
slam_hounder (9:35:15 PM): um
mrbeaks (9:35:20 PM): Aaron Brooks.
auntb (9:35:20 PM): he takes the next QB
slam_hounder (9:35:28 PM): oh
auntb (9:35:34 PM): J Garcia
slam_hounder (9:35:39 PM): whoa
auntb (9:35:40 PM): beaks gets Brooks
auntb (9:35:59 PM): SALT UP
bursimi (9:36:05 PM): who took Garcia?
auntb (9:36:39 PM): WILLOW with GARCIA
hortensity (9:36:53 PM): Plaxico
auntb (9:36:56 PM): his next pick will be the next best WR
redpop19 (9:36:58 PM): so candy is still out there
slam_hounder (9:36:59 PM): oofff
the_d_regis (9:37:01 PM): ass
auntb (9:37:08 PM): yep
auntb (9:37:21 PM): COLEMAN
auntb (9:37:38 PM): UPDATED
auntb (9:37:47 PM): 37
the_d_regis (9:37:57 PM): edge james 
redpop19 (9:38:04 PM): long ago
the_d_regis (9:38:12 PM): my bad
the_d_regis (9:38:34 PM): famous amos zereoue
slam_hounder (9:38:40 PM): bastard
the_d_regis (9:38:45 PM): hee hee
auntb (9:38:51 PM): regis....keep refreshing the following spreadsheet
auntb (9:39:00 PM): that link is also on the gafflin home
the_d_regis (9:39:06 PM): i have been shark, I just flat out missed it
auntb (9:40:10 PM): MICE = VICK
auntb (9:40:46 PM): SHU = DUCE STALEY
auntb (9:40:50 PM): 19 UP
auntb (9:40:53 PM): 40
redpop19 (9:41:23 PM): D Boston to sit on IR all year again for me
slam_hounder (9:41:42 PM): or win it
auntb (9:41:47 PM): 19 UP again
redpop19 (9:42:05 PM): Followed by McNair to play through he and Boston's pain
mrbeaks (9:42:21 PM): McNair's a champ.
redpop19 (9:42:31 PM): that he is
auntb (9:43:17 PM): SHU picks FAVRE
slam_hounder (9:43:37 PM): oh boy, here comes another shark special
redpop19 (9:43:51 PM): dunn, i say dunn
auntb (9:44:17 PM): MICE - BRUCE
auntb (9:44:19 PM): ISAAC
slam_hounder (9:44:31 PM): oh my god, his first WR
auntb (9:44:32 PM): COLEMANS 44
auntb (9:44:48 PM): heads up 7up!
redpop19 (9:45:12 PM): no love for dunn Shark?
the_d_regis (9:45:14 PM): koren robinson
auntb (9:45:33 PM): SALT 45
auntb (9:45:53 PM): UPDATED
hortensity (9:47:01 PM): Salt Dogs: Peerless
auntb (9:47:42 PM): VERY LARGE 46
auntb (9:48:06 PM): UPD
mrbeaks (9:48:13 PM): Donald Driver.
slam_hounder (9:48:20 PM): mike, how you doing in BABA.  ready for finals?
auntb (9:48:56 PM): WILLOW - Jimmy Smith (sleeper)
bursimi (9:48:57 PM): yep, just a little worried about momentum. My team has been going OFF lately and I think they might TANK in the finals.
bursimi (9:49:05 PM): Any worries about Watters?
auntb (9:49:07 PM): SLAM UP 48
slam_hounder (9:49:27 PM): it's not a Toomer
auntb (9:49:55 PM): BANTY UP 49
slam_hounder (9:49:57 PM): a little.  though matt morris is pitching well tonight
auntb (9:50:08 PM): fuckin Dontrelle
auntb (9:50:15 PM): losing to the Pirates
bursimi (9:50:16 PM): Is he gonna make two starts this week>
auntb (9:50:19 PM): he better
bursimi (9:50:24 PM): Dontrelle SUCK now
the_d_regis (9:50:28 PM): go pirates!
bursimi (9:50:33 PM): am I up?
auntb (9:50:37 PM): me cr0-magn0n man
auntb (9:50:43 PM): BANTY UP 49
bursimi (9:50:46 PM): dunn
auntb (9:50:51 PM): you mean:  DONE
redpop19 (9:50:52 PM): ha
auntb (9:51:24 PM): SCATMAN = 2 PICKS
auntb (9:51:26 PM): in a row
auntb (9:51:29 PM): 50, 51
chicagobart (9:51:30 PM):  pollard
chicagobart (9:51:58 PM): wheres stallworth? is he palying?
redpop19 (9:52:03 PM): buildin up the te's i see
mrbeaks (9:52:11 PM): Saints.
chicagobart (9:52:17 PM): him
auntb (9:53:55 PM): BANTY UP
bursimi (9:53:58 PM): Joey Galloway (master)
auntb (9:54:02 PM): i like stallworht!
the_d_regis (9:54:14 PM): (bater)
auntb (9:54:21 PM): SLAM UP
slam_hounder (9:54:24 PM): onterrio smith
auntb (9:54:25 PM): 53
redpop19 (9:56:30 PM): who's on the clock?
mrbeaks (9:56:34 PM): Willow.
auntb (9:56:34 PM): WILLOW takes..
auntb (9:57:03 PM): Todd Heap
slam_hounder (9:57:17 PM): brb
auntb (9:57:18 PM): VERY LARGE UP 55
slam_hounder (9:57:35 PM): sox update
mrbeaks (9:57:38 PM): Antowain Smith.
auntb (9:58:06 PM): SALT 66
hortensity (9:58:55 PM): McMichael...gotta have a Fin
auntb (9:59:04 PM): loser
hortensity (9:59:11 PM): yes, I am
the_d_regis (9:59:14 PM): olandis gary........detroit's savior??? we'll see
auntb (9:59:24 PM): COLEMANS 67
the_d_regis (9:59:35 PM): olandis baby
the_d_regis (9:59:56 PM): olandis gary coleman
auntb (10:01:14 PM): 68 MICE = KEYSHAWN
auntb (10:02:11 PM): 69 SHU = Troy Brown
auntb (10:02:18 PM): 70,71 19-Cent UP
auntb (10:02:29 PM): UPD
redpop19 (10:02:49 PM): It'll have to be D Mason if he's still on the board...
auntb (10:02:53 PM): yours
bursiek (10:03:20 PM): Desmond?
auntb (10:03:26 PM): bacon?
redpop19 (10:03:26 PM): derrick
bursiek (10:03:36 PM): LOVES P.F. Changs
slam_hounder (10:03:46 PM): and asian women
redpop19 (10:03:56 PM): followed by C. Johnson
bursiek (10:04:00 PM): bless that boy
slam_hounder (10:04:19 PM): is sportsline down again?
slam_hounder (10:04:26 PM): oh wait, its slow
auntb (10:05:14 PM): SHU = Rod Smith
hortensity (10:06:10 PM): MICE
hortensity (10:06:24 PM): MEESES
auntb (10:06:32 PM): 73 MICE = R GARDNER
slam_hounder (10:06:35 PM): shark i think you need emmitt again
the_d_regis (10:06:41 PM): jerry porter
auntb (10:06:41 PM): blah!
auntb (10:06:55 PM): SALTY 75
the_d_regis (10:07:00 PM): Porter = TD
auntb (10:07:08 PM): that's the half-way point
hortensity (10:07:18 PM): T Green for the undefeated Dogs
auntb (10:07:21 PM): not too bad fellas
auntb (10:07:30 PM): Tom Green and his LEFT NUT?
mrbeaks (10:07:34 PM): Tampa Bay Defense for VLM.
auntb (10:07:49 PM): UPD
auntb (10:07:53 PM): uhoh
auntb (10:08:53 PM): WILLOW = JAY FEELY
auntb (10:09:14 PM): SLAM UP 77
auntb (10:09:33 PM): UPD
slam_hounder (10:09:54 PM): Booker
auntb (10:10:14 PM): hometowner
auntb (10:10:24 PM): BANTY 78
bursiek (10:11:06 PM): Darrell Jackson (DarNELL be down to help ya)
slam_hounder (10:11:16 PM): oh yehhhhhhhhhhhh
auntb (10:11:30 PM): another hometowner
bursiek (10:11:36 PM): course
auntb (10:12:28 PM): SCATMAN = 2 PICKS
chicagobart (10:12:34 PM): akers
chicagobart (10:12:38 PM): carolina
auntb (10:13:31 PM): BANTY 81
auntb (10:15:07 PM): BANTY!
bursiek (10:15:15 PM): Matt Hasselbeck
auntb (10:15:20 PM): loser
bursiek (10:15:21 PM): hometown, hometown
bursiek (10:15:32 PM): he's pumped
slam_hounder (10:15:32 PM): Bubba
redpop19 (10:16:34 PM): that's your pick right slam
slam_hounder (10:16:39 PM): ye
auntb (10:16:59 PM): 83 Willow = Miami D
mrbeaks (10:17:10 PM): Quincy Morgan to VLM.
auntb (10:17:35 PM): SA:LTY 85
hortensity (10:18:01 PM): RAvens D
the_d_regis (10:18:11 PM): slam, who was your IM froze and missed it
auntb (10:18:18 PM): colemans 86
slam_hounder (10:18:31 PM): Bubba
the_d_regis (10:18:36 PM): gotcha, thanks
the_d_regis (10:18:48 PM): I'll take my Joey Porter-less Pittsburgh D
the_d_regis (10:18:53 PM): shot in the ass....ouch
slam_hounder (10:19:11 PM): damn him, stay home
the_d_regis (10:19:16 PM): no shit
the_d_regis (10:19:23 PM): watch the game on TV for god sake
hortensity (10:19:26 PM): better than what Kordell got in the ass
redpop19 (10:19:32 PM): ha
slam_hounder (10:19:33 PM): oooffff
the_d_regis (10:19:33 PM): hahahahahahaha
slam_hounder (10:19:46 PM): or jeff garcia
redpop19 (10:20:09 PM): so that's the back problem
slam_hounder (10:20:15 PM): ha
redpop19 (10:20:57 PM): you up there shark?
auntb (10:21:07 PM): MICE 87 
auntb (10:21:47 PM): A TRAIN
redpop19 (10:22:21 PM): punk
auntb (10:22:30 PM): SHU = S MACK
auntb (10:22:35 PM): first out the limo
auntb (10:22:54 PM): 19-CENT with 2
auntb (10:23:04 PM): UPD
redpop19 (10:24:33 PM): gimmee Janny for my K
auntb (10:24:45 PM): you fool
redpop19 (10:24:55 PM): he down
slam_hounder (10:24:57 PM): he's drunk
the_d_regis (10:25:05 PM): he raped me once
redpop19 (10:25:09 PM): that's why you gotta love him
auntb (10:25:15 PM): you belong in the HOES DOWN DIVISION
slam_hounder (10:25:15 PM): and kordell
redpop19 (10:25:16 PM): only once?
the_d_regis (10:25:20 PM): he bought me a drink and I got really tired
redpop19 (10:25:32 PM): that's probably twice then
the_d_regis (10:25:42 PM): went I woke up I had an ass full of vasolline
auntb (10:25:54 PM): hey now
hortensity (10:26:03 PM): PIMPS UP HOES DOWN
the_d_regis (10:26:04 PM): sorry, this is a clean league
redpop19 (10:26:14 PM): a 12 inch poop shoot as phil hartman so eloquently out it
auntb (10:26:17 PM): get your sorry ass over in the dirty league!
slam_hounder (10:26:19 PM): :-&
the_d_regis (10:26:30 PM): i got issues
redpop19 (10:26:38 PM): and then Barlow
slam_hounder (10:27:34 PM): good pick Cent
auntb (10:27:37 PM): UPD
redpop19 (10:27:52 PM): tanks
slam_hounder (10:28:29 PM): laughs out loud
slam_hounder (10:28:32 PM): mumbles incoherently
slam_hounder (10:28:42 PM): hiccups and then searches for a glass of water
redpop19 (10:28:53 PM): you drinkin with janny?
auntb (10:28:56 PM): SHU = DREW BLEDSOE
hortensity (10:29:13 PM): nice. forgot about him
redpop19 (10:29:54 PM): what round are we in?
slam_hounder (10:30:01 PM): says, "Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?"
auntb (10:30:23 PM): MICE = G Heart
auntb (10:30:26 PM): Hearst
auntb (10:30:31 PM): COLEMAN UP
redpop19 (10:30:35 PM): it's poop shoot not poupon
mrbeaks (10:30:42 PM): Shark thinks Barlow = Poop.
the_d_regis (10:30:43 PM): don't kill me slam......Tommy 'Gun' Maddox....
auntb (10:30:53 PM): UPD
slam_hounder (10:31:00 PM): better take Batch just in case
the_d_regis (10:31:05 PM): hahaha!
auntb (10:31:07 PM): and some ROLAIDS
the_d_regis (10:31:10 PM): true, though
hortensity (10:31:22 PM): Mike Vanderjagt
redpop19 (10:31:26 PM): he's their backup
the_d_regis (10:31:27 PM): I already got Daunte....not a bad duo
slam_hounder (10:31:34 PM): stands up and applauds
mrbeaks (10:31:53 PM): Am I up?
slam_hounder (10:32:34 PM): i think so
mrbeaks (10:32:52 PM): Martin Gramatica.
slam_hounder (10:32:59 PM): gazoo
hortensity (10:34:31 PM): updating the list Shark?
slam_hounder (10:34:41 PM): is extremely bored
slam_hounder (10:35:05 PM): mumbles incoherently
auntb (10:35:45 PM): sorry...
bursiek (10:35:52 PM): who's up anyway
slam_hounder (10:35:57 PM): willow
the_d_regis (10:37:28 PM): :|
auntb (10:37:31 PM): just a minute
slam_hounder (10:37:35 PM): apologizes
hortensity (10:37:47 PM): I-)
the_d_regis (10:37:51 PM): #-o
hortensity (10:37:52 PM): symbols
auntb (10:38:02 PM): WILLOW = TRUNG
auntb (10:38:03 PM): like ahors
auntb (10:38:08 PM): SLAM UP
slam_hounder (10:38:23 PM): green Akers
redpop19 (10:38:28 PM): gond
slam_hounder (10:38:31 PM): off
redpop19 (10:38:33 PM): and gone
slam_hounder (10:38:42 PM): Coles?
redpop19 (10:38:55 PM): professional atheletes, always trying to have everything
auntb (10:39:12 PM): alive
slam_hounder (10:39:16 PM): hiccups and then searches for a glass of water
auntb (10:39:23 PM): groans loudly
slam_hounder (10:39:29 PM): Coles, Laveranues?
auntb (10:39:35 PM): and SHirley?
bursiek (10:39:40 PM): Am I up?
redpop19 (10:39:40 PM): no you got bimbo
auntb (10:40:09 PM): UPD
auntb (10:40:12 PM): BANTY UP
auntb (10:40:15 PM): 99
bursiek (10:40:16 PM): Tom Brady
auntb (10:40:27 PM): san mateo
bursiek (10:40:44 PM): Bay Area all the way to Sac Town
auntb (10:40:45 PM): SCATMAN for 2
chicagobart (10:40:52 PM): sharpe
chicagobart (10:40:55 PM): conway
auntb (10:41:23 PM): BANTY 102
bursiek (10:41:49 PM): Philly D
slam_hounder (10:42:03 PM): Farve
bursiek (10:42:10 PM): do in a little east coast swing
redpop19 (10:42:11 PM): good lord
auntb (10:42:29 PM): UPD
bursiek (10:42:34 PM): UPD
bursiek (10:42:35 PM): UPD
bursiek (10:42:35 PM): UPD
bursiek (10:42:36 PM): UPD
auntb (10:42:42 PM): you pee, dee
auntb (10:42:53 PM): slam, FAVRE is GONE
auntb (10:43:01 PM): where you at, comiskey?
bursiek (10:43:23 PM): Bart, "that's preddy, that's preddy"
bursiek (10:43:47 PM): [picture mentally challenged girl messin with Bar]
chicagobart (10:44:01 PM): now thats comedy
auntb (10:44:12 PM): {picture Bird watching with an 8mm cam}
auntb (10:44:20 PM): SLAM UP
auntb (10:44:24 PM): SLAM 103
bursiek (10:45:02 PM): picture Shark aksin me to borrow the picks
auntb (10:45:27 PM): can i borrow your next pick
auntb (10:45:29 PM): or a feeling?
bursiek (10:45:38 PM): sure
auntb (10:45:43 PM): HOUNDER!
redpop19 (10:45:59 PM): call him up he's probably watchin the ballgame
auntb (10:46:29 PM): best:
auntb (10:46:31 PM): auntb: ya there?
slam_hounder: yah
slam_hounder: sorry, watching the game
slam_hounder (10:46:47 PM): okay, Buckhalter
auntb (10:46:52 PM): or dirty PLAYMAKERS
slam_hounder (10:47:06 PM): BK against Jose Valentin
redpop19 (10:47:14 PM): whos winnin
slam_hounder (10:47:17 PM): sox
redpop19 (10:47:25 PM): hmmm...
redpop19 (10:47:42 PM): good for one of us...
auntb (10:48:12 PM): WILLOW =
slam_hounder (10:48:40 PM): red sox won
auntb (10:48:42 PM): T HAMBRICK
slam_hounder (10:48:42 PM): faints
mrbeaks (10:48:50 PM): VLM pick Jerramy Stevens.
auntb (10:48:53 PM): VERY LARGE 104
auntb (10:49:08 PM): SALT 105
hortensity (10:49:24 PM): Salt Dogs:  Michael "ThugNasty" Pittman
the_d_regis (10:49:41 PM): alge crumpler
slam_hounder (10:49:47 PM): stands up and applauds
hortensity (10:49:54 PM): is he in jail yet
the_d_regis (10:50:14 PM): that's a man who knows how to treat a lady
hortensity (10:50:29 PM): pimps up hoes down, regis
auntb (10:50:43 PM): mice = J RICE
the_d_regis (10:50:46 PM): face down ass up
mrbeaks (10:50:49 PM): Talk about a man who knows how to treat a lady, my upstairs neighbor has been laying serious pipe for the last half-hour.
redpop19 (10:51:00 PM): best
hortensity (10:51:02 PM): sweet
the_d_regis (10:51:07 PM): hahaaha!
auntb (10:51:07 PM): awesome!
slam_hounder (10:51:07 PM): is she hot?
the_d_regis (10:51:11 PM): nice
mrbeaks (10:51:19 PM): If this is the Asian chick... yeah.
mrbeaks (10:51:25 PM): I've seen him with two women, though.
slam_hounder (10:51:25 PM): best asians
the_d_regis (10:51:26 PM): =D>
redpop19 (10:51:35 PM): bird, you listenin to this
hortensity (10:51:36 PM): what are the other options besides asians?
slam_hounder (10:51:44 PM): 2 asians
hortensity (10:51:50 PM): nice
the_d_regis (10:51:52 PM): ginkes scoobs
mrbeaks (10:51:53 PM): w/ fried rice.
auntb (10:52:09 PM): shu = Josh Reed
slam_hounder (10:52:23 PM): Tsao's Chicken
bursiek (10:52:35 PM): best
bursiek (10:52:47 PM): Cheers to Asians
the_d_regis (10:52:59 PM): jeers to whitey
redpop19 (10:53:04 PM): da Barber ub de bill, bigaro, bigaro
hortensity (10:54:04 PM): what round and how many more?
redpop19 (10:54:12 PM): and gimmee some Holcomb to go with that
auntb (10:54:31 PM): Barber?  tiki's long gone
redpop19 (10:54:37 PM): to who
slam_hounder (10:54:45 PM): groans loudly
hortensity (10:54:52 PM): to milton
bursiek (10:54:59 PM): eric?
slam_hounder (10:54:59 PM): eric?
redpop19 (10:55:00 PM): dont' make me give out another good lord
auntb (10:55:04 PM): who are your 110 and 111, faygo
bursiek (10:55:09 PM): bradly
redpop19 (10:55:12 PM): yea
slam_hounder (10:55:19 PM): gives everyone a big hug
auntb (10:55:23 PM): who's bradly?
redpop19 (10:55:31 PM): out for the year
hortensity (10:55:33 PM): milton
redpop19 (10:55:39 PM): who has Barber
auntb (10:55:42 PM): give me a full name damnit!
the_d_regis (10:55:46 PM): i'
hortensity (10:56:13 PM): scatman has barber
chicagobart (10:56:21 PM): any recent updates shark
auntb (10:56:28 PM): i need 19-CENT TEAM's 110 and 111 picks
auntb (10:56:30 PM): just UPD
auntb (10:56:32 PM): UPD 
auntb (10:56:33 PM): UPD
the_d_regis (10:56:36 PM): i'm going earmuffs until this is figured out......
hortensity (10:56:37 PM): yeah, saltdogs undefeated
auntb (10:56:47 PM): ducks out of the way
redpop19 (10:57:06 PM): Parcells D and Holcomb
the_d_regis (10:57:07 PM): Coleman '04
the_d_regis (10:57:25 PM): Gary, that is
auntb (10:58:07 PM): SHU 112
auntb (10:59:04 PM): A Becht
auntb (11:00:26 PM): MICE 113 Tai Streets
the_d_regis (11:00:35 PM): John Carney, K, NO
auntb (11:00:47 PM): UPD
hortensity (11:00:48 PM): James Thrash
auntb (11:00:49 PM): UPD
the_d_regis (11:01:03 PM): damn Carney's or Carnies or....whatever
auntb (11:01:24 PM): LARGE 116
mrbeaks (11:01:31 PM): Chris Chambers
slam_hounder (11:01:42 PM): still piping upstairs?
mrbeaks (11:01:56 PM): Finished a little bit ago.
mrbeaks (11:02:01 PM): She climaxed *loud*.
slam_hounder (11:02:07 PM): oh best
slam_hounder (11:02:11 PM): groans loudly
hortensity (11:02:13 PM): how did that make you feel?
mrbeaks (11:02:18 PM): Echoed out into the courtyard for the kids in the complex to hear.
mrbeaks (11:02:26 PM): Why do you think I've been so quiet otherwise?
auntb (11:02:44 PM): Willow = BUS
auntb (11:02:46 PM): BETTIS
slam_hounder (11:02:52 PM): oofff, what?
slam_hounder (11:02:54 PM): damn
auntb (11:02:57 PM): SLAM UP
slam_hounder (11:03:09 PM): Monty Jordan
auntb (11:03:50 PM): BANTY 119
bursiek (11:04:30 PM): UPD?
auntb (11:05:09 PM): UPD
bursiek (11:05:16 PM): Morty Andersen.  
auntb (11:05:17 PM): contesting FAYGO's contest
auntb (11:05:45 PM): SCATMAN with 2
chicagobart (11:06:28 PM): marcell shipp
hortensity (11:06:31 PM): can't go wrong with a morty
chicagobart (11:06:33 PM): doug jolley
slam_hounder (11:06:48 PM): ponders the meaning of life
chicagobart (11:07:06 PM): faints on <font color="#b20000">bursimi
chicagobart (11:07:13 PM): whoops
bursiek (11:07:28 PM): The asian upstairs I hope
auntb (11:07:28 PM): too bad it wasn't a fart
auntb (11:07:37 PM): BANTY UP
auntb (11:07:57 PM): UPD
bursiek (11:07:58 PM): Charles Rogers
slam_hounder (11:08:20 PM): i bet murray took him in the 2nd round
slam_hounder (11:08:24 PM): 3rd
auntb (11:08:33 PM): 4th, though he's KEEPING him
bursiek (11:08:35 PM): Slam, we are in a keeper league nows the time to get Drew
auntb (11:08:41 PM): SLAM UP
auntb (11:08:48 PM): 123
slam_hounder (11:09:07 PM): Snake 
auntb (11:09:09 PM): Andy Tracy?
bursiek (11:09:10 PM): Good by Yankees, hello Texans
auntb (11:09:11 PM): punter?
mrbeaks (11:09:18 PM): I need a long-snapper.
bursiek (11:09:19 PM): no Hensen
auntb (11:10:06 PM): Willow = E Smith
slam_hounder (11:10:16 PM): cheers
slam_hounder (11:10:26 PM): yells, "For Crying out loud!"
mrbeaks (11:10:27 PM): Ashley Lelie
hortensity (11:10:37 PM): are we in a keeper round?
auntb (11:10:48 PM): no
redpop19 (11:10:49 PM): not for another 5 rounds
auntb (11:11:49 PM): 126 SALTY
slam_hounder (11:11:55 PM): [-(
auntb (11:12:06 PM): :(|)
auntb (11:12:12 PM): 3:-O
auntb (11:12:16 PM): :@)
slam_hounder (11:12:34 PM): waves at everyone in the room
auntb (11:12:36 PM): SALTY
auntb (11:12:38 PM): 126
hortensity (11:12:43 PM): Kyle Brady
mrbeaks (11:12:43 PM): :-B
auntb (11:12:43 PM): UPD
auntb (11:12:59 PM): COLEMAN
the_d_regis (11:13:01 PM): antwaan randle el
slam_hounder (11:13:16 PM): i love it!
slam_hounder (11:13:25 PM): best steelers
slam_hounder (11:13:50 PM): where's newlove and his sorry ass clowns
the_d_regis (11:14:05 PM): Cheers to the only guy who EVER made Hoosier football tolerable...Randle El
mrbeaks (11:14:08 PM): :o)
mrbeaks (11:14:21 PM): There'll be no disrespecting the Browns in my presence.
auntb (11:14:23 PM): MICE 128
auntb (11:14:52 PM): B Johnson
slam_hounder (11:16:08 PM): shu
auntb (11:16:14 PM): SHU 129 
auntb (11:16:23 PM): OI Mare
slam_hounder (11:16:31 PM): where is shu anyway?  are you picking for him shark?
auntb (11:16:44 PM): UPD
slam_hounder (11:16:56 PM): DPU
auntb (11:17:00 PM): shu is clowing on ya slam
auntb (11:17:02 PM): he's right here
redpop19 (11:17:10 PM): how many picks left?
auntb (11:17:14 PM): he says to take off the big red shus
auntb (11:17:20 PM): you have 4
auntb (11:17:22 PM): 2 now
auntb (11:17:34 PM): sorry
auntb (11:17:35 PM): 3
redpop19 (11:17:39 PM): give me Billy Miller ...
slam_hounder (11:17:41 PM): huh?
bursiek (11:17:48 PM): sox win?
auntb (11:17:49 PM): make it 4
auntb (11:17:54 PM): it's final
mrbeaks (11:17:56 PM): Isn't he the former bassist for Trixter?
hortensity (11:18:03 PM): you mean, Billy Joe Tolliver
redpop19 (11:18:39 PM): and Antonio Bryant
bursiek (11:18:44 PM): who names their kid Trot anyway?
slam_hounder (11:18:59 PM): those hicks in the south
bursiek (11:19:29 PM): Willow should name his kid Dot
auntb (11:19:55 PM): SHU
auntb (11:20:09 PM): T DWIGHT
auntb (11:20:29 PM): MICE
slam_hounder (11:20:34 PM): how many more picks
bursiek (11:21:04 PM): 3
auntb (11:21:20 PM): WYCHECK
the_d_regis (11:21:34 PM): jamel white
hortensity (11:21:38 PM): I'll take Leftwich
mrbeaks (11:21:56 PM): Drew Brees, if you please.
bursiek (11:22:09 PM): my socks pulled up to my knees
auntb (11:23:23 PM): Willow = Alstott
slam_hounder (11:23:48 PM): TJ Duckett
auntb (11:24:01 PM): UPD
auntb (11:24:13 PM): Slam loves it
auntb (11:24:35 PM): UPD
auntb (11:24:38 PM): BANTY 139
auntb (11:24:43 PM): then SCATMAN 140, 141
bursiek (11:25:37 PM): Moe
auntb (11:25:53 PM): SCATMAN 140, 141
auntb (11:26:04 PM): UPD
chicagobart (11:26:36 PM): tommy maddox,  kevin johnson
auntb (11:26:42 PM): maddox taken
chicagobart (11:26:49 PM): sorry
chicagobart (11:27:16 PM): its not on your list
chicagobart (11:27:44 PM): plummer4
auntb (11:27:52 PM): taken
auntb (11:27:58 PM): update your spreadsheet
auntb (11:28:00 PM): they
hortensity (11:28:02 PM): shall we do it again?
auntb (11:28:04 PM): they're in there
hortensity (11:28:06 PM): milton
auntb (11:28:07 PM): like Ragu
chicagobart (11:29:06 PM): josh booty for shits
auntb (11:29:25 PM): groovy!
bursiek (11:29:37 PM): No worries, you don't change your lineup the entire year.TIM BROWN!
slam_hounder (11:29:52 PM): Jason Elam
auntb (11:29:56 PM): don't fret, but we actually skipped a number sequence on the spreadsheet from 55 -66
bursiek (11:30:05 PM): laughs out loud
auntb (11:30:06 PM): that means everyone has 2 picks left
auntb (11:30:10 PM): before this round
bursiek (11:30:16 PM): laughs out loud
the_d_regis (11:30:28 PM): :-B
slam_hounder (11:30:39 PM): sneaky shark?
slam_hounder (11:30:43 PM): ponders the meaning of life
mrbeaks (11:30:45 PM): Willow's up.
the_d_regis (11:30:55 PM): weeps gently
slam_hounder (11:30:58 PM): gives everyone a big hug
the_d_regis (11:31:08 PM): smiles
slam_hounder (11:31:15 PM): ducks out of the way
bursiek (11:31:24 PM): hiccups and then searches for a glass of water
mrbeaks (11:31:27 PM): #-o
the_d_regis (11:31:51 PM): unskinny bop
the_d_regis (11:31:56 PM): just blows me away
bursiek (11:31:56 PM): wants a raise
the_d_regis (11:32:03 PM): unskinny bop bop
the_d_regis (11:32:07 PM): all night and day, yeah
slam_hounder (11:32:17 PM): busts a move
the_d_regis (11:32:22 PM): unskinny bop bop bop bop
auntb (11:32:35 PM): Willow = Keenan McCardell
redpop19 (11:32:37 PM): leafs through porn
slam_hounder (11:33:11 PM): 0:)
mrbeaks (11:33:27 PM): Shawn Bryson.
slam_hounder (11:33:46 PM): 8-}
auntb (11:34:17 PM): SALT 146
slam_hounder (11:34:21 PM): wants a raise
slam_hounder (11:34:31 PM): pokes you in the chest
mrbeaks (11:35:02 PM): sings a song for <font color="#b20000">auntb
hortensity (11:35:04 PM): Vinatieri
bursiek (11:35:09 PM): screams in a mad fit
the_d_regis (11:35:20 PM): New England D....minus Lawyer Milloy
slam_hounder (11:35:36 PM): mumbles incoherently
the_d_regis (11:36:08 PM): is tired even though he had the day off
auntb (11:36:12 PM): MICE = NYG
slam_hounder (11:36:33 PM): booze is the answer
mrbeaks (11:36:43 PM): crashes into <font color="#b20000">auntb
auntb (11:36:45 PM): SHU = T WHeatlye
bursiek (11:36:59 PM): UPD
bursiek (11:37:00 PM): UPD
redpop19 (11:37:10 PM): are these my last 2 shark?
auntb (11:37:14 PM): UPD
auntb (11:37:16 PM): yes
redpop19 (11:37:40 PM): Make it Andre Johnson...
auntb (11:37:59 PM): who's Johnson on...
redpop19 (11:38:08 PM): he get cut?
auntb (11:38:20 PM): Houston?
redpop19 (11:38:24 PM): texans I think
slam_hounder (11:38:25 PM): yes
auntb (11:38:35 PM): got it
auntb (11:38:51 PM): 1 more, waygo
redpop19 (11:38:54 PM): and DeShaun after your bot goes down in week 2
mrbeaks (11:38:56 PM): Hey room you can create custom emotions by editing the emote_user.dat file
auntb (11:39:20 PM): or go to the Yahoo Messenger page and find the "hidden emoticons" page
mrbeaks (11:39:35 PM): Don't contradict me, man.
mrbeaks (11:39:49 PM): I'm trying to help y'all motherfuckers out.
slam_hounder (11:39:51 PM): bows gracefully
auntb (11:40:03 PM): no contradict....another helper
auntb (11:40:31 PM): SHU = 
auntb (11:40:33 PM): 152
auntb (11:41:01 PM): Atlanta
slam_hounder (11:41:09 PM): screams in a mad fit
auntb (11:41:19 PM): Shark = Longwell
the_d_regis (11:41:29 PM): Larry Johnson, RB, KC
the_d_regis (11:41:56 PM): handcuffing holmes (in my basement)
auntb (11:42:17 PM): FISHNUTS
auntb (11:42:32 PM): UPD
hortensity (11:42:35 PM): ok
hortensity (11:42:46 PM): taking a risk with...
hortensity (11:42:49 PM): Buffalo D
auntb (11:42:50 PM): HORTENSITY is FISHNUTS
mrbeaks (11:42:56 PM): Marc Boerigter.
slam_hounder (11:43:07 PM): cornuts?
slam_hounder (11:43:13 PM): BBQ
redpop19 (11:43:23 PM):  fiddle faddle
mrbeaks (11:43:32 PM): Screaming Yellow Zonkers?
slam_hounder (11:43:43 PM): BIG KAT
redpop19 (11:43:51 PM): King Vitamin
auntb (11:43:58 PM): WILLOW= W CHrebet
the_d_regis (11:43:58 PM): shark, this is it right? 
mrbeaks (11:44:00 PM): Best King Vitamin.
mrbeaks (11:44:06 PM): Worst Flashlight.
redpop19 (11:44:16 PM): best cereal box i've seen in awhile
slam_hounder (11:44:17 PM): Tennessee
auntb (11:44:17 PM): King Vitamin rules
the_d_regis (11:44:40 PM): king slender from nintendo pro wrestling
redpop19 (11:44:43 PM): they took him off the shelves here in C-Bus
bursiek (11:45:00 PM): shark, me up?
slam_hounder (11:45:02 PM): UPD?
auntb (11:45:06 PM): BANTY
auntb (11:45:07 PM): UPC
auntb (11:45:09 PM): UPD
mrbeaks (11:45:11 PM): A winner is you.
bursiek (11:45:20 PM): Terry Glenn
slam_hounder (11:45:20 PM): weiner?
auntb (11:45:47 PM): SCATMAN
redpop19 (11:45:56 PM): please end this
slam_hounder (11:45:59 PM): good night (:|
chicagobart (11:46:11 PM): kerry collins
auntb (11:46:12 PM): best
mrbeaks (11:46:25 PM): And... we're out.
chicagobart (11:46:26 PM): am i done?
slam_hounder (11:46:27 PM): oh nooooo (:|
mrbeaks (11:46:28 PM): Good work, people.
auntb (11:46:41 PM): done!
chicagobart (11:46:41 PM): knows that <font color="#b20000">chicagobart knows that the truth is out there
auntb (11:46:42 PM): DONE
the_d_regis (11:46:49 PM): .....and a pleasant tomorrow
mrbeaks (11:46:53 PM): Alrighty.  Just in time for THE O.C.
auntb (11:46:54 PM): rosters will be uploaded soon
mrbeaks (11:46:55 PM): I'm out.
hortensity (11:47:11 PM): late

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