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Draft Transcript


auntb (9:48:35 PM): dirty!

mrbeaks (9:48:38 PM): I *knew* this was going to happen!

senormurray (9:48:40 PM): dirty sportsline

roymichaels (9:48:40 PM): what's this shit w/ SPortsline

bursimi (9:48:41 PM): what's dirty

roymichaels (9:48:48 PM): dirtyyyyyy

roymichaels (9:48:54 PM): wuuuurrrssssstttttt

senormurray (9:49:05 PM): ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm qasr

mrbeaks (9:49:15 PM): It's been down for the last half-hour.

auntb (9:49:57 PM): guess we wait it out...

senormurray (9:49:58 PM): dirty proxy error

auntb (9:50:04 PM): mrbeaks - who ya pickin?

mrbeaks (9:50:08 PM): Mmmmm, Proxy!

roymichaels (9:50:10 PM): i'll sell someone the 5th pick

redpop19 (9:50:22 PM): that's mine you bastard

hortensity (9:50:56 PM): too late for yahoo?

roymichaels (9:50:57 PM): i know, why do ya think i'm offerin?

mrbeaks (9:50:57 PM): I've got my eye on Darren Daulton.

sdy69 (9:51:37 PM): chum in house

mrbeaks (9:51:38 PM): Dodez says he can access his other league on Sportsline.

senormurray (9:51:45 PM): dirty

mrbeaks (9:51:55 PM): They're screwing us on *purpose*!

avondavey (9:51:57 PM): hey all

mrbeaks (9:52:04 PM): Mmmm, davon!

roymichaels (9:52:10 PM): welcome Vonnie

senormurray (9:52:26 PM): there just jealous of our large american penises

mrbeaks (9:52:43 PM): Our massive horse cocks.

redpop19 (9:52:55 PM): i am ga

roymichaels (9:53:02 PM): who's got good draft tunes? Eric B and Rakim anyone?

mrbeaks (9:53:12 PM): "Rakim ah-say!"

roymichaels (9:53:26 PM): tru

avondavey (9:53:45 PM): I'm orange!

redpop19 (9:53:50 PM): were you listening to 107.5 morris?

mrbeaks (9:54:05 PM): Don't you live close to the Sportsline HQ, Shark?

senormurray (9:54:16 PM): bomb them

auntb (9:54:21 PM): yea...but it's about 15 minutes away

mrbeaks (9:54:25 PM): Shit in their washer.

mrbeaks (9:54:37 PM): And toss it in the drier.

auntb (9:54:43 PM): :-&

sdy69 (9:54:48 PM): so no one is on?

auntb (9:54:58 PM): i would have hated to been that deusch

auntb (9:55:01 PM): bag

mrbeaks (9:55:19 PM): Not a day goes by that I don't think of that poor bastard, whoever it was.

sdy69 (9:56:13 PM): he is that guy with "I am the shit!" shirt

roymichaels (9:56:18 PM): is Cool J Cookies on line?

senormurray (9:56:33 PM): forget oreo's

roymichaels (9:56:53 PM): Morris told me he was renaming his team to that.

senormurray (9:57:12 PM): morris is online

mrbeaks (9:57:16 PM): Well, the HAHA site is up.

mrbeaks (9:57:24 PM): A lot of fucking good that does us.

roymichaels (9:57:37 PM): go Roy-Als

sdy69 (9:57:37 PM): what happens if we don't start at 10, starts without us?

sdy69 (9:58:22 PM): "crackers?"

mrbeaks (9:58:27 PM): I bet it does start without us.

sdy69 (9:58:42 PM): i hope i get a good team

roymichaels (9:58:48 PM): chum, whaddya say you and i go to Florida and whip some pussy

mrbeaks (9:58:55 PM): I'll probably still get my first pick.

redpop19 (9:59:00 PM): I'll get to draft about 10 of hte same position

avondavey (9:59:16 PM): who is it going to be yhammes?

sdy69 (9:59:23 PM): i'm already there in my mind

mrbeaks (9:59:29 PM): I just gave you a hint.

roymichaels (9:59:55 PM): Frank Tanana

sdy69 (10:00:02 PM): cris sabo

mrbeaks (10:00:06 PM): Kirby "Get in the Bathroom Bitch" Puckett.

avondavey (10:00:14 PM): prince fielder?

redpop19 (10:00:16 PM): good choice

sdy69 (10:00:34 PM): cory snyder

roymichaels (10:00:38 PM): poll question: best berman nickname?

redpop19 (10:00:41 PM): you get extra points for sexual assualts

hortensity (10:01:00 PM): rolando roomes with a view

senormurray (10:01:02 PM): prince might be a sleeper

mrbeaks (10:01:04 PM): Odibie "Young Again" McDowell.

auntb (10:01:15 PM): Bert "Be Home" Blyleven

roymichaels (10:01:24 PM): Glen "Mother" Hubbard

roymichaels (10:01:53 PM): booooooooo

mrbeaks (10:02:00 PM): Booooo-erns.

roymichaels (10:02:02 PM): yeaaaaaaaa

dodez (10:02:16 PM): whats the plan?

mrbeaks (10:02:27 PM): Firebomb Sportsline.

hortensity (10:02:35 PM): jihad!!

senormurray (10:02:36 PM): we shall bomb them

dodez (10:02:37 PM): i like it.

avondavey (10:02:41 PM): lets all pick a fuckin' coloer huh

mrbeaks (10:02:46 PM): Drag their flaming corpses out in the street and shit in their mouths.

auntb (10:02:47 PM): who we missin? the D Regis? Que?

avondavey (10:02:49 PM): color

hortensity (10:02:54 PM): ok

redpop19 (10:02:57 PM): maybe the elder duncan knew what he was doing when he left

sdy69 (10:03:07 PM): where is slam

auntb (10:03:08 PM): we could do the draft right soon as Slam gets in

senormurray (10:03:09 PM): we shall bomb them

mrbeaks (10:03:14 PM): He'd be through the fucking roof by now.

burkle_1999 (10:03:23 PM): que is here with al

roymichaels (10:03:24 PM): here

roymichaels (10:03:25 PM):

auntb (10:03:30 PM): i talked to Hounder and he's runnin late...he should be here about now

roymichaels (10:03:31 PM): here's my fucking color

auntb (10:03:40 PM): your colors suck

senormurray (10:03:52 PM): my colors are better than yours

roymichaels (10:03:53 PM): i know

roymichaels (10:04:07 PM): big daddy kane?

redpop19 (10:04:11 PM): you homophobe, Roy

mrbeaks (10:04:13 PM): You're my boy, Blue.

roymichaels (10:04:29 PM): oh, stop it.

redpop19 (10:04:37 PM): I won't stand for it

roymichaels (10:04:56 PM): i wasn't the one scared to get in bed w/ a naked guy w/ a smoke in his ass

mrbeaks (10:05:23 PM): I'm on!

redpop19 (10:05:28 PM): That was more about the urine than anything

avondavey (10:05:34 PM): go yhammes you got first pick

senormurray (10:05:40 PM): play ball!!!!!

sdy69 (10:05:40 PM): gameplan o mighty?

avondavey (10:05:41 PM): lets have it

roymichaels (10:05:43 PM): yippy

mrbeaks (10:06:02 PM): It won't let me pick.

avondavey (10:06:17 PM): unofficially

avondavey (10:06:25 PM): whos it going to be

senormurray (10:06:29 PM): draft was suspended, shark unsuspend

mrbeaks (10:06:39 PM): Unsuspend! Unsuspend!

redpop19 (10:06:52 PM): let them play, let them play

bursimi (10:06:55 PM): roidz, you can unsuspend it

bursimi (10:07:00 PM): have at at young man

avondavey (10:07:14 PM): are we not having a draft?

mrbeaks (10:07:22 PM): Grrr.

bursimi (10:07:58 PM): where is shark at?

bursimi (10:08:02 PM): come up for air shark

auntb (10:08:11 PM): ahhhh

senormurray (10:08:18 PM): let them play

bursimi (10:08:19 PM): nice

bursimi (10:08:22 PM): we ready

mrbeaks (10:08:31 PM): Can we go? Can we go?

gravyfries (10:08:31 PM): let's do this

avondavey (10:08:32 PM): Bravo here. It's a goddamn shame I'm missing Wrestlemania for this.

redpop19 (10:08:38 PM): I want to drop a toaster oven on your head Murray

senormurray (10:08:44 PM): thanks

avondavey (10:08:45 PM): A goddamn shame...

auntb (10:08:47 PM): here we go.....

mrbeaks (10:08:50 PM): We're rolling.

senormurray (10:08:50 PM): were going

avondavey (10:09:09 PM): are we drafting from this chat room?

burkle_1999 (10:09:25 PM): No yet

auntb (10:09:25 PM): go to sportsline

auntb (10:09:46 PM): did yhames get kent?

auntb (10:09:57 PM): my stuff is fucking up...

auntb (10:10:17 PM): ok

auntb (10:10:51 PM): i just tried drafting Glaus

burkle_1999 (10:11:19 PM): pete, me and al are on the same comuter under his login

burkle_1999 (10:11:28 PM): how can i pick my schmucks

auntb (10:13:07 PM): i'm closing this conference...hit me on the personal side if you need anything

bursimi (10:55:24 PM): what's up?

auntb (10:55:25 PM): give me a couple minutes to get organized here, so i can keep track of the picks

avondavey (10:55:30 PM): present im orange

roymichaels (10:55:41 PM): i want orange.

dodez (10:55:49 PM): how is this going to work?

avondavey (10:55:49 PM): i got it

avondavey (10:56:05 PM): you can be bold orange

roymichaels (10:56:06 PM): oh yeah

avondavey (10:56:17 PM): jinx

roymichaels (10:56:17 PM): how ya like me know?

redpop19 (10:56:18 PM): Roy, bring out your gay rights flag

senormurray (10:56:37 PM): can i be gay

roymichaels (10:56:38 PM): that's your neighborhood isn't it?

mrbeaks (10:56:40 PM): I'm still going to use Sportsline's rankings to consult.

avondavey (10:56:43 PM): fine i'll be purple

auntb (10:56:43 PM): i'll moderate - someone PLEASE help me as a backup to keep things moving - gimme two minutes to get organized

redpop19 (10:56:45 PM): sure murray

roymichaels (10:56:56 PM): what you need help with?

bursimi (10:57:06 PM): what's going on?

bursimi (10:57:11 PM): are we drafting here?

roymichaels (10:57:14 PM): yes

bursimi (10:57:16 PM): why

mrbeaks (10:57:21 PM): Shields can't get on, though.

redpop19 (10:57:22 PM): i like green, my cats breath smells like cat food

roymichaels (10:57:34 PM): people keep getting booted from Sportsline.

dodez (10:57:46 PM): this is going to take awhile

roymichaels (10:58:09 PM): everyone better grab a few beers and settle in

bursimi (10:58:12 PM): this sucks because the draft room ranks everyone and takes guys out of the list when there drafted

auntb (10:58:19 PM): either way will take awhile

bursimi (10:58:20 PM): this is going to take forever

auntb (10:58:24 PM): it will be fine

redpop19 (10:58:33 PM): stop your bird calls

mrbeaks (10:58:49 PM): Shark, we can have Shields pick through the CBS chat for now.

roymichaels (10:58:52 PM): can we have everyone messenger the picks to shark (or another commish) and

avondavey (10:58:55 PM): lets just throw them out yhammes your pick

sdy69 (10:59:01 PM): is there a way to see my whole team

redpop19 (10:59:12 PM): write them down

roymichaels (10:59:16 PM): nice

sdy69 (10:59:22 PM): yeh

slam_hounder (10:59:30 PM): yeh, chum

roymichaels (10:59:43 PM): slam, how was "hot"-lanta?

redpop19 (10:59:43 PM): or get a court steongrapher, although at this hour..

sdy69 (10:59:52 PM): that isn't fun

slam_hounder (10:59:55 PM): wheeeeeew, was it hot

auntb (10:59:59 PM): start throwing them out -- starting with Randy Wolf Beatles

slam_hounder (11:00:04 PM): 60 degrees today

auntb (11:00:07 PM): Mouths get Durzon

roymichaels (11:00:07 PM): you do like wolf.

mrbeaks (11:00:11 PM): My turn?

auntb (11:00:17 PM): Lanseer

slam_hounder (11:00:18 PM): oh best

mrbeaks (11:00:25 PM): Mondesi and Eckstein.

roymichaels (11:01:11 PM): who's Durzon?

slam_hounder (11:01:17 PM): durazo, roy

roymichaels (11:01:28 PM): thought so, just wanted to make sure

redpop19 (11:01:38 PM): you didn't know, don't lie

auntb (11:01:41 PM): beatles: Biggio

roymichaels (11:01:48 PM): errr, did too

auntb (11:01:50 PM): MOUTHS

slam_hounder (11:01:59 PM): two best players in a row, biggio and eckstein.

roymichaels (11:02:12 PM): the Pest

burkle_1999 (11:02:26 PM): Pineiro

auntb (11:02:33 PM): BUSTARDS

roymichaels (11:02:39 PM): uncle roy's Tip #1 - draft at least 1 Angel.

bursimi (11:03:01 PM): who picked pineiro

bursimi (11:03:05 PM): burkle?

slam_hounder (11:03:07 PM): very good advise roy

burkle_1999 (11:03:13 PM): que

redpop19 (11:03:14 PM): que i think

auntb (11:03:17 PM): Que

auntb (11:03:20 PM): BUSTARDS UP

burkle_1999 (11:03:21 PM): que did

redpop19 (11:03:28 PM): i think que

auntb (11:03:51 PM): someone do me a favor - keep the draft order rolling while i sort things out on the picks over here

mrbeaks (11:04:09 PM): Bustards are up.

bursimi (11:04:45 PM): Leiter

mrbeaks (11:04:56 PM): Powdered Toast

redpop19 (11:05:03 PM): must have offended slam

redpop19 (11:06:12 PM): Aurillia

slam_hounder (11:06:26 PM): who was before aurillia

redpop19 (11:06:36 PM): leiter

roymichaels (11:06:36 PM): Watter's up

burkle_1999 (11:07:04 PM): K Brown

roymichaels (11:07:07 PM): faygo, stop talking to slam.

redpop19 (11:07:15 PM): sorry

roymichaels (11:07:23 PM): Bashers

sdy69 (11:07:38 PM): valentine

redpop19 (11:07:44 PM): stop talking to Chum

roymichaels (11:07:54 PM): sorry

redpop19 (11:07:56 PM): as in you want roy to be yours

sdy69 (11:07:57 PM): oh well

roymichaels (11:08:01 PM): Green's Nuts

senormurray (11:08:24 PM): am i up?

roymichaels (11:08:30 PM): yup

redpop19 (11:08:32 PM): in all your gay glory

roymichaels (11:08:39 PM): jobus next

mrbeaks (11:08:41 PM): Pick, Nancy.

roymichaels (11:08:53 PM): hot stuff, coming through

senormurray (11:09:02 PM): whos being drafted. i haven't seen anything

redpop19 (11:09:28 PM): there we go

slam_hounder (11:09:51 PM): keep up updated, after leiter

the_d_regis (11:10:02 PM): sorry boys.....your 'computers' and 'online' devices frighten me...i'm just a caveman

redpop19 (11:10:07 PM): i'm not allowed to talk to you slam

senormurray (11:10:16 PM): has koch been taken?

mrbeaks (11:10:19 PM): No.

sdy69 (11:10:33 PM): can we start it back up now?

avondavey (11:10:39 PM): whats with sammer

redpop19 (11:10:44 PM): perfect candidate for the rainbow flag

roymichaels (11:10:51 PM): someone's gotta invide slam, he got booted.

mrbeaks (11:10:59 PM): I think he's having trouble with messenger.

dodez (11:11:21 PM): who is up?

bursimi (11:11:22 PM): who did murray pick?

mrbeaks (11:11:28 PM): He hasn't.

senormurray (11:11:37 PM): give me koch

redpop19 (11:11:49 PM): exactly

mrbeaks (11:11:57 PM): Slammer's bein' awfully snooty.

bursimi (11:12:08 PM): jobus is up

hortensity (11:12:12 PM): Sabathia

slam_hounder (11:12:17 PM): i don't know what is going on

senormurray (11:12:19 PM): ?

bursimi (11:12:31 PM): morris

mrbeaks (11:12:42 PM): After Leiter, Murray took Koch and Jobus got CC Sabathia.

bursimi (11:12:53 PM): and morris is on the clock

gravyfries (11:13:08 PM): Cheapest Paul Lo Duca....panic button!

mrbeaks (11:13:19 PM): Heh.

slam_hounder (11:13:23 PM): thank Yhames

bursimi (11:13:46 PM): roy, your up

dodez (11:14:21 PM): how many rounds are there?

bursimi (11:14:26 PM): a shit load

bursimi (11:14:28 PM): 21

redpop19 (11:14:31 PM): you don't want to know

roymichaels (11:14:43 PM): Pierre

mrbeaks (11:14:51 PM): Who?

roymichaels (11:14:59 PM): Juan, of course

dodez (11:15:07 PM): who is up?

redpop19 (11:15:19 PM): mexican and french, the best of both worlds

roymichaels (11:15:25 PM): FU's

roymichaels (11:15:32 PM): good take, faygo

senormurray (11:15:33 PM): damn, i wanted john peter back

slam_hounder (11:15:34 PM): mexican and freedom, faygo

redpop19 (11:15:43 PM): sorry slam

dodez (11:15:49 PM): FUs: matsui

avondavey (11:16:09 PM): PCHS up?

avondavey (11:16:26 PM): who's up?

mrbeaks (11:16:29 PM): PCHS

avondavey (11:16:36 PM): J.D. Drew

avondavey (11:16:43 PM): back for one more run...

mrbeaks (11:17:05 PM): Turbo Dogs

roymichaels (11:17:07 PM): T-Dogs

the_d_regis (11:17:28 PM): Kendall dog....

the_d_regis (11:17:32 PM): he's coming back

mrbeaks (11:17:47 PM): Yachtsmen

mrbeaks (11:18:16 PM): Yachtsmen are go!

roymichaels (11:18:24 PM): Pounder's next

slam_hounder (11:18:31 PM): i'm up?

mrbeaks (11:18:38 PM): After the Yachtsmen.

mrbeaks (11:19:01 PM): Yachtsmen?

mrbeaks (11:19:19 PM): Are you there, Yachtsmen, it's me Margaret?

redpop19 (11:19:40 PM): does it suck typing yachtsmen over and over again?

avondavey (11:19:43 PM): Hold up...

mrbeaks (11:19:46 PM): It's kickin' my ass, yeah.

redpop19 (11:20:06 PM): and you even capitalize

mrbeaks (11:20:18 PM): I'm just that fucking good.

redpop19 (11:20:25 PM): skillz

mrbeaks (11:20:38 PM): What's keeping you, Davon?

roymichaels (11:20:50 PM): Time, he get's Andy Tracy.

redpop19 (11:20:50 PM): take out the porn and make a pick

burkle_1999 (11:20:53 PM): is this a fiveminute rule

auntb (11:20:54 PM): there's only 13 'real' rounds

the_d_regis (11:21:08 PM): mmmm porn

avondavey (11:21:13 PM): Davon is irate that his list was already made and now he doesn't have a plan. He's picking soon. I promise.

senormurray (11:21:27 PM): hurry up.

bursimi (11:21:29 PM): is that you Dean?

mrbeaks (11:21:29 PM): He can go back on Sportsline and find his list.

burkle_1999 (11:21:34 PM): we all had a list

auntb (11:21:35 PM): who did Chum take? who's Valentine?

avondavey (11:21:37 PM): I was about to get on here and tell you guys to have your shit ready, but now I guess I can't.

dodez (11:21:51 PM): <yawn>

slam_hounder (11:21:54 PM): i'm ready

roymichaels (11:21:58 PM): chum's my boyfriend now, Shark, leave him alone.

bursimi (11:22:01 PM): plays third for the whitsox

avondavey (11:22:05 PM): Ted Lilly. He takes ted lilly.

sdy69 (11:22:08 PM): hello

slam_hounder (11:22:11 PM): ok

mrbeaks (11:22:12 PM): Slam.

avondavey (11:22:26 PM): Bird, this is Bravo.

slam_hounder (11:22:31 PM): i'll take jose cruz jr

bursimi (11:22:34 PM): hi dean! how are ya?

avondavey (11:22:36 PM): I've got my guys ready...

mrbeaks (11:22:41 PM): And?

mrbeaks (11:22:48 PM): You've got another, Slammer.

gravyfries (11:22:49 PM): Everyone start typing both first and last name to avoid confusion.

slam_hounder (11:22:59 PM): and i'll take mark teixeira

dodez (11:23:05 PM): shit

redpop19 (11:23:06 PM): middle initial is optional

burkle_1999 (11:23:14 PM): morris, how does haha look?

avondavey (11:23:14 PM): My ass is chapped, Bird. Wrestlemania is going on as we speak, for fuck's sake!

mrbeaks (11:23:16 PM): I want middle initial and mother's maiden name.

sdy69 (11:23:25 PM): i have wiiliams and thomas correct? that is it

mrbeaks (11:23:36 PM): Davon, you're up again.

dodez (11:23:39 PM): Yachtsmen

bursimi (11:23:41 PM): i'm sure your taping it dean. it will be ok

gravyfries (11:23:48 PM): Watters, you won. Odom and Stackhouse fucking blew it for me.

senormurray (11:23:55 PM): not that it matters, but all I know is Blue Jay Baseball.

burkle_1999 (11:24:05 PM): wow

mrbeaks (11:24:09 PM): Then all you know is last place.

avondavey (11:24:11 PM): yachtsmen choose Orlando Cabrera

mrbeaks (11:24:20 PM): T-Dogs are up.

senormurray (11:24:27 PM): Jays are good for third

the_d_regis (11:24:27 PM): 1 sec

the_d_regis (11:24:55 PM): anyone got Gange yet?

bursimi (11:24:56 PM): Murry, is Jessie Barfiled & Llyod Moseby honorary Nut captains?

the_d_regis (11:25:00 PM): Eric, that is

roymichaels (11:25:05 PM): nope.

mrbeaks (11:25:07 PM): Gagne is open.

the_d_regis (11:25:12 PM): got em'

redpop19 (11:25:16 PM): I've heard that too

auntb (11:25:23 PM): PCHS 4th

mrbeaks (11:25:26 PM): PCHS is up.

avondavey (11:25:28 PM): PCHS takes Jose Contreras

senormurray (11:25:31 PM): you got that right. but the only retired jersey is that of Kelly gruber

mrbeaks (11:25:45 PM): FU's.

senormurray (11:25:49 PM): best looking man in the history of MLB

avondavey (11:26:00 PM): F me? F you, Yhames. Jesus...

dodez (11:26:01 PM): FUs: Edgar Renteria

mrbeaks (11:26:16 PM): I'm f-in' both of yous, Bravo.

auntb (11:26:18 PM): SPASE up next

roymichaels (11:26:44 PM): Ishii

auntb (11:26:56 PM): BALBONI up

gravyfries (11:27:22 PM): Jermaine Dye

auntb (11:27:24 PM): at least now we don't have to worry about the computer auto-picking Chan Ho Park

roymichaels (11:27:36 PM): spase got skipped

roymichaels (11:27:43 PM): i'll take Dye

auntb (11:27:49 PM): JOBUS u

auntb (11:27:50 PM): up

auntb (11:27:59 PM): spase, you're drunk with Ishii

hortensity (11:28:01 PM): Jobus: Rob Nen

auntb (11:28:03 PM): playin super mario

auntb (11:28:08 PM): TOM GREEN up

roymichaels (11:28:09 PM): whoa, love him

senormurray (11:28:11 PM): Ismael Valdez

auntb (11:29:09 PM): CHUM is up

redpop19 (11:29:11 PM): who's up

mrbeaks (11:29:15 PM): Bashers

auntb (11:29:19 PM): this ain't so bad now...

sdy69 (11:29:29 PM): wolf

auntb (11:29:32 PM): taken

auntb (11:29:38 PM): i'll trade him to ya

sdy69 (11:29:46 PM): pineiro

auntb (11:29:52 PM): taken

slam_hounder (11:29:52 PM): taken

roymichaels (11:29:56 PM): uh-oh, the dupes are starting

auntb (11:29:56 PM): keep throwin em out

bursimi (11:30:01 PM): i disagree, this is terrible

auntb (11:30:03 PM): chum missed a few

sdy69 (11:30:03 PM): milton?

auntb (11:30:09 PM): you got him

slam_hounder (11:30:10 PM): ooofff

mrbeaks (11:30:10 PM): Ooof.

roymichaels (11:30:15 PM): ouch

sdy69 (11:30:19 PM): ws

mrbeaks (11:30:19 PM): 60-day DL.

auntb (11:30:26 PM): WATTERS u

auntb (11:30:28 PM): UP

burkle_1999 (11:30:31 PM): joe crede

auntb (11:30:42 PM): TOAST UP

roymichaels (11:30:52 PM): que has crede, right?

redpop19 (11:30:53 PM): carlos guillen

avondavey (11:30:53 PM): isn't Crede taken?

auntb (11:30:59 PM): que didn't want him

burkle_1999 (11:31:00 PM): no dice clay

auntb (11:31:14 PM): BUSTARDS UP

avondavey (11:31:17 PM): Que is a genius for not taking him!

auntb (11:31:28 PM): MOUTHS ON DECK

burkle_1999 (11:31:29 PM): guillen plays?

burkle_1999 (11:31:36 PM): where

slam_hounder (11:31:38 PM): this is a strange draft

avondavey (11:31:41 PM): That was uncalled for... I've got nothing against Crede.

burkle_1999 (11:31:49 PM): no prob

auntb (11:32:27 PM): has Spivey been called?

burkle_1999 (11:32:34 PM): where does guillen play

senormurray (11:32:39 PM): junior?

auntb (11:32:40 PM): guillen is SS

redpop19 (11:32:40 PM): i dunno

mrbeaks (11:32:48 PM): Spivey is still out there.

avondavey (11:32:49 PM): Uh, yeah. Spivey has been called. Forget about Junior, Shark.

avondavey (11:32:54 PM): You don't want him.

roymichaels (11:33:08 PM): he's still out there

redpop19 (11:33:19 PM): who's pick?

bursimi (11:33:21 PM): I'll take V. Padilla

auntb (11:33:33 PM): MOUTHS UP

avondavey (11:33:44 PM): Brent Barry Award nominees from last season: Washburn, Spivey, and Odalis Perez... all DiamondBunch.

burkle_1999 (11:33:49 PM): randy winn

mrbeaks (11:33:56 PM): Shark!

auntb (11:34:15 PM): :D

roymichaels (11:34:27 PM): shark, all games final, i'm up 58 pts, gonna be close.,

auntb (11:34:46 PM): Corey Patterson

mrbeaks (11:34:54 PM): Charles Johnson and Jeff Weaver.

gravyfries (11:35:06 PM): Shark loves Patterson

slam_hounder (11:35:23 PM): why?

mrbeaks (11:35:34 PM): You're back up, Shark.

auntb (11:35:38 PM): :D

auntb (11:36:10 PM): Jose Valentin

burkle_1999 (11:36:21 PM): didnt chum take him

bursimi (11:36:25 PM): yep

mrbeaks (11:36:27 PM): That's what I thought.

sdy69 (11:36:36 PM): yeh

burkle_1999 (11:36:37 PM): boo yeay ca cha

gravyfries (11:36:51 PM): Our own commish...HORRIBLE

auntb (11:36:59 PM): you guys said Valentine

bursimi (11:37:00 PM): HORRIBLE!

burkle_1999 (11:37:09 PM): One time

auntb (11:37:19 PM): just a sec

gravyfries (11:37:24 PM): Where's the desire, the passion, the love for the game....what's right, what's wrong...worst pick ever!

senormurray (11:37:39 PM): that was HORRIBLE

auntb (11:37:43 PM): Juan Encanarcion

gravyfries (11:37:47 PM): Is this his first visit to a chatroom?

senormurray (11:37:48 PM): THIS COLOR IS HORRIBLE

redpop19 (11:37:57 PM): just talkin about him today

burkle_1999 (11:37:58 PM): oliver perez

bursimi (11:37:58 PM): GAAAAAYYYYYYY

senormurray (11:37:59 PM): THAT PICK WAS HORRIBLE

avondavey (11:38:11 PM): I've made a list of guys I want to draft. It's a long list. I cross them off as they are taken. It makes drafting much quicker...

avondavey (11:38:19 PM): did I think that or type it?

senormurray (11:38:23 PM): doin the same thing

redpop19 (11:38:41 PM): who's up

gravyfries (11:38:52 PM): Brilliant guys, would have never thought of doing that.

roymichaels (11:38:53 PM): bashers

sdy69 (11:39:00 PM): liebertahl

auntb (11:39:03 PM): BUSTARDS UP

burkle_1999 (11:39:10 PM): bird

senormurray (11:39:17 PM): Its a great idea, you should try it

senormurray (11:39:31 PM): waves at everyone in the room

senormurray (11:39:44 PM): is extremely bored

senormurray (11:39:50 PM): hiccups and then searches for a glass of water

mrbeaks (11:39:57 PM): :((

bursimi (11:40:14 PM): B. Wilkerson

redpop19 (11:40:18 PM): make it stop

senormurray (11:40:19 PM): never saw these before. they are gayer than these colors

auntb (11:40:33 PM): WATTERS

bursimi (11:40:43 PM): what about toast?

mrbeaks (11:40:48 PM): :">

redpop19 (11:40:56 PM): did i miss a pick in here?

bursimi (11:41:09 PM): who did faygo take?

burkle_1999 (11:41:10 PM): spivey

auntb (11:41:10 PM): TOAST IS UP

auntb (11:41:11 PM): sorry

sdy69 (11:41:15 PM): 5 reserves?

bursimi (11:41:18 PM): come on commish

auntb (11:41:23 PM): then WATTERS, then BASHERS

bursimi (11:41:30 PM): then Nut

redpop19 (11:41:42 PM): Blalock

auntb (11:41:58 PM): watters = spivey?

mrbeaks (11:41:59 PM): Stammerin' Hank?

burkle_1999 (11:42:04 PM): spivey, thank you

auntb (11:42:16 PM): chum = lieberthal?

sdy69 (11:42:23 PM): yes

redpop19 (11:42:29 PM): speech impediments don't scare the Toast

dodez (11:42:43 PM): who is up?

auntb (11:43:02 PM): NUTS

auntb (11:43:16 PM): NUTS...JOBUS....BALBONI

senormurray (11:43:22 PM): am i up

auntb (11:43:22 PM): latest picks:

mrbeaks (11:43:26 PM): Yes, Murray.

senormurray (11:43:36 PM): higgy

mrbeaks (11:43:52 PM): Murray takes Bobby Higginson.

auntb (11:43:56 PM): yhames: Charles Johnson and Jeff Weaver.

mrbeaks (11:43:57 PM): Jobus?

auntb (11:44:01 PM): beatles: patterson

auntb (11:44:07 PM): beatles: encanarcion

avondavey (11:44:15 PM): Davon says, "forget about Halladay for Higgy."

auntb (11:44:16 PM): mouths: oliver perez

dodez (11:44:26 PM): didn

bursimi (11:44:30 PM): jobus up

auntb (11:44:31 PM): bustards = b wilkerson

senormurray (11:44:32 PM): damn

mrbeaks (11:44:36 PM): Jobus are up.

auntb (11:44:39 PM): watters = spivey

hortensity (11:44:43 PM): one minute...

slam_hounder (11:44:44 PM): thank you

auntb (11:44:45 PM): bashers = lieberthal

avondavey (11:44:46 PM): Oh, you'll probably be able to talk him into it.

hortensity (11:45:14 PM): ah, f it.....I'll take Vizquel

mrbeaks (11:45:26 PM): enthusiastically cheers for auntb

auntb (11:45:46 PM): (elvis soundin) thank you very much

mrbeaks (11:45:48 PM): Morris is up.

gravyfries (11:45:50 PM): Raul Ibanez

senormurray (11:45:53 PM): senormurray trades higgy to davon for roy halladay

mrbeaks (11:45:56 PM): Roids.

auntb (11:46:00 PM): SPASE NOW UP

burkle_1999 (11:46:02 PM): seriously

auntb (11:46:03 PM): go DOGS

auntb (11:46:06 PM): LAMPSHADE

burkle_1999 (11:46:09 PM): serious trade

burkle_1999 (11:46:15 PM): ?

mrbeaks (11:46:16 PM): Did you guys really trade?

roymichaels (11:46:17 PM): kotsay

avondavey (11:46:18 PM): not a serious trade.

dodez (11:46:31 PM): me up?

burkle_1999 (11:46:34 PM): Raider football 2003-04

the_d_regis (11:46:35 PM): travis hafner...rookie sensation

auntb (11:46:36 PM): u up

dodez (11:46:42 PM): anyone got Nenn?

mrbeaks (11:46:44 PM): PCHS

auntb (11:46:46 PM): FUS on the clock

avondavey (11:46:48 PM): Aramis Ramirez

mrbeaks (11:46:51 PM): Somebody got Nenn.

dodez (11:46:56 PM): Toby Hall

hortensity (11:46:58 PM): jobus have nen

auntb (11:46:58 PM): FU....PCHS....Turbo

dodez (11:47:03 PM): If no Nenn, then Hall

avondavey (11:47:10 PM): whew... ARamis Ramirez

redpop19 (11:47:18 PM): mel hall?

mrbeaks (11:47:22 PM): Best.

mrbeaks (11:47:27 PM): Yachtsmen are up.

auntb (11:47:29 PM): PCHS...TURBO

auntb (11:47:32 PM): PCHS UP

avondavey (11:47:38 PM): Ramirez

burkle_1999 (11:47:39 PM): joe hall

auntb (11:47:42 PM): ahhh

auntb (11:47:45 PM): TURBO DOGS

dodez (11:47:48 PM): Toby Hall

avondavey (11:47:50 PM): PCHS takes Ramirez

burkle_1999 (11:48:00 PM): isnt morris up

auntb (11:48:01 PM): TURBO DOGS?

auntb (11:48:07 PM): hafner?

the_d_regis (11:48:08 PM): 1 sec

avondavey (11:48:09 PM): Hey guys, I'm taking Ramirez

the_d_regis (11:48:10 PM): yes

auntb (11:48:22 PM): Dogs take T Hafner

auntb (11:48:26 PM): FLYING up

the_d_regis (11:48:27 PM): yep

mrbeaks (11:48:40 PM): The only Ramirez that matters is whacking Coach Lanseer in the nuts with a pillow polo mallet.

slam_hounder (11:48:42 PM): i don't understand

auntb (11:48:52 PM): :))

redpop19 (11:49:00 PM): or richard ramirez

slam_hounder (11:49:01 PM): what are you saying???

auntb (11:49:07 PM): FLYING...BoSox...BoSox....Flying

avondavey (11:49:13 PM): Yachtsmen take Varitek

mrbeaks (11:49:18 PM): They would.

slam_hounder (11:49:42 PM): Carlos Lee

slam_hounder (11:49:48 PM): Tim Wakefield

auntb (11:50:00 PM): FLYING

auntb (11:50:05 PM): DOGs on deck

auntb (11:50:35 PM): FLYING up

auntb (11:50:42 PM): DOGS on deck

auntb (11:50:51 PM): PCHS in the hole

redpop19 (11:51:01 PM): thats what she said

slam_hounder (11:51:03 PM): when do i get flying pick shark?

auntb (11:51:17 PM): 12th round

auntb (11:51:25 PM): half way there

avondavey (11:51:30 PM): One time I hit a line drive back at Lanseer in BP and it nailed him right in the small of the back. He went "oof," and when I walked out to see how he was, he had tears in his eyes! He said, "Smitty, this is the highlight of your life." And he was right. It was the best day.

auntb (11:51:30 PM): (collective groan)

avondavey (11:51:37 PM): God, I hate that man.

auntb (11:51:44 PM): so best

avondavey (11:51:55 PM): Yachtsmen take Dempster

mrbeaks (11:52:06 PM): What is it that's so satisfying about a Lanseer "Ooof"?

auntb (11:52:06 PM): DOGS

auntb (11:52:16 PM): DOGS...PCHS...FUS

burkle_1999 (11:52:17 PM): Demp gone?

gravyfries (11:52:21 PM): Dumpster

redpop19 (11:52:26 PM): I think it's because he's such a cock

mrbeaks (11:52:30 PM): Cum Dumpster.

avondavey (11:52:38 PM): is Dempster gone?

auntb (11:52:40 PM): says, "Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?"

the_d_regis (11:52:51 PM): Randall Simon

mrbeaks (11:52:53 PM): grabs auntb and dances around the room

auntb (11:53:00 PM): Dempster is a Yachtsman now

avondavey (11:53:14 PM): Russ Ortiz

slam_hounder (11:53:24 PM): taken

avondavey (11:53:25 PM): PCHS likes Russ

avondavey (11:53:28 PM): shit

avondavey (11:53:32 PM): Jamie Moyer then

avondavey (11:53:52 PM): who got Russ Ortiz anyway?

slam_hounder (11:53:58 PM): bird?

redpop19 (11:53:59 PM): keeper for someone

auntb (11:53:59 PM): Bustards have Russ - keeper

burkle_1999 (11:54:07 PM): Que is drunk!!!!!!!!!!

avondavey (11:54:07 PM): my face is red.

dodez (11:54:07 PM): Isringhausen

dodez (11:54:15 PM): I think hes still around

slam_hounder (11:54:16 PM): X-(

auntb (11:54:22 PM): SPASE...BALBONI....JOBUS

roymichaels (11:54:36 PM): percival

burkle_1999 (11:54:37 PM): fuckin burks is gay

burkle_1999 (11:54:47 PM): Que is

senormurray (11:54:48 PM): agrees

avondavey (11:54:59 PM): Burks is gay?! Who knew?

burkle_1999 (11:55:08 PM): Que did

the_d_regis (11:55:22 PM): pitcher or catcher?

gravyfries (11:55:26 PM): Armando Benitez...panic button on the closers - better get yourself one!

auntb (11:55:28 PM): BALBONI...JOBUS....NUTS

auntb (11:55:35 PM): JOBUS....NUTS

mrbeaks (11:56:35 PM): pokes bursimi in the chest

mrbeaks (11:56:47 PM): Damn. I was aiming for something else.

auntb (11:57:08 PM): JOBUS

hortensity (11:57:09 PM): Jobus: Mike Hampton

auntb (11:57:12 PM): booo

auntb (11:57:20 PM): NUTS...BASHERS....WATTERS

slam_hounder (11:57:21 PM): no way?

senormurray (11:57:24 PM): orlando hudson

slam_hounder (11:57:43 PM): hampton? for real?

auntb (11:57:48 PM): BASHERS....WATTERS...TOAST

sdy69 (11:57:51 PM): park?

auntb (11:57:55 PM): yours

hortensity (11:57:59 PM): why not?

slam_hounder (11:58:02 PM): dl

auntb (11:58:11 PM): WATTERS.....TOAST.....BUSTARDS

hortensity (11:58:17 PM): I've seen a few Dlers drafted already

burkle_1999 (11:58:18 PM): R Lopez

auntb (11:58:34 PM): TOAST....BUSTARDS...MOUTSH

auntb (11:58:55 PM): screams, "They killed kenny!"

redpop19 (11:58:57 PM): Catalanatto

auntb (11:59:17 PM): BUSTARDS....MOUTHS...BEATs

the_d_regis (11:59:28 PM): beat

mrbeaks (12:00:33 AM): Bustards are up.

bursimi (12:01:02 AM): B. Radke

burkle_1999 (12:01:59 AM): geoff jenkins

mrbeaks (12:02:49 AM): You're up, Shark.

auntb (12:02:52 AM): Jose Hernandez

redpop19 (12:02:53 AM): beats

mrbeaks (12:03:01 AM): Jose Mesa and Brandon Larson.

avondavey (12:04:00 AM): c'mon...

auntb (12:04:18 AM): billy wagner

redpop19 (12:04:32 AM): you ass

burkle_1999 (12:04:38 AM): kaz sasaki

auntb (12:04:57 AM): SHU wants to know....

auntb (12:05:02 AM): Who took the Rally Monkey?

senormurray (12:05:17 AM): chuckles in amusement

avondavey (12:05:20 AM): Regis IS the Rally Monkey

roymichaels (12:05:24 AM): shark, tell him he's safe w/ Roy

the_d_regis (12:05:34 AM): yeah, baby

the_d_regis (12:05:42 AM): my monkey is rallied right now

redpop19 (12:05:44 AM): I want my bottle of O

avondavey (12:05:51 AM): I'm going to have to meet you someday, Regis. You're a good shit.

dodez (12:05:53 AM): whose up?

mrbeaks (12:05:54 AM): You'll have nothing, and like it!

roymichaels (12:05:56 AM): who won the O

auntb (12:05:56 AM): BUSTARDS....

the_d_regis (12:06:02 AM): damn skippy

auntb (12:06:02 AM): TOAST....

auntb (12:06:05 AM): WATTERS

auntb (12:06:19 AM): get no O

redpop19 (12:06:31 AM): I object

auntb (12:06:43 AM): this is rd 7, for those of you keepin score at home

the_d_regis (12:06:46 AM): my lady says hi dean, she misses you

bursimi (12:06:57 AM): J. Payton

avondavey (12:07:03 AM): what a woman...

slam_hounder (12:07:11 AM): coors, hmmm time for a beer

dodez (12:07:14 AM): are we auto drafting after 13?

avondavey (12:07:15 AM): He's no Gary Payton...

bursimi (12:07:31 AM): that he's not

bursimi (12:07:40 AM): they call him "the hand"

auntb (12:07:42 AM): teams will be dropping out of the draft after rd 13, due to keepers

avondavey (12:07:42 AM): Shark, Davon wants to know how many guys he's drafted and who are they/

redpop19 (12:07:55 AM): eli marrerro

mrbeaks (12:08:03 AM): Is it too much to ask Davon to write them down as he goes along?

burkle_1999 (12:08:20 AM): on the clock?

auntb (12:08:23 AM): y

mrbeaks (12:08:25 AM): I'm looking at my team right now, and I'm enthused.

mrbeaks (12:08:35 AM): You're up, Burkle.

bursimi (12:08:41 AM): what round are we on?

burkle_1999 (12:08:42 AM): Woody Williams

mrbeaks (12:08:49 AM): Seven.

the_d_regis (12:08:50 AM): i'm looking at my junk right now and i'm not enthused

slam_hounder (12:08:55 AM): i hate my draft, you deserve to win Yhames

mrbeaks (12:09:14 AM): I'm due to win somethin', I tells ya.

mrbeaks (12:09:21 AM): Got screwed in HAHA this year.

auntb (12:09:27 AM): CHUM....NUTS...JOBUS

slam_hounder (12:09:38 AM): best chum, yeh

sdy69 (12:09:42 AM): benson?

auntb (12:09:45 AM): taken

slam_hounder (12:09:45 AM): taken

mrbeaks (12:09:50 AM): Benson was a great show.

sdy69 (12:09:52 AM): lidle

redpop19 (12:09:58 AM): robert guillaume?

mrbeaks (12:10:03 AM): Of course.

sdy69 (12:10:04 AM): cory

slam_hounder (12:10:10 AM): take him

slam_hounder (12:10:14 AM): good pick

auntb (12:10:21 AM): NUTS...JOBUS....BALBONI

senormurray (12:10:22 AM): david wells

sdy69 (12:10:23 AM): gracias

roymichaels (12:10:34 AM): was that Cory Lidle?

mrbeaks (12:10:36 AM): The Drunken Master.

senormurray (12:11:25 AM): did i just draft a 20 game winner in the 7th round?

auntb (12:11:42 AM): a drunk one

hortensity (12:11:43 AM): Jobus: Rick Reed

dodez (12:11:45 AM): a fat one

senormurray (12:11:46 AM): ALI G SAYS "OH KNOW HE DIDN'T"

gravyfries (12:11:56 AM): Jose Vidro

dodez (12:12:04 AM): vidro is taken

slam_hounder (12:12:05 AM): great pick morris

slam_hounder (12:12:10 AM): ooff, didn't know that

auntb (12:12:11 AM): taken

dodez (12:12:17 AM): by me

gravyfries (12:12:17 AM): when?

auntb (12:12:21 AM): 2 rd

dodez (12:12:22 AM): 2nd round

gravyfries (12:12:29 AM): Moises Alou

roymichaels (12:12:45 AM): tomko

auntb (12:13:06 AM): FUS....PCHS...Dogs

dodez (12:13:12 AM): Hillenbrand

avondavey (12:13:14 AM): Troy Percival

slam_hounder (12:13:25 AM): takne

avondavey (12:13:34 AM): Rivera?

slam_hounder (12:13:44 AM): good pick, if available

auntb (12:13:49 AM): y

dodez (12:13:56 AM): i think he still is avail

avondavey (12:14:04 AM): Mariano it is.

auntb (12:14:04 AM): he's a Pimp

the_d_regis (12:14:30 AM): marcus giles

dodez (12:14:54 AM): who up?

auntb (12:15:05 AM): Yachtsmen....BoSox

auntb (12:15:09 AM): then reverse into the 8th rd

avondavey (12:15:36 AM): Yachtmen take Urbina

burkle_1999 (12:15:49 AM): how many rounds do we have to go through

slam_hounder (12:15:52 AM): olerud?

auntb (12:15:56 AM): 13 and then some...

auntb (12:15:58 AM): you got him

auntb (12:16:08 AM): SHU says....

slam_hounder (12:16:09 AM): Escobar?

auntb (12:16:15 AM): "FAT WATTERS CALM DOWN"

burkle_1999 (12:16:23 AM): Now

slam_hounder (12:16:32 AM): kelvim?

auntb (12:16:33 AM): kelvim?

auntb (12:16:35 AM): yours

senormurray (12:16:43 AM): laughs out loud

burkle_1999 (12:16:55 AM): nice

auntb (12:16:55 AM): YACHTS...DOGS...PCHS

senormurray (12:17:07 AM): kelvim?

avondavey (12:17:07 AM): yachtsmen take Marlon Byrd

slam_hounder (12:17:08 AM): why murray?

auntb (12:17:11 AM): nice

senormurray (12:17:20 AM): blows more then he saves

auntb (12:17:29 AM): DOGS...PCHS....FUS

senormurray (12:17:34 AM): going to be traded somewhat early in the season

the_d_regis (12:17:38 AM): kenny rogers?

auntb (12:17:42 AM): y

senormurray (12:17:50 AM): turned into a good setup man

auntb (12:17:57 AM): the Gambler

redpop19 (12:17:58 AM): roasters

the_d_regis (12:18:07 AM): know when to hold....

the_d_regis (12:18:15 AM): know when to fold em

auntb (12:18:16 AM): PCHS....FUS....SPASE

avondavey (12:18:28 AM): michael young

auntb (12:18:33 AM): booo

the_d_regis (12:18:36 AM): shit im tired

dodez (12:18:53 AM): Hee Seop Choi, with rice

auntb (12:18:54 AM): SHU SAYS

mrbeaks (12:19:00 AM): Nice, Dodez.

auntb (12:19:04 AM): "tired never won any championships regis"

dodez (12:19:12 AM): tanks

roymichaels (12:19:31 AM): my turn

the_d_regis (12:19:32 AM): yeah, yeah

mrbeaks (12:19:36 AM): Is Shu your cabana boy, Shark?

auntb (12:19:54 AM): SPASE...

roymichaels (12:20:00 AM): Pierzynski

gravyfries (12:20:08 AM): Eddie Guardado

roymichaels (12:20:10 AM): he's back in his Spase land

auntb (12:20:37 AM): Shu lives in Copocabana

slam_hounder (12:20:45 AM): every day eddie. best

hortensity (12:20:51 AM): is Walker starting 2B for the Sox?

auntb (12:20:51 AM): JOBUS...NUTS...BASHERS

slam_hounder (12:20:57 AM): yep

hortensity (12:21:20 AM): OK...Jobus: Todd "Shock and Awe" Walker

auntb (12:21:37 AM): :))

gravyfries (12:21:44 AM): That's best

senormurray (12:21:46 AM): benito santiago

roymichaels (12:21:51 AM): Berman-esque

avondavey (12:22:00 AM): anyone else a ( member?

sdy69 (12:22:04 AM): larkin

avondavey (12:22:13 AM): disreguard

auntb (12:22:31 AM): WATTERS....TOAST....BUSTARDS

burkle_1999 (12:23:09 AM): P Byrd

auntb (12:23:23 AM): dirty ex royal

auntb (12:23:29 AM): TOAST...BUSTARDS...MOUTHS

burkle_1999 (12:23:34 AM): I know

gravyfries (12:23:38 AM): Best ex-Royals

avondavey (12:24:21 AM): Bob Higginson the only Tiger taken so far?

redpop19 (12:24:22 AM): Ventura

auntb (12:24:23 AM): who's taking Spooneybarger

auntb (12:24:39 AM): BUSTARDS...MOUTHS... BEATs

hortensity (12:24:42 AM): forgot about Ventura

senormurray (12:24:56 AM): how great is corey maggette

bursimi (12:24:56 AM): Jerry Hairston

slam_hounder (12:25:11 AM): C, P, DH?

auntb (12:25:16 AM): MOUTHS... BEATs....LANSEER

redpop19 (12:25:27 AM): yes slam, he does it all

burkle_1999 (12:25:35 AM): nevin

auntb (12:25:37 AM): he even dunks on Maggette

slam_hounder (12:25:38 AM): huh?

the_d_regis (12:25:47 AM): #-o

burkle_1999 (12:25:47 AM): and i know

slam_hounder (12:25:49 AM): nevin, you got him

burkle_1999 (12:25:56 AM): thanks

auntb (12:25:58 AM): beatles take T Hoffman

slam_hounder (12:27:11 AM): who's up?

auntb (12:27:15 AM): LANSEER

burkle_1999 (12:27:21 AM): two

mrbeaks (12:27:22 AM): Ooops.

mrbeaks (12:27:31 AM): Ricardo Rodriguez and.....

mrbeaks (12:28:08 AM): Is Burnitz available?

auntb (12:28:13 AM): y

mrbeaks (12:28:17 AM): I'll take him.

auntb (12:28:37 AM): Jose Reyes

auntb (12:28:40 AM): Mets!

burkle_1999 (12:28:43 AM): best

mrbeaks (12:29:00 AM): Mets Ahoy!

hortensity (12:29:02 AM): front-runner

bursimi (12:29:06 AM): best!

auntb (12:29:13 AM): stands up and applauds

auntb (12:29:24 AM): MOUTHS...BUSTARDS...TOAST

mrbeaks (12:29:25 AM): Why all the love for the Mets all of a sudden?

burkle_1999 (12:29:37 AM): adam kennedy

bursimi (12:29:39 AM): cause "we big fans"

sdy69 (12:29:43 AM): sympathy vote

gravyfries (12:29:43 AM): Reyes won't play 'til '08

slam_hounder (12:29:48 AM): big like Mo

mrbeaks (12:30:03 AM): Burnitz is due for a bounce-back year.

burkle_1999 (12:30:05 AM): reyes will play in two months

auntb (12:30:09 AM): BUSTARDS...TOAST...WATTERS

hortensity (12:30:09 AM): he's due for 3

auntb (12:30:30 AM): Reyes is Pizza Boy's queen

slam_hounder (12:30:44 AM): what round is this?

redpop19 (12:30:50 AM): 9

auntb (12:30:51 AM): 9th

auntb (12:31:01 AM): BUSTARDS...TOAST...WATTERS

slam_hounder (12:31:23 AM): are we suppose to draft a starting lineup then reserves?

auntb (12:31:39 AM): any way you want

hortensity (12:31:43 AM): :-?

redpop19 (12:31:48 AM): i've been doing the opposite, just for kicks

slam_hounder (12:31:58 AM): ok

redpop19 (12:32:17 AM): I'll blame it on sportsline later anyways

the_d_regis (12:32:23 AM): me too

mrbeaks (12:32:24 AM): :o)

auntb (12:32:25 AM): me three

the_d_regis (12:32:38 AM): :(|)

bursimi (12:32:38 AM): M. Mantei

auntb (12:32:45 AM): though Patterson and Juan Enc are goin off this year

auntb (12:32:58 AM): nice pick

avondavey (12:33:03 AM): Urbina got a save already Murray, the guy is leading the league!

hortensity (12:33:05 AM): Patterson is NOT

auntb (12:33:06 AM): TOAST...WATTERS...BASHERS

redpop19 (12:33:11 AM): cliff politte

bursimi (12:33:12 AM): Sleeper

mrbeaks (12:33:26 AM): This is the year Murray wins it!

auntb (12:33:26 AM): is he a pitcher

redpop19 (12:33:35 AM): yes

senormurray (12:33:37 AM): stands up and applauds

auntb (12:33:39 AM): for who?

auntb (12:33:45 AM): WATTERS...BASHERS....NUTS

redpop19 (12:33:49 AM): I thought you'd like that murray

the_d_regis (12:33:53 AM): 'let's here it for the boy'

senormurray (12:33:59 AM): Yahoo!s

redpop19 (12:34:24 AM): hopefully will be taking escobars job

burkle_1999 (12:34:35 AM): J Giambi

sdy69 (12:34:47 AM): smoltz?

auntb (12:34:49 AM): BASHERS....NUTS....JOBUS

redpop19 (12:34:50 AM): put an e infront of that j

auntb (12:34:53 AM): taken

auntb (12:35:00 AM): ej giambi?

sdy69 (12:35:00 AM): foulke?

auntb (12:35:02 AM): tkane

auntb (12:35:06 AM): taken

sdy69 (12:35:11 AM): dessens

redpop19 (12:35:11 AM): anke

auntb (12:35:22 AM): NUTS....JOBUS...BALBONI

sdy69 (12:35:55 AM): i have him now?

auntb (12:36:05 AM): you have the Glue Man

hortensity (12:36:13 AM): what the hell were the last 2 picks?

senormurray (12:36:14 AM): Josh Fogg

auntb (12:36:17 AM): taken

the_d_regis (12:36:19 AM): taken

auntb (12:36:22 AM): keeper - T Dogs

redpop19 (12:36:25 AM): tanke

slam_hounder (12:36:33 AM): ektan

senormurray (12:36:37 AM): oh

senormurray (12:36:48 AM): jeremy bonderman

redpop19 (12:37:02 AM): what a bad name

auntb (12:37:05 AM): JOBUS...BALBONI...SPASE

hortensity (12:37:21 AM): Jobus: Edgar Martinez

dodez (12:37:28 AM): poop

the_d_regis (12:37:33 AM): good OLD edgar

sdy69 (12:37:33 AM): need a cheap second baseman to fill in for boone

dodez (12:37:34 AM): good pick

gravyfries (12:37:37 AM): Sean Casey

mrbeaks (12:37:40 AM): screams at auntb

auntb (12:37:42 AM): BALBONI...SPASE...FUs

auntb (12:37:58 AM): SPASE...FUs...PCHS

roymichaels (12:38:02 AM): fick

mrbeaks (12:38:03 AM): screams at auntb

auntb (12:38:18 AM): FUs...PCHS....Dogs

auntb (12:38:26 AM): wants a raise

mrbeaks (12:38:28 AM): screams at auntb

auntb (12:38:30 AM): wants a raise

roymichaels (12:38:33 AM): davon loves fick

mrbeaks (12:38:40 AM): screams at avondavey

dodez (12:38:40 AM): tino

dodez (12:38:47 AM): martinez

mrbeaks (12:39:03 AM): uses power of levitation to raise auntb

auntb (12:39:03 AM): PCHS....Dogs...Yachts

avondavey (12:39:06 AM): pchs takes carl pena and I hate fick!

roymichaels (12:39:14 AM): no you don't

avondavey (12:39:14 AM): carlos that is

auntb (12:39:22 AM): you mean Humberto Pena?

bursimi (12:39:26 AM): D loves first baseman

auntb (12:39:29 AM): Dogs...Yachts...BoSox

the_d_regis (12:39:33 AM): Tony Womack....I guess

gravyfries (12:39:47 AM): That's Habanero Pena

avondavey (12:39:53 AM): b. larson?

slam_hounder (12:39:58 AM): kenta

mrbeaks (12:40:02 AM): I got him.

redpop19 (12:40:18 AM): roots?

slam_hounder (12:40:28 AM): kunte

auntb (12:40:31 AM): could you believe Mr Burns called me...

avondavey (12:40:32 AM): hampton?

auntb (12:40:36 AM): taken

redpop19 (12:40:46 AM): monty?

slam_hounder (12:40:56 AM): python

auntb (12:41:00 AM): snakes

the_d_regis (12:41:05 AM): hall

mrbeaks (12:41:08 AM): Anaconda.

auntb (12:41:10 AM): davon shoulda been the Flying Snakes

auntb (12:41:18 AM): gotta have buns hun

redpop19 (12:41:24 AM): shoulda woulda coulda

dodez (12:41:41 AM): who up?

auntb (12:41:47 AM): FLYING SNAKES

slam_hounder (12:41:47 AM): guess

avondavey (12:42:12 AM): shea hillebrand?

slam_hounder (12:42:16 AM): takne

auntb (12:42:17 AM): snooken

mrbeaks (12:42:22 AM): screams at avondavey

auntb (12:42:30 AM): just pick Honus Wagner

redpop19 (12:42:31 AM): i thought you were crossing these off as you went?

burkle_1999 (12:42:32 AM): cmon

auntb (12:42:34 AM): you can't go wrong

avondavey (12:42:35 AM): muggsy boggs?

burkle_1999 (12:42:37 AM): cross em off

gravyfries (12:42:39 AM): Who let this guy in the league?

burkle_1999 (12:42:42 AM): lane

mrbeaks (12:42:44 AM): Horrible!

burkle_1999 (12:42:46 AM): 8

slam_hounder (12:42:55 AM): bill walton says

auntb (12:42:59 AM): HORRIBLE

slam_hounder (12:42:59 AM): horrendus

auntb (12:43:07 AM): this is a game....

burkle_1999 (12:43:09 AM): one time4

auntb (12:43:10 AM): to decide....

avondavey (12:43:11 AM): dynomite dean-o palmer and please take ypour time slammer

slam_hounder (12:43:23 AM): B Wagner?

roymichaels (12:43:29 AM): gone

slam_hounder (12:43:31 AM): oof

redpop19 (12:43:32 AM): here we go again

auntb (12:43:44 AM): :))

slam_hounder (12:43:45 AM): sleeper

mrbeaks (12:43:50 AM): We're playin' Go Fish.

slam_hounder (12:43:50 AM): Kevin Brown

auntb (12:43:53 AM): gone

mrbeaks (12:43:54 AM): Gone.

mrbeaks (12:43:57 AM): Go fish.

slam_hounder (12:43:57 AM): what?

burkle_1999 (12:43:58 AM): gone

gravyfries (12:44:01 AM): taken

auntb (12:44:04 AM): he's Fat

burkle_1999 (12:44:05 AM): mine

sdy69 (12:44:06 AM): gone

gravyfries (12:44:12 AM): no mas

auntb (12:44:14 AM): take two picks hounder

redpop19 (12:44:16 AM): erased

auntb (12:44:21 AM): crossed off

gravyfries (12:44:24 AM): vanished

slam_hounder (12:44:29 AM): M Bellhorn

burkle_1999 (12:44:29 AM): anyone got stub hines

mrbeaks (12:44:32 AM): There are a whole buncha Devil Rays left.

auntb (12:44:46 AM): best

mrbeaks (12:44:48 AM): What's Andy Tracy up to?

auntb (12:44:57 AM): mark carek, anyone?

slam_hounder (12:44:57 AM): Adam Eaton

mrbeaks (12:45:04 AM): Is he still in the Mets organization?

burkle_1999 (12:45:12 AM): Dane Sergent?

mrbeaks (12:45:26 AM): Shit. Brian Poulin.

burkle_1999 (12:45:30 AM): Best Pete Kramp out there?

hortensity (12:45:31 AM): how about Mark Carreon? (for the Mets fans)

auntb (12:45:40 AM): Dane can only be picked along with Bucky Cheetwood

auntb (12:45:46 AM): YACHTS are up

burkle_1999 (12:45:51 AM): Best!

avondavey (12:45:55 AM): brad penny?

auntb (12:46:03 AM): DOGS...PCHS...FUs

the_d_regis (12:46:06 AM): Brandon Duckworth?

auntb (12:46:24 AM): PCHS...FUs...SPASE

hortensity (12:46:35 AM): look at all the "?"'s now

mrbeaks (12:46:39 AM): Do we still have that Center Infield/Middle Infield set-up?

burkle_1999 (12:46:41 AM): Gas can?

auntb (12:46:45 AM): no...

avondavey (12:46:54 AM): casey fossum

sdy69 (12:46:55 AM): dh

redpop19 (12:46:57 AM): boyd?

auntb (12:47:01 AM): starting 9...couple DHs...6 Ps....i think

mrbeaks (12:47:12 AM): That's what I thought.

dodez (12:47:18 AM): jason jennnings

auntb (12:47:21 AM): FUs...SPASE...BALBONI

dodez (12:47:34 AM): jason jennings

auntb (12:47:34 AM): SPASE...BALBONI...JOBUS

roymichaels (12:47:43 AM): jensen

auntb (12:47:59 AM): BALBONI...JOBUS...NUTS

bursimi (12:48:17 AM): what round is this? 9??

auntb (12:48:24 AM): i just caught the one about Peter Kramp

auntb (12:48:26 AM): round 10

auntb (12:48:27 AM): now

auntb (12:48:34 AM): BALBONI...JOBUS...NUTS

gravyfries (12:48:54 AM): Sean Burroughs

auntb (12:48:55 AM): if we didn't have the hour delay, this wouldn't be so bad

auntb (12:48:57 AM): oooooo

mrbeaks (12:49:14 AM): No doubt.

hortensity (12:49:18 AM): Jobus: R Hidalgo

redpop19 (12:49:20 AM): another shark fav

auntb (12:49:36 AM): NUTS...BASHERS...WATTERS

auntb (12:49:48 AM): i love No Doubt

auntb (12:49:58 AM): yea right

senormurray (12:50:04 AM): anyone have aubrey huff?

auntb (12:50:13 AM): get out your keeper list

auntb (12:50:14 AM): dude

burkle_1999 (12:50:21 AM): cmon

senormurray (12:50:22 AM): matt anderson

auntb (12:50:25 AM): jared sandberg's available

mrbeaks (12:50:29 AM): Horrible.

burkle_1999 (12:50:31 AM): Gas can!

sdy69 (12:50:36 AM): joe kennedy

burkle_1999 (12:50:55 AM): Baez

burkle_1999 (12:51:03 AM): Danys

auntb (12:51:10 AM): TOAST....BUSTARDS....MOUTHS

redpop19 (12:51:14 AM): astacio

redpop19 (12:51:18 AM): the other pedro

bursimi (12:51:29 AM): K. Lohse

mrbeaks (12:51:38 AM): You suck, Bird.

bursimi (12:52:04 AM): astacio should never be mentioned along with "Pedro", the biggest master in BABA

burkle_1999 (12:52:07 AM): karim garcia

avondavey (12:52:14 AM): boo

burkle_1999 (12:52:22 AM): Junk Lane!!!!!!!!

auntb (12:52:30 AM): Rocco Baldelli

auntb (12:52:38 AM): LANSEER....BEATLES....MOUTHS

hortensity (12:52:45 AM): shitty

burkle_1999 (12:53:01 AM): lanseer twice?

mrbeaks (12:53:02 AM): Jason Davis and Brandon Phillips.

mrbeaks (12:53:26 AM): Loadin' up on Injuns.

slam_hounder (12:53:46 AM): for 2006?

auntb (12:53:49 AM): Prince Fielder

burkle_1999 (12:53:56 AM): best

slam_hounder (12:54:03 AM): for 2008?

auntb (12:54:06 AM): MOUTHS....BUSTARDS....TOAST

mrbeaks (12:54:11 AM): Excuse me, Slammer, but that's 2005.

auntb (12:54:23 AM): 11th round

burkle_1999 (12:54:43 AM): javy lopez

auntb (12:55:04 AM): BUSTARDS....TOAST...WATTERS

sdy69 (12:55:11 AM): how many more rounds?

auntb (12:55:19 AM): 13

dodez (12:55:29 AM): total?

auntb (12:55:45 AM): 13 full strength rounds...then teams start dropping off til we get to 18

auntb (12:55:51 AM): most only go 14 or 15

auntb (12:55:56 AM): due to keepers

auntb (12:56:01 AM): BUSTARDS....TOAST...WATTERS

dodez (12:56:11 AM): east coast

the_d_regis (12:56:14 AM): i assume we'll be told when to get lost?

hortensity (12:56:18 AM): EST

bursimi (12:56:25 AM): J. Santana

mrbeaks (12:56:26 AM): How many total do we carry on our rosters?

redpop19 (12:56:32 AM): 21

the_d_regis (12:56:33 AM): 614 represent!

redpop19 (12:56:46 AM): c-bus

auntb (12:56:54 AM): who's Santana

bursimi (12:56:56 AM): Johan was heard saying "I'm gonna be a Bustard for Life!"

hortensity (12:57:01 AM): 614, c-bus, EST

auntb (12:57:14 AM): i'll tell ya when to get lost

bursimi (12:57:18 AM): Master is second only to Pedro for most K's per 9

gravyfries (12:57:20 AM): 614 es loco

the_d_regis (12:57:24 AM): just don't tell me when to beat it

auntb (12:57:25 AM): what team is Santana on

bursimi (12:57:30 AM): twins

slam_hounder (12:57:32 AM): who's up?

auntb (12:57:36 AM): TOAST...WATTERS...BASHERS

redpop19 (12:57:47 AM): Jesse Foppert

bursimi (12:57:50 AM): nice

auntb (12:58:13 AM): you were lookin on my sleeper sheet faygo

auntb (12:58:21 AM): WATTERS...BASHERS...NUTS

redpop19 (12:58:26 AM): that was weeks ago

burkle_1999 (12:58:39 AM): jerry hairston jr

auntb (12:58:45 AM): taken

slam_hounder (12:58:45 AM): ktaken

burkle_1999 (12:58:45 AM): gone

redpop19 (12:58:50 AM): just saw he made the rotation

hortensity (12:58:53 AM): entka

auntb (12:59:00 AM): he's their 3rd

burkle_1999 (12:59:09 AM): doug glanville

auntb (12:59:23 AM): BASHERS...NUTS...JOBUS

sdy69 (12:59:24 AM): dmitri young

mrbeaks (12:59:25 AM): Burkle's consulting his best ESPN Fantasy Sleeper list.

redpop19 (12:59:26 AM): he still plays?

burkle_1999 (12:59:37 AM): ya boy

senormurray (12:59:38 AM): Mark Hendrickson

auntb (12:59:56 AM): team?

slam_hounder (12:59:56 AM): and you give me crap about kelvim escobar?

auntb (1:00:00 AM): former NBA guy

redpop19 (1:00:00 AM): Bill Manfrengensengen

slam_hounder (1:00:02 AM): jays

auntb (1:00:18 AM): JOBUS....BALBONI....SPASE

slam_hounder (1:00:20 AM): washington st

hortensity (1:00:31 AM): Jobus: Peavy

auntb (1:00:35 AM): booooooooo

gravyfries (1:00:41 AM): Michael Cuddyer

the_d_regis (1:00:48 AM): damn

auntb (1:00:58 AM): i had cudyer last year....kills ya

auntb (1:01:07 AM): SPASE...FUS...PCHS

roymichaels (1:01:09 AM): the Mench-Mob

auntb (1:01:22 AM): FUS...PCHS...Dogs

dodez (1:01:28 AM): Ainsworth

senormurray (1:01:33 AM): Hendrickson won 4 this spring. big guy, big gun, former NBA'er

auntb (1:01:39 AM): nice

auntb (1:01:49 AM): PCHS...Dogs...Yachtsm

burkle_1999 (1:01:51 AM): silence murray

senormurray (1:01:57 AM): only giving you crap on kelvim 'cause i didn't get him

auntb (1:02:00 AM): yachtsmen does suck to type

avondavey (1:02:05 AM): pchs take chan ho park

burkle_1999 (1:02:10 AM): and they suck

auntb (1:02:14 AM): taken

the_d_regis (1:02:14 AM): someone has Eddie Guardado, right

slam_hounder (1:02:14 AM): entak

auntb (1:02:17 AM): both

auntb (1:02:22 AM): entak oot

the_d_regis (1:02:28 AM): i assumed so

bursimi (1:02:30 AM): isn't chan ho taken

sdy69 (1:02:38 AM): mine

slam_hounder (1:02:38 AM): yeah, tkaen

avondavey (1:02:45 AM): jon garland

slam_hounder (1:02:56 AM): good pick

the_d_regis (1:02:59 AM): how about Brian Jordan

slam_hounder (1:03:07 AM): another good pick

slam_hounder (1:03:21 AM): go steelers

roymichaels (1:03:26 AM): tru

the_d_regis (1:03:29 AM): damn right

auntb (1:03:30 AM): YACHTS...BoSox

avondavey (1:03:34 AM): whats the story with randa?

auntb (1:03:35 AM): then back for the 12th

auntb (1:03:41 AM): morris?

avondavey (1:03:51 AM): morris hasim?

auntb (1:04:00 AM): no - royals

bursimi (1:04:01 AM): i don't think so

gravyfries (1:04:02 AM): what?

auntb (1:04:11 AM): you got him if you want him

bursimi (1:04:12 AM): i have him as available

avondavey (1:04:15 AM): is he hurt?

auntb (1:04:21 AM): he's Flying

auntb (1:04:24 AM): so high

gravyfries (1:04:27 AM): He smiles a lot

burkle_1999 (1:04:29 AM): panama red

auntb (1:04:31 AM): like a jellybean in the sky

roymichaels (1:04:32 AM): he's on KC, that's like being hurt

auntb (1:04:37 AM): that hurts

the_d_regis (1:04:37 AM): yikes

slam_hounder (1:04:39 AM): alright back to the closers

slam_hounder (1:04:44 AM): scott williamson?

auntb (1:05:17 AM): yours

the_d_regis (1:05:20 AM): nice

slam_hounder (1:05:27 AM): carlos zambrano?

slam_hounder (1:05:31 AM): cubs

slam_hounder (1:05:35 AM): not d rays

auntb (1:05:41 AM): no victor?

mrbeaks (1:05:46 AM): Best "Man Show" boy.

slam_hounder (1:05:49 AM): nah

auntb (1:05:50 AM): YACHTS...DOGS...PCHS

bursimi (1:05:58 AM): nice pick slam

avondavey (1:05:59 AM): give me vina

auntb (1:06:00 AM): is man show boy on now?

mrbeaks (1:06:09 AM): He was just on out here.

auntb (1:06:24 AM): king, at the least

auntb (1:06:31 AM): DOGS...PCHS....FUs

the_d_regis (1:06:34 AM): J. D'Amico

the_d_regis (1:06:51 AM): if he bounces back to old form he'll be tough

the_d_regis (1:07:01 AM): if not.....f' me

auntb (1:07:04 AM): Jeff "C" D'Amico?

the_d_regis (1:07:11 AM): Pirates, baby

auntb (1:07:12 AM): PCHS....FUs...Spase

avondavey (1:07:20 AM): tim wakefield

bursimi (1:07:26 AM): gone

auntb (1:07:28 AM): dfk

roymichaels (1:07:28 AM): duh

redpop19 (1:07:34 AM): middle initials are key

avondavey (1:08:21 AM): whos up?

bursimi (1:08:34 AM): bravo

auntb (1:08:42 AM): PCHS....FUs...Spase

dodez (1:08:43 AM): Everett

dodez (1:08:46 AM): oops

avondavey (1:08:47 AM): wakefields taken

redpop19 (1:08:54 AM): yep

bursimi (1:08:56 AM): by the bosox

avondavey (1:09:12 AM): e. young

auntb (1:09:17 AM): Spase...Balboni....Jobus

auntb (1:09:33 AM): FUs = everett

auntb (1:09:38 AM): right?

dodez (1:09:38 AM): yep

roymichaels (1:09:41 AM): david bell

gravyfries (1:09:50 AM): Ben Sheets

auntb (1:09:58 AM): dflsdlkf

redpop19 (1:09:58 AM): kept

hortensity (1:10:03 AM): jobus keeper

hortensity (1:10:11 AM): sheets that is

gravyfries (1:10:13 AM): Damian Moss

auntb (1:10:16 AM): morris thought he had a sleeper in Sheets

gravyfries (1:10:29 AM): I'm about to fall asleep

auntb (1:10:38 AM): drink a lil

hortensity (1:10:39 AM): anyone have zeile

auntb (1:10:43 AM): you do now

hortensity (1:10:46 AM): k

dodez (1:10:54 AM): anyone workin?

the_d_regis (1:10:56 AM): big money zeile

burkle_1999 (1:10:58 AM): good thing we had to wait so late

auntb (1:11:01 AM): y

auntb (1:11:07 AM): NUTS...

senormurray (1:11:10 AM): franklyn german

auntb (1:11:19 AM): BASHERS>>>>WATTERS

sdy69 (1:11:22 AM): felipe lopez

slam_hounder (1:11:34 AM): good pick murray, if the Tigers even win any games

redpop19 (1:11:35 AM): from st. johns

senormurray (1:11:35 AM): lopez is the shit

burkle_1999 (1:11:51 AM): lopez is the pick?

senormurray (1:11:59 AM): german is good, but the tigs suck so??????

sdy69 (1:11:59 AM): yeh

burkle_1999 (1:12:05 AM): tomo ohka

auntb (1:12:06 AM): lopez - team/pos?

senormurray (1:12:15 AM): cinci-ss

redpop19 (1:12:16 AM): mud hens

auntb (1:12:22 AM): TOAST...BUSTARDS....MOUTHS

senormurray (1:12:29 AM): former jay from last year

redpop19 (1:12:43 AM): tony clark

auntb (1:13:00 AM): whatever

auntb (1:13:05 AM): BUSTARDS....MOUTHS...Beats

bursimi (1:13:17 AM): C. Woodward

dodez (1:13:25 AM): damn bird

redpop19 (1:13:28 AM): don't whatever tony clark, stand up and recognize

bursimi (1:13:33 AM): I'll trade him to you Murray

senormurray (1:13:33 AM): franklyn german's 2002 tiger stats 6 innings, 6 k's O.OO ERA 1 win, 1 save

auntb (1:13:43 AM): MOUTHS...Beats...LANSEER

senormurray (1:13:58 AM): talk to me in 2 weeks

burkle_1999 (1:13:58 AM): fat kevin appier

bursimi (1:14:40 AM): FAAAATTT!!!

bursimi (1:14:46 AM): best dimple neck

bursimi (1:14:59 AM): are should i say pimple neck

auntb (1:15:13 AM): jay gibbons

mrbeaks (1:15:18 AM): Doug Mientkiewicz and Kenny Lofton.

auntb (1:16:09 AM): Casey Blake

hortensity (1:16:12 AM): shark, you need to drop an e-bomb on sportsline

mrbeaks (1:16:19 AM): I second that emotion.

hortensity (1:16:21 AM): that'll give them a reason to fuck off

dodez (1:16:30 AM): yup

auntb (1:16:31 AM): already did earlier

hortensity (1:16:36 AM): oh

auntb (1:16:48 AM): slam - did you get davon's 12th round pick?

hortensity (1:16:55 AM): i didn't

slam_hounder (1:16:56 AM): no?

the_d_regis (1:17:05 AM): fuck/fuck/fuck/mother mother fuck/mother mother fuck fuck snooches snooches schooch

auntb (1:17:05 AM): that's your pick -

auntb (1:17:12 AM): SUSPEND

hortensity (1:17:13 AM): think he wanted wakefield, right?

auntb (1:17:16 AM): he he he

hortensity (1:17:21 AM): E-BOMB

bursimi (1:17:31 AM): Shark has a Blake on his team

slam_hounder (1:17:39 AM): that's okay

mrbeaks (1:17:39 AM): Mientkiewicz is like the modern-day Kent Hrbek.

auntb (1:17:41 AM): i've got the Dogs and Yachtsmen 13th pick

burkle_1999 (1:17:46 AM): dave roberts

senormurray (1:17:46 AM): Scott or Randy

slam_hounder (1:17:53 AM): i'll take M Barrett

bursimi (1:17:55 AM): who's up

auntb (1:17:57 AM): Pottly Crew and the Four Eyes Too

auntb (1:18:18 AM): did davon take E Young?

auntb (1:18:32 AM): no

senormurray (1:18:35 AM): Randy is an exact twin of scott. its scary

slam_hounder (1:18:43 AM): vina

slam_hounder (1:18:50 AM): he took F Vina, i think

auntb (1:19:05 AM): Vina is back in the draft - Barret is a BoSox

avondavey (1:19:11 AM): bra young

bursimi (1:19:15 AM): Mouth's up?

burkle_1999 (1:19:15 AM): is bird up

hortensity (1:19:20 AM): bird

bursimi (1:19:24 AM): who did Mouths take

hortensity (1:19:30 AM): roberts

burkle_1999 (1:19:31 AM): mouths took dave roberts

bursimi (1:19:39 AM): what round we in

auntb (1:19:45 AM): 13

auntb (1:19:56 AM): the $1 round

bursimi (1:19:56 AM): This is the $1 round the

bursimi (1:20:05 AM): i'll take Jimenez

hortensity (1:20:11 AM): we should auto draft the rest this week. we all have enough to field a team

auntb (1:20:23 AM): TOAST....WATTERS....BASHERS

burkle_1999 (1:20:29 AM): here here

auntb (1:20:41 AM): this won't take much longer...

auntb (1:20:43 AM): 20 minutes

redpop19 (1:20:48 AM): victor martinez

the_d_regis (1:20:53 AM): I-)

dodez (1:20:57 AM): <snore>......what?

auntb (1:21:08 AM): WATTERS....BASHERS....NUTS

mrbeaks (1:21:17 AM): :p

burkle_1999 (1:21:28 AM): J Jones

senormurray (1:21:29 AM): just a question. who has roberto alomar

auntb (1:21:34 AM): if anyone wants to go to bed...we can skip your picks and give free agents....since it'll be slim pickins anyway

roymichaels (1:21:38 AM): jumane?

sdy69 (1:21:43 AM): cruz jr.

slam_hounder (1:21:51 AM): katen

auntb (1:21:51 AM): all taken

sdy69 (1:21:54 AM): padilla

auntb (1:21:55 AM): jones taken

slam_hounder (1:21:57 AM): katen

auntb (1:21:58 AM): cruz taken

auntb (1:22:00 AM): padilla

auntb (1:22:02 AM): taken

sdy69 (1:22:14 AM): lawton

auntb (1:22:18 AM): what i meant before...

mrbeaks (1:22:18 AM): Bingo.

hortensity (1:22:25 AM): did someone draft Bobby Valentine?

sdy69 (1:22:35 AM): taken?

auntb (1:22:38 AM): if you want to go to bed, you can just pick up free agents in tomorrow if you like, after the draft

mrbeaks (1:22:43 AM): Lawton's available.

auntb (1:22:53 AM): mathias

auntb (1:23:15 AM): WATTERS....BASHERS....NUTS

burkle_1999 (1:23:30 AM): Jones?

auntb (1:23:33 AM): tkae

auntb (1:23:36 AM): taken

burkle_1999 (1:23:41 AM): realy

auntb (1:23:46 AM): jacque jones, right?

auntb (1:23:48 AM): taken

the_d_regis (1:24:06 AM): star jones?

burkle_1999 (1:24:27 AM): Alex Sanchez

sdy69 (1:24:39 AM): lawton

the_d_regis (1:24:42 AM): dirty sanchez?

auntb (1:24:56 AM): NUTS

senormurray (1:25:01 AM): omar daal

burkle_1999 (1:25:02 AM): best dirty sanchez

burkle_1999 (1:25:06 AM): smell it

auntb (1:25:06 AM): NUTS...JOBUS...BALBONI

auntb (1:25:11 AM): mmmm good

the_d_regis (1:25:15 AM): so nice

hortensity (1:25:30 AM): Spiezio

roymichaels (1:25:47 AM): nice, got your Angel

auntb (1:25:48 AM): BALBONI...SPASE...FUs

hortensity (1:26:03 AM): good luck charm

the_d_regis (1:26:15 AM): rally :(|)

roymichaels (1:26:21 AM): soooper

the_d_regis (1:26:30 AM): dood

auntb (1:26:39 AM): BALBONI...SPASE...FUs

gravyfries (1:26:42 AM): I'm sorry, am I up?

hortensity (1:26:46 AM): yep

gravyfries (1:26:52 AM): Carl Crawford

auntb (1:26:52 AM): where'd that monkey come from?

roymichaels (1:27:03 AM): B Myers

hortensity (1:27:04 AM): Willie Wilson is a certified crack addict

dodez (1:27:17 AM): Danys Baez

the_d_regis (1:27:20 AM): :(|) :(|) :(|) :(|) :(|) :(|) :(|)

gravyfries (1:27:27 AM): good night

auntb (1:27:27 AM): FU....PCHS...Beats...Beats...BoSox

dodez (1:27:33 AM): Baez

auntb (1:27:36 AM): baez taken

burkle_1999 (1:27:38 AM): gone

redpop19 (1:27:38 AM): taken

dodez (1:27:44 AM): Vinny Castilla

auntb (1:27:57 AM): PCHS...Beats...Beats...BoSox

dodez (1:28:08 AM): out, later fellas

auntb (1:28:13 AM): later

avondavey (1:28:17 AM): pchs take sterling hitchcock

auntb (1:28:18 AM): out to Dodez and Morris

sdy69 (1:28:29 AM): bye bye

the_d_regis (1:28:39 AM): aufweidersehn

slam_hounder (1:28:59 AM): i'm here

auntb (1:29:02 AM): Horacio Ramirez

auntb (1:29:41 AM): Jason Marquis

bursimi (1:29:43 AM): where we at

auntb (1:29:44 AM): BoSox...

slam_hounder (1:30:08 AM): john patterson, for the D-Backs

auntb (1:31:00 AM): BoSox...Yachts...Dogs

slam_hounder (1:31:07 AM): i'm up again

slam_hounder (1:31:14 AM): T Nixon

bursimi (1:31:28 AM): nice

the_d_regis (1:31:29 AM): damn nice this late

burkle_1999 (1:31:30 AM): Fat watters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

auntb (1:31:44 AM): Yachts...Dogs....PCHS

avondavey (1:31:56 AM): vina still around?

auntb (1:31:59 AM): y

bursimi (1:31:59 AM): no

bursimi (1:32:04 AM): he is?

avondavey (1:32:19 AM): give me that fool

auntb (1:32:22 AM): yea...davon drafted him, but it was supposed to be slammer's pick

auntb (1:32:26 AM): now he's got him back

bursimi (1:32:31 AM): o, got it

auntb (1:32:46 AM): Dogs...PCHS...Spase

auntb (1:32:50 AM): rd 14 we're in

auntb (1:32:59 AM): dogs last pick

bursimi (1:33:02 AM): dirty hi dollar round

the_d_regis (1:33:11 AM): scott stewart, expos

burkle_1999 (1:33:13 AM): Who's drinking?

mrbeaks (1:33:20 AM): I'm drinking

auntb (1:33:22 AM): y

auntb (1:33:27 AM): :>

the_d_regis (1:33:27 AM): peace I'm out then sharky

auntb (1:33:34 AM): later Rally Chicken

burkle_1999 (1:33:39 AM): Nice work boyz

the_d_regis (1:33:46 AM): yawza

mrbeaks (1:33:49 AM): I'm about to head out after the draft. I love the West Coast.

auntb (1:33:56 AM): PCHS....Spase....Jobus

avondavey (1:33:58 AM): Omar Infante for the pimps

the_d_regis (1:34:02 AM): bunk est

senormurray (1:34:13 AM): ducks out of the way

auntb (1:34:20 AM): Spase...Jobus...Nuts

auntb (1:34:32 AM): Spase and Nuts last pick

mrbeaks (1:34:32 AM): Chapelle's Show is winning it.

roymichaels (1:34:33 AM): Craig Wilson

avondavey (1:34:48 AM): chapelle show is best

bursimi (1:34:48 AM): quick exit

hortensity (1:34:54 AM): Jobus: Steve Finley

bursimi (1:34:56 AM): nice

auntb (1:35:05 AM): very nice

avondavey (1:35:08 AM): crank yankers is 2

burkle_1999 (1:35:10 AM): let us know when were up

hortensity (1:35:10 AM): merci

burkle_1999 (1:35:19 AM): lot of exits

bursimi (1:35:29 AM): nuts up

senormurray (1:35:33 AM): murray wishes he could take kelly gruber, but settles on kip wells as his final pick and wishes you all a good night

auntb (1:35:40 AM): Nuts....Bashers....Watters

bursimi (1:35:42 AM): late

bursimi (1:35:55 AM): bashers

sdy69 (1:35:55 AM): milton?

bursimi (1:35:59 AM): gone

auntb (1:36:01 AM): you got him

bursimi (1:36:05 AM): by you

auntb (1:36:06 AM): milton bradley right

sdy69 (1:36:06 AM): paul wilson

auntb (1:36:13 AM): never mind

auntb (1:36:20 AM): you have paul wilson

auntb (1:36:27 AM): Watters...Toast....Bustards

burkle_1999 (1:36:29 AM): Damian Miller

sdy69 (1:36:36 AM): i meant eric

auntb (1:36:50 AM): you have eric

bursimi (1:36:57 AM): toast

auntb (1:37:31 AM): Toast...Bustards...Mouths

bursimi (1:37:41 AM): toast your up

redpop19 (1:37:49 AM): what were the last picks

bursimi (1:37:57 AM): damian miller

hortensity (1:37:58 AM): shit and shit

auntb (1:38:01 AM): d miller

bursimi (1:38:02 AM): paul wilson

burkle_1999 (1:38:05 AM): mmm ... toast

sdy69 (1:38:05 AM): how many reservies?

bursimi (1:38:11 AM): 5

redpop19 (1:38:14 AM): has anyone taken r. lopez

auntb (1:38:14 AM): chum, you have 1 more pick

auntb (1:38:16 AM): y

bursimi (1:38:46 AM): yes

redpop19 (1:38:49 AM): i saw milton bradley go up, still available?

auntb (1:38:52 AM): yep

redpop19 (1:38:59 AM): take him

bursimi (1:39:18 AM): D. Bautista

sdy69 (1:39:19 AM): what about dl pick for pinero

burkle_1999 (1:39:34 AM): nice work on bautista

burkle_1999 (1:39:43 AM): like that guy bastard

burkle_1999 (1:39:48 AM): or bustard

burkle_1999 (1:39:57 AM): gimme r cedeno

redpop19 (1:40:10 AM): good night, irene

hortensity (1:40:29 AM): out

auntb (1:40:59 AM): Kirk Reuter

mrbeaks (1:41:07 AM): Alfonseca and Joe Randa.

auntb (1:41:28 AM): randa's taken

mrbeaks (1:41:31 AM): Shit.

bursimi (1:41:42 AM): is reuter available?

bursimi (1:41:47 AM): or was he?

mrbeaks (1:41:49 AM): Cirillo?

auntb (1:41:52 AM): i just took him

auntb (1:41:57 AM): cirillo is yours

bursimi (1:42:01 AM): I though someone already had him

auntb (1:42:13 AM): not by my book

auntb (1:42:15 AM): anyone?

slam_hounder (1:42:20 AM): nope

bursimi (1:42:31 AM): he's a stink

auntb (1:42:36 AM): i'm up

slam_hounder (1:42:42 AM): again?

auntb (1:42:51 AM): last one

slam_hounder (1:42:52 AM): how many picks do you have?

bursimi (1:42:58 AM): yep, just made the turn

bursimi (1:43:06 AM): shark is this your last?

burkle_1999 (1:43:09 AM): keg have one left?

slam_hounder (1:43:27 AM): how many do i have?

auntb (1:43:38 AM): y

auntb (1:44:05 AM): Simontacchi

avondavey (1:44:09 AM): whos up

burkle_1999 (1:44:16 AM): jorge julio

auntb (1:44:34 AM): Bustards....Watters

auntb (1:44:49 AM): Bashers....Jobus....PCHS...Yachts...BoSox

bursimi (1:44:53 AM): I'll take Sean Casey

slam_hounder (1:45:01 AM): taken, i think

auntb (1:45:01 AM): taken

auntb (1:45:05 AM): balboni

burkle_1999 (1:45:21 AM): adam eaton?

slam_hounder (1:45:24 AM): taken

auntb (1:45:24 AM): taken

burkle_1999 (1:46:14 AM): pete put roberts in for nevin when you enter these please

auntb (1:46:17 AM): Watters....Bashers....Jobus....PCHS...Yachts...BoSox....Yachts...PCHS....Watters....Lanseer....PCHS....Yachts

auntb (1:46:25 AM): done

burkle_1999 (1:46:30 AM): D Dreifort

auntb (1:46:39 AM): bird's stillup

auntb (1:46:40 AM): sorry

auntb (1:46:49 AM): BUSTARDS

auntb (1:46:57 AM): casey's taken

burkle_1999 (1:47:09 AM): were out, later drinkers!

bursimi (1:47:10 AM): Kevin Millar

auntb (1:47:15 AM): nice

slam_hounder (1:47:20 AM): killed me bird

bursimi (1:47:34 AM): am I done?

auntb (1:47:50 AM): yep

sdy69 (1:47:53 AM): ben sheets?

auntb (1:47:54 AM): Bashers....Jobus....PCHS...Yachts...BoSox....Yachts...PCHS....Watters....Lanseer....PCHS....Yachts

bursimi (1:47:56 AM): nice

auntb (1:48:00 AM): sheets gone

sdy69 (1:48:17 AM): paul wilson

auntb (1:48:30 AM): you just took him

auntb (1:48:35 AM): last round

auntb (1:48:38 AM): :D

sdy69 (1:48:39 AM): i took milton

auntb (1:48:49 AM): you took milton in the 4th

sdy69 (1:48:52 AM): X-(

auntb (1:49:00 AM): :-$

bursimi (1:49:05 AM): Later

auntb (1:49:11 AM): tater

bursimi (1:49:30 AM): have a good evening dave

bursimi (1:49:35 AM): i hope your weekend went well

sdy69 (1:49:36 AM): i'm good right

slam_hounder (1:49:37 AM): good night bird

auntb (1:49:41 AM): chum - need a pick

sdy69 (1:49:51 AM): milton then wilson

slam_hounder (1:49:53 AM): choose a red

auntb (1:49:57 AM): you already have both

auntb (1:50:03 AM): take Pete Rose

sdy69 (1:50:08 AM): preston wilson

slam_hounder (1:50:10 AM): joe morgan

slam_hounder (1:50:15 AM): taken

auntb (1:50:16 AM): preston is long gone

auntb (1:50:18 AM): kept

mrbeaks (1:50:20 AM): Dan Driessen.

bursimi (1:50:21 AM): take pete rose jr.

sdy69 (1:50:23 AM): kim

slam_hounder (1:50:26 AM): taken

mrbeaks (1:50:27 AM): Dave Concepcion.

auntb (1:50:27 AM): Ted Williams Jr

slam_hounder (1:50:39 AM): sun who kim?

auntb (1:50:47 AM): who kim sun?

slam_hounder (1:50:58 AM): seriously

mrbeaks (1:51:02 AM): Kim Hyung-Well.

slam_hounder (1:51:02 AM): plays for the expos

auntb (1:51:04 AM): kim is taken

slam_hounder (1:51:14 AM): sunny kim is his name, dammit

auntb (1:51:17 AM): by Faygo pops

sdy69 (1:51:19 AM): brett myers

auntb (1:51:22 AM): taken

slam_hounder (1:51:33 AM): johnny bench

auntb (1:51:38 AM): mario soto

sdy69 (1:51:39 AM): ok

bursimi (1:51:45 AM): take agbayani

auntb (1:51:47 AM): take tanyon sturtze

slam_hounder (1:51:48 AM): jose rijo

sdy69 (1:52:00 AM): polanco

auntb (1:52:05 AM): there we go

mrbeaks (1:52:12 AM): Whew!

auntb (1:52:13 AM): Jobus....PCHS...Yachts...BoSox....Yachts...PCHS....Watters....Lanseer....PCHS....Yachts

slam_hounder (1:52:25 AM): wc

auntb (1:52:37 AM): PCHS is up...jobus left

auntb (1:52:42 AM): PCHS...Yachts...BoSox....Yachts...PCHS....Watters....Lanseer....PCHS....Yachts

slam_hounder (1:52:45 AM): bravo?

auntb (1:52:48 AM): ye[

avondavey (1:52:49 AM): mark quinn

auntb (1:52:57 AM): team/pos?

slam_hounder (1:53:03 AM): OF

slam_hounder (1:53:07 AM): was a royal

avondavey (1:53:13 AM): royals/dh

auntb (1:53:20 AM): i think he's a Devil Ray now maybe

auntb (1:53:25 AM): Yachts...BoSox....Yachts...PCHS....Watters....Lanseer....PCHS....Yachts

avondavey (1:53:36 AM): how cares he aint my player

sdy69 (1:53:45 AM): later boys

auntb (1:53:47 AM): you're up now Yachts

auntb (1:53:50 AM): laster chum

auntb (1:53:57 AM): yea that's right, laster

avondavey (1:53:58 AM): Frank Catalanatto

auntb (1:54:01 AM): taken

avondavey (1:54:08 AM): the cat is

auntb (1:54:09 AM): take your boy Munson

auntb (1:54:15 AM): for the Tigs

avondavey (1:54:18 AM): kapler?

auntb (1:54:23 AM): yours

slam_hounder (1:54:33 AM): ken harvey

auntb (1:54:36 AM): BoSox....Yachts...PCHS....Watters....Lanseer....PCHS....Yachts

auntb (1:54:40 AM): team/pos?

slam_hounder (1:54:49 AM): royals, dh/1B

auntb (1:55:05 AM): Yachts...PCHS....Watters....Lanseer....PCHS....Yachts

avondavey (1:55:15 AM): Mike Maroth

slam_hounder (1:55:21 AM): good night

avondavey (1:55:33 AM): pchs take omar daal

auntb (1:55:36 AM): later Hounder

auntb (1:55:40 AM): daal is taken

auntb (1:55:44 AM): PCHS....Watters....Lanseer....PCHS....Yachts

slam_hounder (1:55:44 AM): sorry for any hold up tonight

avondavey (1:55:47 AM): ponson?

auntb (1:55:48 AM): wasn't you!

auntb (1:55:52 AM): dirty sportsline

auntb (1:55:58 AM): yours

auntb (1:56:00 AM): his

auntb (1:56:11 AM): Lanseer....PCHS....Yachts

auntb (1:56:16 AM): watters has left the building

mrbeaks (1:56:18 AM): Is El Duque still available?

auntb (1:56:25 AM): he's a Kept Beatle

mrbeaks (1:56:29 AM): Really?

auntb (1:56:32 AM): his half-brother is

mrbeaks (1:56:32 AM): Why'd you keep him?

mrbeaks (1:56:34 AM): He's dirty.

auntb (1:56:35 AM): $2

mrbeaks (1:56:44 AM): Oh.

mrbeaks (1:56:51 AM): I'll take busted Aaron Sele.

mrbeaks (1:56:57 AM): He'll be back by May.

auntb (1:57:09 AM): PCHS....Yachts

auntb (1:57:11 AM): DL action

mrbeaks (1:57:12 AM): I'm out.

mrbeaks (1:57:19 AM): Later, boys

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