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Ed Wachter's World

A lanky, aggressive, versatile and quick center, Ed Wachter was a skillful and accurate jump- and free throw-shooter. Although he never attended high school or college, Wachter was a dominant pro player from 1901 to 1924. "Eddie" consistently led his pro leagues in scoring and participated on more championship teams than anyone in his generation. Wachter's greatest contributions came as a player with the Troy Trojans of the New York State League (NYSL). The team developed many innovations that encompassed passing, fast-breaking offense and man-to-man defense. The Trojans were one of the early dynasties, capturing four NYSL titles. After playing, Wachter spent 25 years coaching basketball at five different colleges, including Harvard and Lafayette.
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  • Troy (NY) YMCA varsity team (1896-97)
  • Columbia Athletic Club (1898-89)
  • Western Mass League Ware Wonders (1900-02)
  • New England Professional League Haverhill (MA) (1902-04)
  • New York League Schenectady Company E (1904-06)
  • NY Gloversville Company G (1906-08)
  • NEPL Pittsfield (1909)
  • Central Pennsylvania League McKeesport (PA) (1909)
  • Hudson River Valley League Troy Trojans (1909-15)
  • NY Utica Utes (1915-16)
  • Windsor (VT) Professional League (1916-20)
  • NY Cohoes Cohosiers (1921-22)
  • NY Troy Trojans I (1922-23)
  • NY Albany Senators (1924)
College Coaching:
  • State Teachers College (Albany, NY) (1915-16)
  • Rensselaer (NY) Polytechnic Institute (1915)
  • Williams College (1916-19)
  • Harvard University (1920-33)
  • Lafayette College (1936-38)
Pro Coaching:
  • New York League Utica Utes (1915-16)
Career Highlights:
  • Proponent of many basketball rules
  • Founder, New England Basketball Association (1928)
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Roy Wachter

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Shu Wachter

Chum Wachter

Pro Playing Highlights:
  • All-League center, WPBL (1900-02)
  • All-League center, NEPL (1902-04)
  • High scorer on Company E in a series against the Blue Diamonds in Kansas City, MO (1905)
  • Member, Company G EPL champions (1906-08)
  • Member, Pittsfield NEPL champions (1909)
  • Member Troy championship team in Hudson River and New York State Leagues (1910-14); second place (1915)
  • Leading scorer, Hudson River Valley and New York State Leagues (1910-15)
  • State championships with Windsor (1916-20)
  • New York State championship with Albany
  • Wachter concluded his career playing on more championship teams than any other player of his era
  • Highest scoring center in every league in which he competed
  • Called "the greatest center that ever wore a basketball uniform" by Hall of Famer Nat Holman
  • Chosen All-American Basketball center by leading basketball authorities of the era

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