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Handbook for Securing Hot Chicks in the Sack

Dr. HotRods

PAGE 235

Rule # 7,945

Do flirt with as many women as possible. Always be prospecting (A.B.P.), and never let yourself get attatched.

Rule #7,946

Don't ever get attached to one woman. Major mistake. Can't can't stress this enough.

Rule #7,947

Be sure to manicure the genital region. Don't embarass yourself with pubic hair that resembles Samuel L. Jones's afro in "Pulp Fiction". It's not acceptable anymore. This isn't 1973.

Rule #7,948

When a woman gives you her phone number, don't call her for a while. It's a such a fun game. Then, when you do call, pretend like you're bored with her. But, in the end, set up a time to go out and drink with all of her friends and your friends. The prospective female should comfortable in a group environment. Try to get her as drunk as possible, and then take advantage of her (shots and drinking games are a no-brainer here). Hopefully, you'll nail the broad. If, or even if you don't, succeed in nailing the broad -- NEVER CALL HER AGAIN. She's probably a slut.

Rule #7,949

Male chauvinism is an underrated. Try it. I mean, honestly, Andrew Dice Clay scored many women in his day, and male chauvinism was his Shtick! It is the only reason he got laid. So, if all else fails. Be an asshole. Not only will you score some chicks, but it's also kinda funny. I miss the Dice Man.

Rule #7,950

You gotta be nice to the fat-chick friend. But, behind closed doors, make fun of the fat chick with your buddies. It's therapeutic. You'll fell better about yourself.

I'll share more of my learned observations at a later date.

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